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Ayurveda Inspired Skin Care Tips to Fight the Monsoon Woes

Who doesn’t love the vibe that monsoon brings in right after scorching summers? However, the same cannot be said for our skin. The rainy season brings with it a host of skin problems and allergies causing it to be dry, dull, acne prone and pigmented. In such instances, ayurvedic inspired skin care remedies can be helpful. . These remedies provide your skin  deep nourishment and maintain  its health. .

If you still have apprehensions about ayurvedic skin care tips and its effectiveness, continue reading as we elucidate its benefits and all the reasons why your skin care routine needs it!

Ayurvedic Ingredients In Mortar & Pestle

Common Monsoon Skin Problems

  1. Skin Allergies and Infections

    Rainy season causes all sorts of skin allergies and infections. The tropical humid conditions lead to  rashes, breakouts and general skin inflammation. In severe cases, many people also develop eczema.
  1. Dry and Dull Skin

    Excessive sweating during the hot humid monsoon season causes your skin to be dull and lacklustre. And, the season acts as a catalyst to you bingeing on fried, salty or even artificial sugar added food items, doesn’t it? Don’t forget these food items may leave your skin looking dry & dull! Fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes etc are also common during monsoon. 

Ayurveda Inspired Tips for Monsoon Skin Problems

  1. Spritz Your Skin Problems Away with Facial Mists

    Face mists made of ayurvedic organic ingredients should be a staple part of your skin care routine. These toners are non-greasy and keep the skin healthy by maintaining its pH levels and cleaning out the pores.
  1. Multani Mitti Ubtan Is Your Go-To

    The most popular ayurvedic inspired skin care tip is a Multani mitti ubtan. This face pack is made of fullers’ earth, rosewater and a few drops of mint essential oil. Not only does it cool the skin but gives it a healthy glow.

    Dried Flowers
  1. Invest In the Right Gel This Monsoon

    Ayurvedic gels made of aloe vera or rosewater, are a few must have skin care products. They seal in the moisture to the skin, keep it hydrated and protect it from damage. Aloe Vera has a cooling effect on the skin, keeping it from being too oily or dry. You can also check out these these tips on maintaining dry skin in the monsoon for more help!
  1. Maintain A Good Diet

    Ayurveda tends to treat the body from the inside before beautifying the outside further. This means that your diet will make all the difference this monsoon season. Ayurveda dictates that a diet during monsoons must be pitta free – that is, you must stay away from foods which are excessively salty, sugary or even hot. Go for foods which will cool your body from the inside.
  1. Herbal Face Packs to Brighten your Skin

    Herbal skin/face packs are an excellent antidote to chase those monsoon blues and make your skin healthy and shiny again. Ayurvedic herbs like sandalwood, neem etc are excellent when it comes to de-clogging the pores and getting rid of those toxins.
  1. Give yourself a good Herbal Oil Massage

    An ayurvedic herbal oil massage is a must have on your skin care routine. It is especially ideal if you are suffering from fungal/bacterial infections. The most common herbal oil consists of neem, turmeric and sativa extracts.

Pro Tips

Ayurvedic inspired skin care tips have time and time again proven to be effective and successful in treating skin care problems. While your skin care arsenal should have ayurvedic inspired home remedies, it is equally important to keep store bought ayurvedic skin products handy. We are huge fans of the Coco Soul Flawless Face Combo which comprises the Coco Soul Face Scrub and Revitalising Face Wash. This combo product is inspired by the goodness of ayurvedic remedies and contains the goodness of virgin kind coconut oil, ayurvedic herbs like sandalwood, gotukola and neem – all of which provide at least a 10 layer nourishment, repair dry and damaged skin and restore its’ good health.

Face Care Combo


To sum it up, we cannot stress enough about the virtues and benefits of ayurvedic treatment for skin, These remedies are organic, natural and restore the beauty and hygiene of your skin. Besides skin, hair fall is another massive problem everyone faces during the monsoon. Here are our favourite tips on how to prevent hair fall in the monsoon.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin

  1. How does monsoon affect your skin?

    Skin allergies in the rainy season are a common occurrence. Monsoon truly takes a toll on your skin – a host of skin problems usually crop up like breakouts, eczema and itchiness. However, there are plenty of ayurvedic remedies which keep these problems at bay and give your skin a dewy fresh look!
  2. What are monsoon skin problem solutions in ayurveda?

    Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems are all about using ingredients found in nature and using it to your skin’s benefit. Whether it is making an ubtan (face pack) of Multani mitti, a turmeric body paste or even using honey as a moisturiser. The possibilities are endless. 

  3. What is the ayurvedic treatment for skin problems in the rainy season?

    According to ayurveda, pitta dosha is commonly responsible for many skin problems, especially those which flare up during the rainy season. Pitta is considered to be a fluid body energy which contains the elements of fire and water. This dosha causes hormone related issues like breakouts, excessive sweating, bad body odour etc. Ayurveda advises you to eat right, do meditation and activities which relax you.


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