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The Ultimate Hair Care Routine For Summer To Get Fresh And Healthy Hair

Looking for beautiful, shiny and healthy hair in summer? Wondering how to keep your hair healthy during summers? We all wish to have frizz-free and silky hair in summer to flaunt them as we desire. But dull and damaged hair spoils our look and our mood.

Summer hair care is very different from other seasons. It's time for you to replace your winter hair care products. Season-specific haircare products focus on the pain points of one particular season. You cannot use the same hair care routine and products for all seasons. The hair care routine in summer is entirely different from winter.

We have compiled a complete hair care routine for healthy hair to help you get naturally beautiful hair in summer.


hair care routine for summer

How Is Hair Care in Summer Different From Other Seasons?

Summers are harsh on your hair. In the summer season, we spend time outside like parks and beaches. Outings and beach parties are great, but one ought to understand the harmful impact of UV rays on skin and hair. 

Harmful sun rays damage your scalp and hair. It makes your scalp dry and your hair frizzy. In addition to these, long hours under the sun also destroy the natural colour of your hair. If you have coloured or highlighted hair, you must protect your hair from direct sunlight. The best way is to cover your hair if you are out for long in the sun. You can even wear fancy hats or scarves to match your dress.

However, always covering the hair may not suit everyone. Alternatively, you can use hair sunscreen to protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Hair sunscreen also helps to reduce frizziness. Moreover, you need to follow a dedicated hair care routine to get healthy hair. A good hair care routine in summers will give you healthy, shiny and silky hair.

But how to keep your hair healthy in such a fast-paced life?

Hair Care Routines for All Hair Types for the Summer

Summer brings with it a barrage of hair problems. Your hair gets dry, rough and frizzy. It becomes difficult to let your hair loose or sport a similar hairstyle. We have your back with an exclusive and result-oriented hair care routine for healthy hair in summer. Here is your answer to how to keep your hair healthy in summer.

how to keep hair healthy in summer

Cover Your Hair

If you are going out in the sun, always cover your hair. The best way to protect your hair from harmful sun rays is to wear a hat or a scarf. It saves your precious hair from harmful rays of the sun and also from dust and dirt. Dust and pollutants in the environment stick to your hair and the scalp, impacting hair health and growth. That is why going out in the sun without any hair protection is hazardous.

Hats and scarves add a sophisticated gleam to your outfit. So you don’t have to worry about looking old fashioned or boring. Moreover, on beaches, you get fancy big hats, and everyone enjoys wearing them.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Frequently

In summers, we end up frequently washing our hair. Due to heat and sweat, we take a bath twice or thrice a day. There is nothing wrong with taking showers. What goes wrong is we end up washing our hair every day in the summers. Frequent washing wears off the natural oil layer of the scalp. When the natural oil layer goes away, the scalp becomes dry.

Moreover, it also produces more sebum or oil on the scalp, causing irritation. The oiliness will prompt you to wash your hair again. Summer Haircare routine considers washing your hair once or twice a week with natural shampoo is good. On bad hair days, you can go for high ponytails, French buns or messy buns.

The Coco Soul Shampoo is enriched with Ayurveda formula to help you get strong, silky and healthy hair. The benefits of coconut oil, Godapara and Kikirindiya helps to boost the blood circulation in the scalp, repairs internal damage and soothes itchy scalp. The natural shampoo prevents hair fall, moisturises and protects your hair from everyday damage.

Condition Your Hair

Summers make your hair frizzy and all tangled up. Tangles are painful and result in immense hair loss. Conditioners keep your hair soft and silky. Consider using conditioning shampoo, conditioners, serums and moisturising hair masks. You must always use conditioner after shampooing your hair. After washing and conditioning, apply hair serum on wet hair. Also, it is advisable to use homemade hair masks once a week.

It is quite easy to make these homemade hair masks. You can go for a yoghurt and egg hair mask or use olive oil and honey mixture as a mask. Apply the hair mask evenly throughout the length of the hair, starting from the roots. Keep it for 30 minutes, and then wash it with shampoo.

heat styling side effects

Stay Away From Heat Styling

When your hair is already at the risk of being dry in the summers, avoid heat styling. Let your hair naturally dry after washing. Do not blow-dry your hair. All the conditioners and homemade hair masks will go in vain if you blow-dry your hair. Try to avoid heat straighteners and curlers. Instead, you can go for natural styling.

Additional Hair Care Tips for the Summer

Following a proper summer hair care routine will help you save your hair from harsh hot weather and keep it naturally beautiful and healthy. 

Here are some  additional tips to keep your hair healthy in summer:

  • Summer hair care advises trimming your hair often to avoid split ends.
  • Hydration is the key to beautiful hair in summer. Increase your water intake to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.
  • Try a homemade summer hair mask that includes yoghurt, olive oil, banana, mango, butter and other fruits.
  • Go for chemical-free shampoo made with natural ingredients.
  • Hot oil massage with olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil or coconut oil is helpful in deeply nourishing your hair in summer.
  • Use hair sunscreen creams if you are going out in summer. 


  1. How to pick the best shampoo for the summer?

    The best shampoo is the one that deeply conditions your hair. Do not choose shampoos that contain lots of chemicals. Go for the one that claims to condition your hair, reduce frizz and use herbal ingredients.

  2. How to follow a hair care routine in summer?

    Summer hair care isn’t difficult if you plan it properly. You can assign each day for a specific hair routine. Thus, in a week, you can complete the hair care circle. Keep one day for hot oil massage, and you can assign weekends for hair masks and after-wash care.

  3. How do I keep my hair moisturised in the summer? 

    Summer hair care routine includes using conditioner after shampoo and serum to keep your hair moisturised, smooth and silky in the summer. Oil massages and homemade hair masks also keep your hair moisturised.

  4. How to keep your hair healthy in the summers?

    Ensure you keep your hair clean, regularly oil massage it, use a mild shampoo, conditioner and serum after washing. Also, ensure protecting your hair from harmful sun rays. Overall you have to protect your hair from anything harmful and apply solutions to maintain its health.


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