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Why Is Cold-Pressed Oil The Best Choice For You?

Most of us are curious about cold-pressed oils and have probably already surfed through numerous blogs and videos that talk about this oil, and all the good that it does to your life. We know that cold-pressed oil is commonly used in cooking and has numerous health care applications. But did you know that it is also popularly used as a skincare and hair care product? In case you didn’t know or haven’t used it yet, allow us to enlighten you on  what is cold-pressed oil, and what is the best way to use it in our daily routine.

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What Is Cold-Pressed Oil?

You may have already come across a lot of information online that talks about cold-pressed oil and it’s benefits. But too much information can often get overwhelming for you. So, let’s understand each point at a time, starting with what cold-pressed oil means, and how it can be used for the body. Cold-pressed oil is first extracted by pressing charred sesame seeds together. These are extracted naturally, without applying any artificial heat. So, the next time someone asks you what cold-pressed oil is, and why you’re using it, hold your head high and tell them that it’s the best!

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Why Is Cold-Pressed Oil Better Than Other Oils?

Cold-pressed oils are easily available in the market, but why is cold pressed oil better? What is the difference between cold-pressed oils and regular oils? Let’s find out! The primary difference is that while regular oils go through an elaborate process of heating and filtration, cold-pressed oils are natural in nature as they are directly extracted from the seeds, without going through any such process. One of the advantages of cold-pressed oils is that they are processed at low temperatures. Hence, they contain a higher phenolic content, which ensures  that cold-pressed oils retain their natural aroma, flavour and nutritional value.They are also rich in Vitamin E, and Oleic acid, making them anti-inflammatory in nature. While we’re talking about cold-pressed oil's advantages, it’s also important to note that refined coconut oil goes through a bleaching process, which results in decolouration of the product. 

What Is The Difference Between Cold-Pressed Oil And Regular Oils?

Now that you know  what cold-pressed coconut oil is and how it’s derived, it’s safe to say that these oils are much better than the regular or refined versions. Not only are they healthier  in nature, they include all the natural ingredients and antioxidants in raw form. Be it for skincare, healthcare or hair care, this version of the oil is definitely claimed to be the better one that exists.Now that you're on board the coconut oil train, see how you can make coconut oil face pack for your skin and use coconut oil for hair overnight

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The Right Kind of Cold-Pressed Oil For You

By now, you would have a fair idea about what cold-pressed coconut oil is, and what the advantages of cold-pressed oil are. By now, you might also have understood why cold-pressed oil is better than the other variants in the market. But the real question is, which brand of the oil should you choose that can actually meet those endless skincare needs of ours?

Since we’re all about going natural and choosing the best in skincare and hair care, we always recommend choosing an organic and gentle option for you. The Coco Soul Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut based Oil not only carries the natural benefits of a cold-pressed oil, but it is also a virgin coconut based oil, which makes it a healthier option in the market. This oil can be used as a moisturiser to restore freshness to dull and dehydrated skin, and as a hair oil, it can make your tresses shiny, silky and frizz-free, among other  innumerable health benefits. The next time you meet someone who asks you what cold-pressed coconut oil is, you know which one to recommend to them! It can be ingested directly, used as a fuel for cooking food, and also for marinating and baking. Need a touch of greens to your dinner? Use the Coco Soul Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut based Oil as a taste enhancer!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can you tell if an oil is cold-pressed?

    If you ask someone what cold-pressed oil is, it is basically oil at it’s purest, possible version, and there’s one really simple way to test that purity. Place a jar of coconut oil in the refrigerator and let it turn solid. If it turns grey or yellow while turning solid, this means that the oil is not pure enough, and thus it might not be cold-pressed either. Impure oil might also give out suspicious odours and may not taste well.

  2. What is the difference between cold-pressed oil and unrefined oil?

    In today’s day and age, everyone is interested in knowing what cold-pressed oil means, because of the many benefits that it offers. There is no real difference between cold-pressed and unrefined oils. While cold-pressed describes the method of extraction, unrefined oil is what you get, post extraction. It is organic, rich in nutrients, and doesn’t have any added flavour.

  3. Is cold-pressed oil good for health?

    What is cold-pressed coconut oil without it’s rich supply of nutrients, antioxidants and fatty acids? It’s definitely a healthy choice for your daily diet, as it’s organically extracted, and doesn’t have any added flavours or fragrances to it. It’s chemical-free, and has a variety of uses in the realms of skincare, haircare and cooking as well./

    After learning what cold-pressed oil means, and knowing all the good that it adds to your life, do you see yourself using this magical ingredient? If yes, make the healthy choice for yourself, and use an oil that’s not only light on your skin, but nutritious and essential for the body as well. The enriching power of coconuts has never disappointed us, and never will!


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