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A Hair Care Guide and Ingredients To Avoid In Summers!

SUMMERS ARE HERE !!! This is the season when our skin and hair need extra attention and care. While you’re probably taking good enough care of your skin, can you say the same about your hair?  Our hair is the most important element of our face that can entirely change the way we look, yet we often overlook its health. Be it wavy, curly, or silky- all kinds of hair needs extra moisture, care, and attention. -And just chopping down your hair will not solve the problem. Your hair needs extra attention to save them from the scorching heat and humidity.

We all are using various kinds of products that contain harmful chemicals, and many brands that claim to show results in just a week.  What you need to do is, closely check and study what each ingredient of your shampoo consists of and its effects on hair. You will notice that these are way too harmful over the long run and will damage your hair beyond repair. There are many products that we use that contain bad ingredients in hair products that should be a big NO in your hair care regime. Opting for a shampoo without harmful chemicals, hydrating them, cleansing the scalp and much more are the ways in which you can take care of your hair in summers. We have a specially curated list of items and hair care routines that will make your summer hair bearable.   

Chemicals you should avoid in hair care products this summer 

Managing your hair, especially in the hot and humid summer,  is a huge task. And using hair products laden with chemicals only make things worse for your tresses. Sorry to burst the bubble but such products contain bad ingredients that  do not promote any growth in your hair.  

But how do you know which ingredients are bad for your hair? That’s what we’re here to help you with. Here is a list of ingredients to avoid in your hair care routine this summer:

Shampoo and conditioners contain harmful toxic chemicals. And the last thing your hair needs is the bad chemicals in shampoos and conditioners. While most of us are hopefully already using  sulphate-free and paraben-free products, are they free from other harmful chemicals too? Honestly, you need to look out for options that are made of  natural ingredients and Ayurvedic components. But before that you need to identify ingredients that are bad for you:

Formaldehyde: Chemicals such as Formaldehyde gas harm the health of your scalp and cause burns and itchiness.

Mineral Oils- Contrary to the popular belief that since it’s natural, it might be safe to apply on hair, mineral  oil can build-up on the scalp and cause strands to become stiff and lifeless.

Silicones: Products that have this chemical might give a glossy and shiny look but they coat down your hair strands and trap your hair’s natural oil.

Phthalates: They cause hair fall and have been linked to hormonal disruptions as well.

So before you use any product, make sure you check all the ingredients present.

Home remedy ingredients and natural ingredients you should  steer clear from this summer 

Ayurveda has  served and has been catering to our health needs for many generations. However, eventually it lost its way to chemical-filled products. However, now the beauty realm is turning towards Ayurveda and incorporating herbs like Amla, shikakai, methi seeds, and even curry leaves in their products. In fact, including these natural ingredients in your hair care routine, be it as products or home remedies, can  give you long-lasting results.  

Using homemade hair masks made of protein-rich products can just do wonders as well. You should definitely try egg hair masks, Coconut oil with ayurvedic elements, onion paste hair masks, and so many others.

The key is to stay natural with products and being consistent can do wonders

What hair care products should you remove from your routine for the summers?

For summers, using products that will help you fight against harmful UV rays, dust, and pollution that might damage your hair is the way to do it. And by this, we mean using only the ones that are absolutely required and are safe to apply to your hair. Bad ingredients in shampoo and other hair products should be avoided at all costs. To give you more clarity on the same, we’ve listed some products that you should consider avoiding this summer: 

- Hair sprays and other hair styling products: You might want to avoid the heat styling tools and products as they make a coating on your hair strands that refrains any other natural ingredients to seep into those cuticles. The barrier formed over time makes your hair lose its natural shine and gives it a plastic-like feel. These products often lead to the formation of dust and pollution, attract smoke to stick to your hair, and make them unhealthy and greasy.

Instead, this summer,  let your hair dry naturally and use natural, heatless ways to style your tresses.

- Chemical-laden Shampoo and conditioners: These two products are an inevitable part of a hair care routine. And the last thing your hair needs is the bad chemicals present in shampoos and conditioners. Instead, opt for sulfate-free and paraben-free products as they are much safer to use on our hair. Using natural ingredients in shampoo and conditioner is what will solve major problems with your hair. Staying away from all the bad ingredients in shampoo and conditioner in order to have healthy hair.

You can try  Coco soul hair and scalp cleanser that is packed with all-natural ingredients, free from toxins and contains virgin coconut oil. The products are natural, enriched with virgin coconut oil and ayurvedic ingredients, and are free from chemicals like silicones, mineral oil, parabens & sulfates. Their shampoos and conditioner are  100% Vegan and cruelty-free, promoting hair growth and strengthening.

Make sure you always read all the labeled components of your hair products and be conscious to avoid ingredients that are bad for hair.

Dry Shampoo

You might be tempted to use dry shampoo in your daily fast-paced life. But in the long run, they will only have you starching your hair in dandruff. Known for giving your hair a freshly shampooed look by creating a film on your hair strands, it only makes your hair rough, frizzy, and leads to breakage.  Make sure to only use natural ingredients in shampoos


Summer indicates freedom and why keep your hair out of it. Let your hair be free from all the ingredients that are bad for hair, be it in shampoos or any other products. The key is using natural ingredients that are free from all the chemicals and using shampoo without harmful chemicals. 


  1. What products should not be in hair care?

    Products that leave residue, coat, and irritate your scalp should not be incorporated in hair care. So, avoid or limit the use of products such as hairsprays, chemical-laden shampoos, dry shampoos, chemical-heavy serums, gels, etc.

  2. How can I protect my hair during summer?

    There are many ways to protect your hair during summers - starting with taking care of what goes on in your hair. Additionally, keeping yourself hydrated, giving your hair enough moisture, oil massages, using shampoo without harmful chemicals, and obviously following a good diet is the way for a breezy summer.

  3. What does your hair need in the summer?

    Your hair needs a lot of moisture and protection from the harmful UV sun rays and also from pollution and dust.  You need products that are chemically free, organic and cruelty-free, and also rich in natural products. 


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