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Top Trends in Skincare That Will Emerge in 2022

What’s the secret to better skin care?

In this post-pandemic world, a lifestyle of wellness has become the new luxury. Skin care trends fusing with beauty became the central focus in the past year and transpired into meaningful makeup. For a healthy glow, we want to now give our skin the nourishment it needs. We need to give our skin power ingredients and active botanicals, which we’ll touch base with today in our segment of  better and custom skin care.

How has skin care evolved over the last ten years?

Defining the past decade is truly a moment of nostalgia for the ‘90s kids! As we indulge in newer movements, platforms, tools, skills and technologies, you wonder how  skin care too has evolved over the years and is not at all what you would have imagined back then. Back in the day in 2010, a tinted lip balm was both our skincare soulmate and one of the most trending skin care products. It was also probably the only skincare or makeup product most of us needed in our lives. Today, the trends are made of skin minimalism, Korean beauty, sheet masks and 15-step routines. 

Skincare trends from 2021 that are here to stay

Beauty and skin care are two sides of the same coin, especially with the shift in consumption towards sustainable and organic products. In 2021, the global beauty industry was valued at $511 billion, according to a study published in the Times of India. The clean beauty movement brought about a new wave of skincare-led beauty realm. This was the ‘new normal’ of makeup. Here are some skin care trends from last year that left a significant footprint in the industry:

  1. Custom skin care

Personalised beauty routines formed the crux of the skin care trends witnessed in 2021! Custom skin care is a result of the plethora of beauty and skin care solutions that are available to consumers today. Brands today understand the different consumer choices and varied needs and offer unique solutions in the market, which allow you to create your own personalised kit and routine.

  1. Repair, revitalise, restore

Skin barriers are important. Over the last few years, we’ve been hearing more and more about them and now they are the key component in skin that looks and feels good. Dryness, acne, fine lines and irritation are controlled with ingredients like turmeric and coconut oil. Turmeric, a superhero in Ayurvedic treatment is the ‘elixir’ of skin hydration and is a great example of barrier that repair, revitalise and restore your skin. An effortless way to get the benefits of these power ingredients is to use a product infused with them. A product like  the Coco Soul Shower Gel, which is richly formulated with these power ingredients. Made with the goodness of organic virgin king coconut oil and many potent herbs, it cleanses, purifies, and rejuvenates damaged skin. This natural shower gel not only exudes an invigorating aroma but its light texture also transforms into a luxuriant foam, making it ideal for everyday use.

  1. Rollers for application

Quartz rollers and cheek rolling tools are becoming increasingly popular. Facial massages improve circulation in the skin and give you a natural-looking contoured look. A lot of consumers are becoming aware of this trend and as we step into this new year, it's onwards and upwards for these rollers.

New skincare trends that will bloom in 2022!

The year 2022 has paved the way for various skin care trends, some being a ‘blast from the past’ and some relying on nature and Ayurveda. On this note, let’s look at the top trends that will bloom this year and are expected to dominate the future of the beauty and cosmetics industry. 

Take a look at some of the skin care trends 2022 you can try that will bloom into a better you!

  1.   Green ingredients

Naturally and ethically sourced plant-derived ingredients are the foundation of skin care today. Taking shea butter as an example, it is known for its therapeutic properties. Reversing ageing with its loaded vitamin E mix, it is also rich in vitamin A, a natural SPF-6 for sun protection. Talk about an all-in-one custom skin care solution, you can also experience its richness in the enriching Coco Soul Body Butter. This product is meticulously created keeping the science of Ayurveda in mind, for your glowing and healthy skin.

  1.   Minimalist and fragrant

Skin minimalism is definitely one that has left an impression in the last year and is continuing to grow into more. Along with this, another trend that is taking the trophy in 2022 is scented skincare. We recommend staying away from artificial scents and parfum, as they could harm your body’s hormonal balance. However, natural fragrances are safe, scented, and good for your skin. If you’re wondering how the wellness fragrance in a skincare product can make you feel, give the sandalwood-rich Coco Soul Body Lotion a chance to deeply moisturise your skin as you melt into an aroma of relaxation.

  1. DIY at play

After the last two years of do-it-yourself at home, this is a trend that we all are now skilled, equipped and ready for. YouTube tutorials, one-on-one consultations and a ton of articles online are your guiding light as you embrace a DIY skin care routine. Trending skincare products are here to support you as you power on!

These new skincare trends are going to take you by surprise! Think barely-there complexions with a plant-derived moisturiser, a clean cleansing balm and organic creams with fermented ingredients that, essentially, restore your skin with antioxidants.

This is our secret to better skin care – your skin, but better. As we pause, look back and reflect on the last year, we realise real skin is in. Real, long-lasting, more potent and consciously crafted formulations are the trend today.

So, are you ready to hop on the trend? Experience it with the nourishing, 100% vegan, all-natural, MadeSafe® certified and cruelty free Coco Soul Body Lotion and Coco Soul Body Butter. It’s one of the best and trending skin care products to revitalise your skin.

If you’re looking to build your custom skin care kit in 2022,  check out the Coco Soul Hand Cream and Coco Soul Foot Cream as well! Powered with the Goodness of Virgin King Coconut Oil and exotic potent ayurvedic herbs, these products also come in a Combo Deal that will solve all your skin woes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Skincare-led Beauty (FAQs)

  1. What beauty products will trend in 2022?

    Keep aside layered makeup and flawless looks, it is now time for clean beauty to take over the world. If monochromatic mauve tones, breathable makeup solutions, the raw luminous glow and quartz rollers are flooding your social media feed, you know what we’re talking about. Skin care trends 2022 will play a huge role in beauty that is led by real skin.

  2. Is skin minimalism for 2022?

    ‘Skinimalism’ or skin minimalism is all about using less, but more effective natural skin care products. After the pandemic had us shifting mindsets, perspectives, lifestyles and choices, this is your best bet to reduce your carbon footprint as you embrace natural and minimal skin care.

  3. Is K-Beauty still trending?

    With the K-pop singers and Korean dramas taking centre stage, K-Beauty isn’t far behind. Korean skin care trends are almost everywhere – the glass skin look, ‘slugging’ overnight with a moisturiser, plant-based formulations, sustainable packaging, extensive 12-step routines and minimalist beauty are a few trends Koreans have brought to the world of skin care and beauty.


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