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Expert Recommended Tips to Keep Your Hair Color From Fading in Summer

We all know that the harsh summer weather can be fatal to your skin and certain precautions need to be taken to keep your skin protected. But did you know that the summer sun can ruin your hair too? The sun's harsh UVA and UVB rays can cause oxidative damage to your hair, making it stiff, dry and brittle. So, what’s the solution? And the worst part is that it can ruin your most sought-after summer highlights! 

However, a few tricks and tips can help you keep your hair colour from fading and leave it glossy all summer.

how to protect fading hair colour

How to Protect Fading Hair Colour? 

Salon Prepping 

Before you go ahead to have fun at the beach or the pool, you must prep your fading hair colour at the salon to gear up for tackling the harsh sun! Before colouring your hair, go for hydrating treatments, as they ensure that your hair colour will stay longer and vibrant for a long time. Regular glossing between your colour services is also a great option to keep your hair colour looking bright throughout the summer.

hair colour protection shampoo

Soaking Your Hair 

If you are going for a swim, it’s obvious that some kind of hair colour damage will happen! Be it chlorinated pools or the salty sea. They can create havoc on your colour-treated hair. The best way to have fun in the pool or the ocean while keeping your hair colour intact is by first pre-soaking your hair with fresh water. You can also apply hair colour protection shampoo, cream or conditioner on your hair to create a protective barrier against salty and chlorinated water. 

Some oils also help save your colour from damage, like the Coco Soul Ayurvedic Oil! This unique hair colour protection product is prepared from raw coconuts, shea butter, wheat germ oil, rosehip oil, and flaxseed oil, which work hand-in-hand to smoothen, nourish and fortify your hair as well as your skin. When applied to hair, the coconut oil in this formula acts as a protective barrier as it has a natural SPF of 4-5, which protects your colour pigments from the sun’s rays and prevents your hair from drying out in the heat. 

Cleanse Your Hair After Exposure to Chlorine or saltwater

Cleansing your hair after exposure to saltwater and chlorine is also a definite must. While changing, you should not use any harsh shampoos or conditioners, but instead, use gentle formulas that are friendly to your hair colour. The Coco Soul Shampoo is gentle and features ingredients like coconut oil, keekirindiya and godapara herbs, which protect your hair from the blazing sun. This Ayurvedic hair colour protection shampoo does not contain any silicones, parabens, or sulphates and is 100% vegan. 

The Coco Soul Conditioner is a colour protection conditioner formulated with the goodness of hibiscus and virgin coconut oil, which prevents damages, dryness, and frizz, while leaving a protective layer over your hair. 

hair tools to avoid

Say No to Heat Tools 

The biggest culprit of faster fading hair colour and other common hair damages is excessive heat tools. When the weather is humid, we tend to wash our hair more often and rely on many heat tools. It is best to air-dry your hair and minimise the use of heat tools throughout the summer. If you really want to style your hair, keep your hair curler or irons at 350 degrees or lower for minimal damage. 

A Good Old Hat or Scarf

Regardless of the place you visit during summer, it is ideal that you wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair from the sun. The hat also protects your face and neck from sun damage as a bonus! 


Summer is a huge enemy for coloured hair, and unfortunately, no dream product instantly stops fading hair colour. For optimal hair colour protection, following a few safety precautions like getting your hair wet before summer water activities and keeping your hair hydrated and healthy to slow the fading process can help to keep your hair colour last longer and vibrant. Ideally, you should pick the right hair care products that protect and shield your hair from damage while keeping the colour intact. 

Coco Soul’s hair and skincare products are free from culprits like silicon and parabens. These hair colour protection shampoos are also 100% vegan! Follow a hair care routine with potent oils, conditioners and shampoos from our range; we are sure to get your hair colour looking exceptional this summer! 


  1. Is it true that even black hair fades during summer? 

    Yes, even black hair fades during summer. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, your hair colour will lighten no matter what shade you have, as the sunlight kills the melanin in your hair and makes it lighter.

  2. Is it bad to dye your hair in the summer?

    Actually, summer is the worst time of the year to dye hair, as your hair is prone to chlorine, saltwater, and sun exposure, which can ruin your hair colour.

  3. Can heat damage change your hair colour?

    It is no secret that heat affects hair colour, be it the sun or your hot iron. Heat causes your hair colour to feed wrap with you, creating damage and leaving your strands dry.

  4. How to maintain hair colour?

    For optimal hair colour protection, use mild shampoos and conditioners; create a protective barrier over your hair with the help of oil and leave-in conditioners; always use a scarf as well as a hat while outdoors; and minimise the use of heat tools. 


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