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Best hair volume techniques in humid weather that you can’t miss!

Effects of humidity on hair

Humidity can be your hair's worst enemy, turning your carefully styled locks into a frizzy, limp mess. Humid weather hair care is a challenge, but mastering it is possible. Humidity causes hair to absorb moisture, leading to frizz and loss of volume. To combat this, you need to follow some tips for maintaining voluminous hair in high humidity. Opt for lightweight, volumizing hair products that won't weigh your hair down. Quick volume tips include blow-drying with a diffuser and using root-lifting sprays. Additionally, protective hairstyles like braids can shield your hair from excessive moisture. These flat hair solutions ensure your hair retains its volume and looks fabulous, even in the stickiest of humid conditions.

Mark these effective techniques to boost hair volume in humid weather and keep them handy to get you through the monsoon season with good hair days! 

Choosing the Right Products for Volume

In the quest for voluminous, bouncy hair, especially in humid weather, your choice of hair products becomes pivotal. Humid weather hair care revolves around selecting the right allies to combat flatness and limp locks. Here's your guide to the ideal products that can make all the difference.

  1. Volumizing Shampoos & Conditioners:

    Begin your hair care routine with volumizing shampoos and conditioners. These products are formulated to add volume, lift, and bounce to your hair without weighing it down. Look for those with ingredients like rice proteins or panthenol, known for their volume-boosting properties. You can go for Coco Soul Hair Care Combo
  1. Root-Lifting Sprays:

    When in need of a quick volume boost, root-lifting sprays come to the rescue. These specialized products target your hair's roots, providing a lift and adding volume precisely where you want it. Apply them to towel-dried hair and proceed to style as usual for instant fullness.
  1. Lightweight Mousses:

    Lightweight hair mousses are excellent for creating volume and holding your style, especially in humid conditions. They're versatile, easy to apply, and distribute evenly through your hair for long-lasting volume.
  1. Humidity-Resistant Products:

    In humid weather, humidity-resistant products are your secret weapon. These formulas are designed to shield your hair from the effects of moisture in the air. They help prevent frizz and maintain your hair's volume and vitality, even in challenging weather conditions.

    By making smart product choices, you can ensure that your hair remains voluminous, full of life, and ready to face the day, regardless of the humidity level in the air.

Using Dry Shampoo for Volume

The newest, hottest trend in town for effective techniques to boost hair volume in humid weather is Dry Shampoo! Here’s everything it does! 

  • Instant Volume Boost:

    Dry shampoo is a go-to solution for adding immediate volume and lift to flat, lifeless locks, particularly in humid conditions.

  • Oil Absorption:

    It effectively absorbs excess oil and moisture from your scalp, helping to combat the effects of humidity that often lead to flat hair.

  • Convenient and Portable:

    Dry shampoo is a convenient on-the-go product, making it a perfect addition to your quick volume tips.
  • Refreshes and Revives:

    It refreshes your hair, leaving it smelling clean and revitalized, even when humidity threatens to dampen your style.

  • Preserves Hairstyles:

    Dry shampoo helps maintain your hairstyle and extend its lifespan, especially in high humidity.

  • Texture and Grip:

    Additionally, it can add texture and grip to your hair, making styling easier and more effective.

Overnight Volume Techniques

In the battle against humidity-induced flatness, overnight volume techniques offer a winning strategy. Here are three effective styles and techniques to follow:

  1. Loose Braids:

  • Start with damp hair.
  • Divide your hair into two sections.
  • Braid each section loosely.
  • Secure the ends with hair ties.
  • Sleep with the braids in.
  • In the morning, unravel the braids and enjoy voluminous waves.
  1. Roller Set:

  • Begin with slightly damp hair.
  • Section your hair into parts.
  • Roll each section onto hair rollers.
  • Secure the rollers in place.
  • Sleep with the rollers in.
  • Remove the rollers in the morning and now you can style your hair as desired.
  1. High Bun:

  • Dampen your hair slightly.
  • Gather your hair into a high ponytail.
  • Twist the ponytail and coil it around the base to form a bun.
  • Secure it with bobby pins.
  • Sleep with the high bun in.
  • In the morning, remove the pins and bun to reveal voluminous, textured hair.

Anti-Humidity Products

We get it, humid weather hair care is difficult, but there’s always something out there thsat can help! Here is how you can swiftly defy humidity with the best flat hair solutions

  • Shampoo:

    Start with Coco Soul Long, Strong & Black Shampoo, infused with natural ingredients like Coconut and made with Ayurveda to cleanse and nourish your hair while offering humidity protection.
  • Conditioner:

    Follow up with Coco Soul Long, Strong & Black Conditioner to lock in moisture and maintain volume in humid conditions.
  • Hair Oil:

    Finish with Coco Soul Ayurvedic Hair Oil, enriched with Coconut goodness and Ayurveda’s power to create a protective shield against humidity, ensuring frizz-free locks.

  • Quick Volume Tips:

    Combine these anti-humidity products with quick volume tips to maintain your hair's volume and vitality.

  • Hair Volume Techniques:

    Employ hair volume techniques for that added oomph, even in challenging humid weather conditions.

With these anti-humidity products as your allies, you can confidently combat the effects of humidity and enjoy gorgeous, voluminous hair all day long.

Hydration and Diet

Diet plays a big role in any change you wish to make for your body. Here’s how enough hydration and diet can work as natural remedies for increasing hair volume in humid conditions:

  • Stay Hydrated:

    Adequate water intake keeps your hair hydrated from within, preventing excessive dryness in humid conditions.

  • Balanced Diet:

    Incorporate foods rich in biotin, vitamins, and minerals like nuts, eggs, and leafy greens to promote hair health and combat flatness.
  • Comprehensive Approach:

    Combine internal hydration and a balanced diet with external efforts like hair volume techniques and quick volume tips for humidity-resistant hair care.

  • Nourish Body and Locks:

    By nourishing both your body and hair, you'll conquer flatness and enjoy hair that thrives in challenging humid weather conditions.


  1. Can I maintain hair volume in humid conditions?

    Yes, it's possible to maintain hair volume in humid conditions. To combat the effects of humidity, use anti-humidity hair products, employ quick volume tips like root-lifting sprays, and consider protective hairstyles. Additionally, incorporating hydration and a balanced diet can promote hair health and volume even in high humidity.
  1. Are there specific products designed for volume in humid conditions?

    Yes, there are specific products designed for volume in humid conditions. Look for anti-humidity hair products that create a protective barrier against moisture and frizz. You can also go for Coco Soul Hair Care Combo. These products are formulated to help your hair maintain volume and vitality even in humid weather. 
  1. Is it possible to prevent frizz while maintaining hair volume in humidity?

    Yes, it's possible to prevent frizz while maintaining hair volume in humidity. Anti-humidity hair products, such as serums and sprays, can create a protective shield against moisture and frizz. Pairing these products with volumizing techniques like root-lifting sprays or lightweight mousses helps you achieve both volume and smooth, frizz-free locks even in humid conditions.


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