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5 Ways To Use Green Tea and Matcha In Your Skin Care Routine

Looking to give your skin a glow-up? Read this blog to know the wondrous benefits of Green Tea and Matcha!

Why do you need Green Tea and Matcha in your Skin Care Routine?

Woman Using Green Tea Bag On Eyes

Natural, organic and antioxidant-rich green tea and matcha are the magic potions of any skincare routine. In today's time, when a sedentary lifestyle and poor environmental conditions are taking a toll on your skin, green tea and matcha have become essential in solving skin problems – be it dryness, pigmentation, or acne.

It is not surprising that a majority of women all over the world are not only using green tea and matcha as part of their skincare regime but essentially swearing by it. If you are wondering how to use green tea and matcha for skin, then read further for more information!

Benefits of Green Tea and Matcha for Skin 

  1. Bid Adieu to those Skin Problems

    Skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne and wrinkles can be combated with green tea and matcha. This antioxidant-rich tea duo reduces stress, calms the senses and has a positive impact on your skin. 
  1. Promotes Clear Complexion

    Green tea and matcha promise a clear and even skin tone. The natural plant compounds promote blood circulation, clearing away pigmentation and other such problems.
  1. Prevents Premature Ageing

    Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays and pollution can lead to premature ageing. Antioxidants found in matcha and green tea contain anti-ageing properties that prevent cell damage.
Green Tea Face Pack/Scrub

5 Ways to use Green Tea and Matcha in your Skin Care Routine

While the benefits of green tea and matcha are numerous, common queries like ‘how to use green tea for the face? How to apply green tea on the face? How to use matcha for skin?’ are common queries that confuse people. Thus, we have mentioned below some common ways to use green tea and matcha in your skincare routine:

  1. Face Steam

    A great way to get clear skin is to steam with water infused with green tea or matcha. Since green tea and matcha are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties, you will have a refreshed, clear and glowing face in no time!
  1. Skin Toner

    A toner is essential in maintaining the pH balance of the skin, along with removing excess oil and dirt. A skin toner made of green tea or matcha can work wonders for your skin due to natural plant compounds. Brew the green tea or matcha for 3-5 minutes and let it cool for a while. Dip cotton in this infused water and apply it to your skin.
  1. Face Pack

    Face packs have a moisturising and hydrating effect on the skin. A face pack made using green tea, or matcha power can do great things for your face. Simply take the green tea leaves or matcha powder, and mix with a tablespoon of milk, honey and yoghurt. Apply on your face and wash it off after 20 minutes. In case you don’t have green tea or matcha powder, simply add water infused with green tea or matcha tea bag to the face pack.
  1. Skin Cleanser

    A cleanser is an important part of the skincare routine. A homemade cleanser made of either green tea or matcha can work wonders for your skin. All you need to do is: mix organic honey, castile soap, matcha or green tea powder and tea tree oil. Mix them all in a bowl, fill it with water to get a cleanser like consistency and wash your face with it just like you’d use a normal soap.
    Woman Applying Green Tea Face Pack
  1. Face Scrub

    Exfoliation is vital when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy skin. A scrub not only removes the dead skin but leaves your skin smooth and soft. Green tea and matcha contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which make them a great scrub. For even better results, you can mix green tea with coconut oil for glowing skin!

Pro Tips

Sometimes, simply using green tea and matcha for your skin may not be enough. To ensure overall improvement in your skin condition, it is essential that the ancillary skincare products you use are organic and good for the skin. We highly recommend the following:

  1. Coco Soul Face Wash

    Made with coconut, neem and ayurvedic herbs, this natural face wash is free from chemicals like paraben and sulphate. It hydrates the skin, repairs the damage, and promotes collagen production.

  1. Coco Soul Face Scrub

    Made with coconut, sandalwood and ayurvedic herbs, this exfoliating face scrub is the ideal alternative to a green tea or matcha scrub. Chemical-free, this scrub is a gentle exfoliator which cleans the pores, removes dirt and gives you radiant skin. 


So, go ahead and upgrade from your regular masala chai to Green Tea & Matcha for not just its taste but also its skin benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Uses of Green Tea and Matcha in Skin Care Routine

  1. Is matcha good for the skin?

    If you are looking for healthy and glowing skin, then matcha is the perfect skincare ingredient for you. Matcha is very rich in antioxidants, making it among the healthiest teas in the world. In short, you can drink it and apply it to your skin, depending on your choice.

  2. Can we apply green tea directly to the face?

    Yes! You can directly apply green tea to your skin. It is an antioxidant-rich tea, which calms the senses and soothes the face. However, we caution you to also consider your skin type and sensitivity.

  3. Can I apply green tea and matcha on my face every day?

    Yes, it is perfectly alright to apply green tea and matcha on your face every day. That said, how often you use green tea and matcha on your face must also depend on the sensitivity of your skin.


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