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Here's an Ultimate Guide You Can Follow to Give Your Baby a Great Massage

Looking for an ideal way to bond with your baby? We suggest the old school oil massage! As per many studies, your warm, gentle touches make babies feel nurtured, loved and relaxed. An oil massage is also essential to improve your baby’s cognitive abilities, too. 

In a nutshell, a baby massage is essential for  the healthy growth of your child. However, there are certain pointers and techniques which parents, especially new ones, must know before they begin massaging their baby. This extensive baby massage guide contains all the know-how which is important for giving your baby the best massage experience.

Mother Massaging Baby

What is A Baby Massage?

A baby massage is the stroking and kneading of your baby’s body using your hands. Like any other massage, it involves rhythmic touches where you gently handle various parts of your baby, like their face, head, arms, legs etc.

A baby massage is a great way to soothe the baby’s senses and you can also softly hum or sing to them to create a calm and relaxing environment.

Baby Massage Benefits

  1. Bond with Your Baby

    Massage is an excellent way to bond and interact with your child. Many traditional Indian practices encourage baby massages since it makes parents more aware of their child and confident in handling their baby and understanding their needs.

  2. Soothes Various Baby Problems

    Massages help in improving the health of your baby. It soothes colic issues, wind, constipation and other digestive problems. A massage also helps in de-clogging nasal congestion and related issues. It also helps in reducing stress among babies and lowering their blood pressure. Baby massages also vastly improve the sleeping habits of your child.

  3. Overall Growth of Baby

    Massages are reported to work wonders when it comes to improving the health of your baby. In many instances, especially if you have a premature baby, then massages can be lifesaving – they aid in healthy heart function, weight gain and strengthen immunity.
Foot Massage For Babies

    When Can I Start A Baby Massage?

    1. Age of the Baby

      There is no ‘right’ age as such to give your baby a massage. Many people wait for a few months before giving their babies a massage, while other parents simply start from the birth of their child. However, if you do choose to massage a newborn, you might want to be careful about your baby’s sensitivity to various oils.
    2. Hour of the Day

      According to many midwives, any time of the day is good for a massage as long as it works for you and your baby. Commonly people prefer to massage their babies just before bath, bed, after a diaper change or when their baby is awake and calm. Here are some tips on how to massage a newborn baby.

    Getting Ready to Massage Your Baby

    1. The Atmosphere

      Before you begin to give your baby a massage, you must create the proper atmosphere. It must be calm and quiet, giving your baby a chance to relax and enjoy their massage. It is advisable to do it in a warm place – whether outdoors or indoors.
    2. Watch Your Touch

      Newborns must be treated with gentle, light yet firm touches. Your strokes should be calm and reassuring. The aim of the massage is to sooth your child and anything too vigorous may make them uncomfortable.
    3. Focus On Your Baby

      While a baby massage is a general recommendation by many mid wives and doctors, it is equally important that you watch your baby’s response to the massage. It is advisable that as a parent you remain calm and relaxed and actively communicate with your child.

    Products To Use for Baby Massage

    The only product you need for massaging your baby is a good oil. Since newborns have sensitive skin, it is important to invest in an oil which soothes them, without causing any irritation or other problems. We highly recommend the Coco Soul Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

    Baby Massage Oil


    Made with organic, natural ingredients, this baby massage oil is made using ayurvedic principles of shishu abhyanga which focus on wholesome growth of your baby. It is enriched with extra virgin coconut oil, wheatgerm oil, flaxseed oil, rosehip oil and shea butter. This oil strengthens the bones, aids blood circulation, softens the skin and sooth baby rashes. Check out the benefits of using coconut oil for baby massage here.

    To sum it up, baby massages are essential when it comes to raising a healthy and happy baby. Apart from numerous health benefits, baby massages also improve parent – child bonding. All in all, we suggest that you be safe, have fun and enjoy your little one!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Massage

    1. How Do You Give a Good Baby Massage?

      Giving a good baby massage is an easy and simple task. Begin by creating a calm environment, where its just you and your baby. Keep your touch gentle and firm, lightly massaging and kneading every part of your baby’s body. However, since every baby is different, it is important to see how your baby responds to a massage.

    2. What Are Baby Face Massage Benefits?

      Baby face massage benefits are numerous and many. A good face massage stimulates the facial nerves, increases blood flow to the face and improves sleeping habits. A gentle and warm touch is needed while massaging your baby’s face – use your thumbs to massage the forehead, cheeks and the chin. A massage of 15 to 20 minutes should be more than sufficient every day.
    3. Is Baby Oil Massage Important?

      Oil Massages for babies are very important. Not only does it improve the blood flow in the baby’s body, but also helps in soothing colic problems, constipation and sleep troubles. Massage also helps calm the baby if they are having teething issues and nasal blockage. More than this, a massage is a great way to bond further with your baby.


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