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4 Common Postpartum Skin Concerns & Ways To Counter Them Using Home Remedies

Giving birth is an altering situation and comes with various changes, such as physical and emotional. But the good thing is that these changes are not permanent. Be it postpartum acne or stretch marks, with the right treatments and home remedies; these can fade away with time. So here is everything you need to know about how a woman's skin changes during postpartum and how to get rid of them using home remedies. 

What are some major postpartum skin concerns?

No doubt, postpartum comes with various skin conditions. So if you're unprepared for the effects of post-pregnancy, then here are some major skin problems after delivery you should know about at an early stage :

  • Melasma

    It is one of the major skin problems after delivery, which darkens the skin on lighter-toned faces and creates lighter patches on the darker skin. It typically occurs around the cheeks, eyes, and forehead, and the discolouration caused doesn't completely go away.
  • Hormonal acne

    The progesterone and estrogen fluctuations during pregnancy lead to increased oil production and clogged pores. It causes breakouts and acne. These often look like postpartum hives and can be painful to touch. 
  • Stretch marks

    Formed because of hormonal changes around breasts, stomach, thighs, arms etc.; this is another skin problem after delivery. 


What home remedies can you use to help with common skin issues post-delivery?

Sometimes following simple remedies with the ingredients present in your kitchen can make a big difference. So here are some top postpartum acne home remedies that are not only easy to follow but also less time consuming

Egg white - Tightens the skin


  • Egg white
  • Makeup brush


  • In a bowl, add two egg whites 
  • Then wash your face with a good quality face wash.
  • After cleansing, apply a thick layer of egg white on your face with the help of a makeup brush. 
  • Let it sit on your face until dry before rinsing it off with cold water. 
  • For better results, repeat the process every day, at least for two weeks. 

When choosing a face wash, make sure to opt for a herbal one like Coco Soul Natural Face Wash which has the richness of coconut. Being free from all types of cruelty helps to rejuvenate the skin thoroughly. Also, know that the presence of Ayurvedic herbs like Neem and Gotu Kula will enhance nourishment besides making it look fresh.

Aloe Vera- postpartum hive


  • Aloe vera 


  • Take a fresh aloe vera or in gel form. 
  • Cleanse your face with a good cleanser. 
  • Apply aloe vera gel all over your face gently. 
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes. 
  • Once it dries up, rinse it off with water. 

Alternatively, you can use Coco Soul’s Coconut Massage Oil which is 100% Vegan and entirely free from cruelty. It has the goodness of Shea butter, Rosehip oil, Wheat germ oil and flaxseed oil that boosts collagen production and deeply moisturises the skin. 

Sandalwood pack - Dark circle under eyes


  • Sandalwood
  • Milk


  • Take some sandalwood and grind it or directly take sandalwood powder. 
  • Mix it with milk into a face pack. 
  • Apply it under the eyes with dark circles. 
  • Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water. If you want better results, try this remedy as it is one of the best postpartum dark circles under eyes home remedy. 
Baking soda - Acne


  • Baking soda


  • Take one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of water. 
  • Mix both ingredients together until a fine paste. 
  • Use it as a natural spot treatment and apply it to acne. 
  • Let it dry before rinsing it off. So get rid of postpartum acne with the help of this remedy. 

Why is it better to use home remedies and natural products postpartum?

During pregnancy and after giving birth, women go through a lot of changes and skin problems like postpartum hives, postpartum acne, postpartum dermatitis and much more. And in both situations, the body needs extreme care and time to recover which can simply be done by following the right treatment and using the right types of products. 

And in such altering health situations, the use of home remedies and natural skin care products is essential because they do not come with any chemical or harmful ingredients. Simply put, natural home remedies are meant to provide relief without causing any side effects. However, the best option is to opt for such health changes depending on home remedies to keep skin health under control. 


Postpartum skin issues can be mild and quickly go, while some can be stubborn and won't quickly fade. In such cases, the best option is to talk to your doctor or an expert and follow regimes under his/her guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions about common post-partum skin concerns  

  1. Is Witch Hazel safe for pregnancy acne?

    Witch hazel is used to reduce inflammation and swelling during pregnancy. Also, it is safe for pregnancy acne and is considered a dermatitis home remedy.

  2. Can you develop eczema postpartum?

    Yes, one can develop eczema after pregnancy, but it occurs only in 10% of the majority. Anyone facing eczema can be due to lack of sleep in early motherhood and stress. Here you can opt for Coco Soul Natural Shower Gel. It comes with the richness of coconut oil and contains Ayurvedic herbs like turmeric and Gotu kula. It gently cleans the skin, removes all the dirt and gives a moisturised glow. It comes with no side effects as it is free from paraben, silicones, and sulphate. 

  3. What does a postpartum rash look like?

    Postpartum hives or rashes look reddish in colour or like raised bumps on the skin. These hives can occur either at the end of the pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. However, if your postpartum packs are stubborn, you should opt for a soothing lotion. 


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