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Life Events - Hair Care

What is The Need to Follow Different Hair Care Routine for Different Life Events

If you haven’t switched up your hair care routine since college, or it is still limited to the process of “shampoo, rinse, conditioner, repeat”, then it is time to switch things up and focus on giving some extra TLC to your hair. With bigger life changes such as moving cities, a wedding, or being pregnant,  it is important to adapt to a hair care routine that will always stand the test of time. While some products and methods may have worked perfectly for summers, they may not necessarily give the same benefits when the temperature dips. An everyday hair care routine cannot give you the mane of your dreams on your bridal party and for so many other reasons it is important to switch your hair care routine to suit bridal hair care needs.

Festival Hair Care Tips

The countdown to the line-up of the festive season has already begun. With most of your time consumed into running errands and juggling around, your hair care might just take a back seat. Follow some easy festive season hair care tips to flaunt your gorgeous locks even on the busiest of the days.

Eat healthily and stay hydrated at all times. Eat protein and vitamin-rich meals to ensure that your hair gets the added boost needed for the endless styling sessions.

Just as you cleanse your face to remove impurities, cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly to avoid any kind of product or sweat buildup. 

Deep condition your hair once in two weeks to lock in the moisture in your hair and keep every strand silky, bouncy, and much more manageable.

Party Hair Care Tips

Nothing ruins a party-mood as a bad hair day does, especially if you have been struggling for hours to get your hair to act right and look flattering. Dry, dull, lifeless, and frizz-prone hair are a few of the common hair problems you dread while dressing up for a party. With a few party hair care tips, you can flaunt bouncy and shiny locks with your hair not being a concern for the rest of the party.  

Pre-plan your wash routine to have enough time to wash, dry, and style your hair efficiently. The last thing you want to have as you leave for the party is wet, unkempt hair.

Condition your strands well to retain shine and moisture in your hair and keep it from looking dull and lifeless. 

Opt for voluminous blowouts to not only make your hair look bouncy but also add an extra touch of drama to your look.

Wedding Hair Care Tips

Your wedding day is hands down the busiest and the most exhausting day of your life that requires endless planning and dire attention to every detail. From jewellery, venue,  food to your wedding trousseau, the to-do list seems never-ending. While you are busy with so many small details, you might be missing out on taking care of one of the most important things- your bridal hair care. The countdown until your special day is a perfect excuse to steal some time for yourself and indulge in much-needed pre-wedding hair care at home.

Trim your hair as it is one of the most important steps and cannot be missed out on at all. Get a haircut a few days before your wedding to have healthy hair from the roots to the tips.

Stay hydrated at all times to seal the moisture into your hair strands and prevent it from falling or breaking.

A gentle hair oil massage will solve all your skin woes while leaving you refreshed and relaxed for your big day.

FAQs on:

Is it okay to skip hair care after a party?

It is okay to skip your hair care routine once in a while. However, if you have sweaty or oily hair after returning from a party, it is advised to cleanse it and always have a clean and healthy scalp.

Is it good to use alternate hair care products for different occasions?

If you are in no mood to create a fresh routine for different occasions, you can switch up a single product from the routine and create an alternative. If you want to skip the in-shower conditioner, you can alternate it with a leave-in conditioner once a while.

What age should you start hair care?

While there is no specified age to begin a hair care routine, it is always advised to understand your hair type and the recommended ingredients before using any products. 


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