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A Guide to Damaged Hair and Different Ways to Fix It

There are a lot of things in life that make you feel low, but one of the most terrible moments is when you have to deal with damaged hair. Been there? It doesn't matter how hard or soft your hair is; it will look like mush when it's damaged and go limp. Damaged hair causes you to lose your self-esteem; it makes you want to stop trying out anything new because you think that it would be useless.

Wondering how to treat damaged hair? Yes, damaged hair obviously is a huge bummer, but fortunately for us, we have developed a number of hair damage treatments and hair damage solution to fix such problems!

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What is Damaged Hair?

The problem with damaged hair is that it looks and feels bad. Wondering what is damaged hair and how to know if you have it? You can figure it out by simply feeling your hair. 

If your hair feels rough, if the strands are broken and easily tangled up, then you will know that it's damaged. Damaged hair causes your look to become dull and lifeless. It's not the kind of look you want to see on your hair, right? 

However, there a re a various hair damage solutions available on the market to bring back your hair's natural glow and good health. Following these solutions will solve all you problems regarding how to treat damaged hair!

Different Types of Hair Damage

  • Hair thinning

    Hair thinning is the gradual thinning of hair on a person's scalp, often resulting in baldness. It is a natural process that most people go through over time, but it can occur and become extensive at any point. The common causes of hair thinning include hormonal fluctuations, age, poor nutrition, and poor hygiene.
  • Dryness

    Dryness of the hair and scalp is commonly caused by improper hair care. The hair becomes dehydrated when it absorbs too much water, leaving it brittle and fragile. Severe cases of dryness will cause breakage of the hair strands at the root.
  • Tangling

    Tangling is a condition in which the hair gets knotted and tangled together, especially after washing. It can be caused by a number of different factors, including the use of heavy conditioners, a poor diet, and ageing.
  • Frizzy hair

    Frizzy hair is a condition in which the hair becomes puffy and coarse. It happens especially during hot and humid weather, as the extra moisture in the air causes the strands to swell. Frizzy hair is usually caused by a dry scalp, which is also an indicator of hair thinning.
  • Premature greying

    Premature greying of the hair happens when people start losing their natural colour around age 30. The causes of premature greying are not fully understood. Still, it is thought that this premature greying is due to the natural production of the pigment melanin in the hair follicle.
  • Hair breakage

    Hair breakage occurs when hair strands come out easily because they are damaged by heat tools or chemical treatments. The strands can also break due to stress or damage caused by friction, such as brushing or combing the hair too hard.
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What Causes Hair Damage?

Knowing what causes hair damage can help you prevent damages up to an extent. As we have mentioned above, many reasons can cause damaged hair. But one of the primary reasons it happens is when you style it in an unhealthy way. When styling your hair, you'll want to use combs, brushes, and other styling tools that would make your hair look shiny and perfect. Unfortunately, these tools can ruin your hair if they are not appropriately treated before being used on your tresses. 

When you think about the damage that can be done to your hair, you will be surprised to learn the effects that damaged hair causes. Sometimes it's due to your poor care. Researchers have found out that poor care causes more than twice as many problems as genetics. This means that it's not just your genes but also how much you take care of your hair that needs to be considered when trying to fix damaged hair.

You need to know that hair needs moisture so that it can remain healthy. Experts say that a haircut will only remove the damaged parts and is not enough for the hair to be restored back to its natural state.

Most of all, when trying hair damage treatments, you should make sure that your treatment is safe. You should stay away from products with chemical contents because they can cause more damage than good. It can lead to other issues like burning, itching, and even skin inflammation. 

When your tresses are damaged, you should never use an unnatural product or one that has very strong chemicals in it. This is because it can lead to permanent damage once your hair is exposed to them for too long. If something washes out of your hair, do not get rid of it because it could be beneficial for you.

hair damage treatments

How to Prevent Hair Damage?

Hair is a precious and sensitive thing. It needs the right products, the right care, and a lot of tenderness to last. But as with everything in life, you're bound to encounter certain obstacles that threaten your hair's very existence. When it comes to hair problems, the biggest enemy of your strands is air pollution. The same things that bother hair can eventually ruin it.

Another common cause for hair damage is the use of chemical products. Therefore, it is best to switch to natural hair products as an automatic hair damage solution if your hair is damaged. This will prevent the occurrence of dry and frizzy hair. 

It's good to start treating your strands gently when they are still very soft so that they won't get damaged while they become stronger and healthier. Most of all, be aware of what causes hair damage and be familiar with different hair damage treatments that are safe for your hair.

The Best Way to Treat Your Damaged Hair

Are you confused about which hair damage solution to use for taking proper care of your damaged hair?

This Coco Soul Natural Shampoo offers an easy solution to treat your damaged hair. Infused with the goodness of natural extracts, it leaves your hair soft, shiny, and manageable. This shampoo nourishes your hair with a mix of power-packed ingredients like Amla, Coconut Oil, and Ginger to cleanse & strengthen your hair. This shampoo can act as an excellent hair damage treatment and help you retain your hair's natural health and glow.

It is suitable for people who live in humid or very dry climates. It has a creamy consistency that coats every strand, so no residue is left behind, and you can enjoy the humidity or cold dry weather without worrying about your damaged mane. In addition, Coco Soul Shampoo is also sulfate- and paraben-free. And that assures you that it won't damage your hair further!


  1. Can low quality hair brushes damage hair?

    Yes. If the comb or brush is old and has lost its original shape or is even made out of cheap materials, then it is not recommended to use on your hair as it affects the hair quality. You also shouldn't use a brush with a wire-like material because it will entangle the strands and make them rough.

  2. Do products with natural ingredients have any ill effects on your hair?

    No. Natural ingredients are free of harmful chemicals, parabens and sulphates which can damage the hair. However, when using a product that is made of natural ingredients, you might have to deal with some dryness, but this will only last for a short period. You are advised to follow the instructions on the label when using this type of product.

  3. How do I take care of my damaged hair?

    When dealing with damaged hair, you have to take care of it properly. Be sure to give it lots of tender loving care. This is a hair damage solution for all hair types as this encourages healthy growth, allow you to prevent your hair from getting damaged in the first place.


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