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Here's How Ayurveda Can Come to The Rescue of Your Dull and Damaged Hair

Are you looking for the best solutions for hair treatment for damaged hair? Healthy and robust hair requires a lot of care and effort, and the results won’t show overnight. Every woman desires smooth and silky hair, but in their quest to achieve good hair,  they end up relying on  chemicals and styling methods. But little do they know that these options are only making things worse for their hair.

Besides, these treatments change your hair  only for a temporary period but  cause permanent hair loss. So if you want to know how to repair damaged hair or want to see a real difference in your hair condition, the best solution here is to opt for Ayurveda for hair care.

Ayurveda deeply nourishes the hair, making it smoother and firmer. It helps you get to its roots and offers an oceanwide range of herbal solutions. However, if you're still confused about Ayurvedic treatment for dry and damaged hair, then here is everything you need to know.

Woman Concerned About Damaged Hair

How does Ayurveda explain hair damage?

We all look for some other easy ways of repairing hair damages, but Ayurveda can effectively help restore your overall hair health. Ayurveda understands that damage can make the hair look frizzy, dry, and lifeless, and in order to cure it, Ayurveda for hair care treats the dryness and nourishes the hair from deep within.

According to Ayurveda, our hair health is a reflection of our body's unique combination of three doshas- Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. And hair loss is caused by an imbalance of Pitta energy in the body. However, the good news is that Ayurvedic herbs have the power to reverse hair loss and work on balancing the doshas. In simple words, it acts as a dry-damaged hair treatment remedy.

Ayurvedic treatment for dry and damaged hair

Wondering if Ayurvedic treatment for damaged hair will work or not? Yes, with the help and use of the right combination of kitchen products, you can indeed treat all types of hair damage. Here are some treatment options that are easy to make and less time-consuming. We’re talking about Ayurvedic treatment for damaged hair that includes using remedies that can surely save you from hair damage:

  •     Deep conditioning mask for dry hair

Step 1

Take two eggs and add two tablespoons of lemon juice.

Step 2

The next step involves adding two teaspoons  of either olive oil or almond oil.

Step 3

Then, mix the ingredients and apply them to both scalp and hair.

Step 4

Make sure you gently massage the scalp and not roughly.

Step 5

Once you've applied it all over the hair, leave it for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6

Finally, wash your hair with a mild shampoo, and for better results, you can use this twice a week.


  •     Banana with honey dry hair masks

Step 1

Take a banana and mash it in a bowl and mix two tablespoons  of pure honey in it.


Step 2

Mix both the ingredients thoroughly and make a paste. Then apply it to your hair and scalp smoothly and gently.


Step 3

Once applied, leave it for 45 minutes and at last rinse it off with cold water.



  •     Amla powder and Shikakai hair mask

Step 1

Take one and a half tablespoons of amla powder and Shikakai powder in a bowl of water. Make sure it is lukewarm water.


Step 2

Mix it well. Make it a semi-thick paste-like substance.

Step 3

Now apply it to your hair and scalp.


Step 4

Leave it just like that for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water.



  •     Repair damage with Avocado

Step 1

Get a ripe avocado. Mash it in a bowl. Add an egg to it.


Step 2

Mix it well and make a paste. Once done, apply this paste to wet hair.


Step 3

After applying, leave it on your hair for around 20 minutes.


Step 4

Finally, rinse off with cold water.


Girl Combing Dry And Frizzy Hair

Can Ayurveda really save damaged hair?

Now that you are a step closer to decoding  how to treat damaged hair, let’s take a look at why Ayurveda is considered the best solution, and some pro tips that you can follow. But remember, transformation doesn't happen overnight, so be patient while trying these remedies or any other Ayurvedic treatment for damaged hair.

You should also try using products that are natural and enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda as they shield your  hair from pollution, help balance the pitta level, provide intense nourishment to the scalp, repair hair damage, and prevent overall hair damage. Further, Ayurvedic herbs are natural, hence they don’t cause any side effects.To learn more about some common hair problems and their natural solutions, head over to our blog on ayurvedic treatments for common hair problems.

Pro tips

Whether it is thick, thin, long, or short, damages can happen to all types of hair. So here are a few pro tips that can additionally help you save hair loss:

  • Take care of your wet hair- When hair is wet, it is in its most vulnerable state. In such situations, treating your hair with utmost care adds to the remedy of how to repair damaged hair. This means avoid rubbing your hair harshly, or pulling on your strands and detangling them aggressively. Besides, if needed, you can comb your wet hair with tools that are specifically made for wet hair.
Woman Protecting Hair From Sun
    • Stay away from sunlight- Do you know that sunlight and UV rays are harmful for your hair as they make your locks dry and rough? So if you want to know how to treat damaged hair, the best thing is to wear a scarf or hat as this will surely save your hair from dirt, heat, and pollution.
    • Skip chemical products- Another tip you can include in your dry, damaged hair treatment is to switch from chemical products to herbal care products.

    Finally, adding more spice to the discussion, I would like to suggest you go with Cocosoul Ayurvedic coconut oil which is free from paraben, sulfate, silicone, and other harmful chemical impurities and is powered with freshly picked Ayurvedic herbs right from organic farms.

    You can also use the Coco Soul hair & conditioner to keep your hair smooth by providing a smooth, gentle wash, as it is chemical-free, purely Ayurvedic, and packed with the benefits of hibiscus and Lunuwila.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the ayurvedic home remedies for damaged hair?

      Some damaged hair remedies that you can try at home include frequent hair washing, skipping chemical products, using purely Ayurvedic and chemical-free, organic hair care products like Ayurvedic shampoo, coconut oil, conditioner, and so on.

    2. How can I repair my damaged hair using Ayurveda?

      Ayurvedic treatment for damaged hair involves using Ayurveda hair oils, Ayurvedic therapies, and Ayurvedic hair serums.

    3. What is the best Ayurvedic treatment for highly damaged hair?

      Some of the best Ayurvedic options are trying some damaged hair remedies and creating an Ayurvedic hair care regimen, which can include serum, shampoo, and hair oil, based on your Dosha levels.


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