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Must-Know Trending Bridal Hairstyles for 2023-2024

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments in your life, and every detail counts, especially your hairstyle. The right bridal hair inspiration can change your hairstyle game, complement your wedding theme, accentuate your facial features, and add that extra touch of elegance to your overall look. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the trending bridal hairstyles for 2023-2024, bridal hairstyles 2023, and bridal hair trends 2024, talking about the updos, half updos, bridal braids and twists for 2023-2024,and tips on how to accessorize flawlessly.

Just a simple Google search will give you tons of articles on bridal hair inspiration, bridal hair color trends in 2023-2024, and trending bridal hairstyles too, but so much information can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you already have the stress of all other wedding preparations. 

This guide is for you to make the right decisions and answer some of the questions that would be hovering over your head. 

If you’re ready, let’s jump on the bandwagon

Overview of Bridal Hair Trends

Before we dive into the specifics, let's take a glimpse at the broader landscape of bridal hair trends for 2023-2024. Bridal hairstyles continue to evolve, reflecting not only the bride's individual style but also the ever-changing fashion and beauty industry. The year 2023 ushers in a mix of timeless classics and innovative styles, while 2024 brings a fresh wave of creativity.

Bridal Hair Trends for 2023

  1. Timeless updos

    Updos are a timeless choice for brides, and they're making a strong comeback in 2023. Classic bun variations, like the chignon and French twist, offer a sense of sophistication that pairs well with various wedding themes, from vintage to modern. Adding a few loose strands or delicate accessories can give your updo a modern twist.
  1. Romantic half updos

    Half updos are perfect for brides who want the best of both worlds – the elegance of an updo and the flowing locks of loose hair. In 2023, expect to see romantic half updos adorned with delicate flowers, pearls, or sparkling hairpins. These styles exude a dreamy and ethereal vibe, ideal for garden or bohemian-themed weddings.
  1. Braids and twists

    Bridal braids and twists continue to captivate brides in 2023-2024. Whether it's a crown braid, fishtail, or twisted bun, these intricate styles add texture and dimension to your hair. Braids and twists work exceptionally well for rustic or beach weddings, offering a relaxed yet elegant look
  1. Natural beauty

    2023 sees a surge in natural bridal hairstyles. Embracing your hair's natural texture, whether it's waves, curls, or straight locks, is all the rage. Minimalist brides will appreciate this trend, as it requires minimal styling and can be accessorized with delicate hairpins or headbands.

Bridal Hair Trends for 2024

While 2023 sets the stage for some stunning bridal hair trends, let's peek into the crystal ball and explore what's on the horizon for 2024.

  1. Bold color statements

    Expect to see bold hair color statements in 2024 bridal hairstyles. Pastel hues, vibrant streaks, and even unconventional colors like lavender and teal are predicted to make waves. Brides looking to make a unique and memorable statement on their big day should keep an eye on this trend.
  1. Intricate hair jewelry

    2024 is all about embellishments. Elaborate hair jewelry, from intricate tiaras to dazzling combs, will adorn bridal hairstyles. These pieces can transform a simple hairstyle into a work of art, enhancing the overall bridal look.

DIY Bridal Hair vs. Professional Styling

One of the dilemmas many brides face is whether to opt for a DIY bridal hairstyle or enlist the expertise of a professional stylist. Let's weigh the pros and cons of each option.

DIY Bridal Hair


  • Cost-efficient:

    DIY bridal hair can save you money on hairstylist fees, which can be allocated to other wedding expenses.

  • Creative freedom:

    You have the creative freedom to design your bridal hairstyle according to your vision.

  • Convenience:

    You can schedule hairstyling practice sessions at your convenience and in familiar surroundings.


  • Skill-dependent:

    Success depends on your hairstyling skills, which may lead to added stress if you're not confident in your abilities.
  • Time-consuming:

    Multiple practice sessions and preparation are required to achieve a polished look.
  • Nerves on the big day:

    Wedding day jitters can make DIY styling more challenging and stressful.

Professional Styling


  • Expertise:

    Professional stylists bring years of experience and skill to create flawless, intricate hairstyles.

  • Guidance:

    They offer expert guidance on which hairstyles complement your face shape, dress, and wedding theme.

  • Stress-free:

    Hiring a professional takes the stress out of hairstyling, allowing you to focus on enjoying your wedding day.


  • Cost:

    Professional styling services can be relatively expensive, impacting your overall wedding budget.
  • Appointment scheduling:

    Availability may be limited, so booking well in advance is essential, especially during peak wedding seasons.

  • Relinquishing control:

    You may have to compromise on your vision if the stylist has a different interpretation of your desired look. 

Choosing between DIY bridal hair and professional styling ultimately depends on your hairstyling skills, budget, and personal preferences. It's essential to weigh these pros and cons carefully to make the best choice for your wedding day.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in enhancing your bridal hairstyle. Here are some popular options for trending natural bridal hairstyles 2023 and tips on how to incorporate them seamlessly:

  • Veils:

    Veils are a classic choice and come in various lengths and styles. Consider the veil's length in relation to your hairstyle – shorter veils pair well with updos, while longer ones complement flowing locks.
  • Hairpins and combs:

    Delicate hairpins or combs with pearls, crystals, or floral designs can add a touch of elegance to any hairstyle. They work beautifully with updos and half updos.
  • Tiaras and crowns:

    For a princess-like look, tiaras and crowns are unbeatable. They work particularly well with updos and can make you feel like royalty on your special day.
  • Flowers:

    Fresh or silk flowers are perfect for a romantic, bohemian look. Place them strategically in your hair or create a flower crown for a whimsical touch.
  • Headbands:

    Headbands are versatile and work with various hairstyles. Opt for a dainty, bejeweled headband for a touch of glamour or a floral one for a more natural look.


  1. Are there bridal hair trends that suit different wedding themes or seasons?

    Absolutely! Bridal hair trends can be tailored to suit the wedding theme and season. For example, romantic half updos with flower accessories are perfect for spring and summer garden weddings, while bold color statements may be more fitting for modern 2023 winter wedding hair ideas.
  2. What should I consider when selecting a bridal hairstyle based on my face shape?

    Your face shape should influence your choice of hairstyle. For instance, round faces may benefit from hairstyles with added height and volume, while oval faces can pull off a wide range of styles. Consult with a hairstylist to find the perfect match for your face shape.
  3. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable bridal hair options in trend for 2023-2024?

    Yes, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in bridal beauty. Look for eco-friendly hair products and consider wearing your hair in its natural texture to minimize the use of heat styling tools. You can also opt for second-hand or vintage bridal hair accessories to reduce environmental impact while staying trendy in 2023-2024.


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