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All About Home Hacks! Natural Ways To Treat Facial Pores Effectively

Enlarged pores can be unpleasant, but there’s nothing a home remedy can’t fix! We bring you open pores treatment at home with these open pores home remedies

Although large pores can be an inconvenience, there’s a solution for everything. How to get rid of pores on face at home? Let’s take a deeper look and see what the pores are missing!

Pores? No problem!

What does the word ‘pore’ mean? It is a small spot on your skin, which tends to excrete sebum (oil) or sweat to the surface, coming from the sebaceous glands inside your skin. This is completely normal, until the pores get bigger in size, when they get blocked. We have hair all over our body and these blocked pores are also known as ‘hair follicles’ because pores are a home to our body hair. Now, you might wonder how to get rid of open pores or how to cure open pores? When the pores get large and unsightly, some open pores treatment at home can help cure them. This is how to get rid of open pores on the face naturally with quick ingredients and recipes!

What is the function of pores on skin?

Your skin is lubricated with a natural oil called sebum. This sebum reaches the surface of your skin with the help of your pores, while coming through the sebaceous glands. The oil is what makes your skin supple, healthy, and moisturised. When your pores are blocked or enlarged, they lose this function and tend to look ugly on the face. So, if you’re wondering how to get rid of open pores or how to get rid of pores on the face at home, scroll for all-natural solutions, which show you how to cure open pores so they can perform their function well.

What are the best natural ways to treat facial pores?

While looking for the best solution to cure open pores, it is easy to get overwhelmed looking at the number of options in the market. Isn’t it easier to just rush into your kitchen and use something from there? But how should you go about it? We’ve rounded up the healthy, natural kitchen ingredients to help your pores. How to get rid of open pores on face at home? Here are a few home remedies that you can try, to shrink your large pores.

How to get rid of open pores on face naturally:

  • Ice cubes: After a good cleanse, use a clean cloth with ice cubes wrapped in it, and rub it over the areas of your pores to help close them
  • Lemon and rose water: While lemon works like an astringent, rose water acts like a natural skin tonic. Mix both the ingredients in equal quantities and apply on the face for ten minutes
  • Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti): This multani mitti paste reduces oiliness, and tightens, cleanses, and clarifies your skin while closing the pores
  • Yoghurt: Mixed with ground almonds, the paste can be applied in circular motions on your skin, to cleanse the dead cells and keeps your pores free of hardened oil

If you would rather go for a product to give you these natural benefits, the Coco Soul Face Wash or Coco Soul Face Scrub is an ideal choice. Wash your face with this cleanser twice a day to let it wash away the excess oil and keep the pores free of clogged impurities.

Why are Coco Soul face products the best for open pores and blackheads?

  • Coco Soul Face Wash is crafted with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, the goodness of Virgin King Coconut Oil, and the magic of Gotukala and Neem! Coco Soul's Revitalizing Face Wash is your skin's new best friend as the ingredients used to create this natural face wash are derived from ayurvedic expertise and nature's most potent herbs. It cleanses dirt and other impurities from your face without making it dry. All in all, this natural face wash revitalises your facial skin by giving it a fresh and radiant look. This is how to get rid of pores on the face at home with a quick, effective and all-natural face care products!

  • Coco Soul Face Scrub is crafted with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, the goodness of Virgin King Coconut Oil, and the magic of Venivel and Sandalwood! Inspired and created using natural herbs, Coco Soul's Exfoliating Face Scrub is like a gentle kiss on your skin. Its power ingredients comprise virgin coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs that are enriched with natural healing properties. These organic ingredients work together to gently unclog your pores and purge your skin of impurities. Use this natural face scrub daily to achieve clearer, softer, and even-toned skin.

Can you actually “close” pores? What does treating pores actually mean?

When we talk about closing of pores, what we mean is – shrinking of pores. We have seen that pores are extremely important for the sebum oil to reach the surface of your skin, giving you a healthy glow. There is just a balance to be maintained in your pH levels and for the enlarged pores to be tackled, which is possible by shrinking the size of the unsightly pores. The best way to shrink, treat, and close your pores is keeping it safe from clogging of oil.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pore Treatments at Home (FAQs)

  1. How do you shrink pores instantly with home remedies?

    If you have been looking for a solution on how to get rid of open pores, this article may have put your concerns to rest. You can wash your face daily, add a face scrub to your weekly skin care regimen, apply sunscreen to protect your skin, or use a clay mask. 

  2. How to get rid of open pores on the face naturally?

    Persistent and unpleasant looking open pores can be treated with home remedies. Here are some home remedies to get rid of open pores: aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar as a toner, an egg white mask, fuller’s earth to tone and tighten the pores, or lemon juice and rose water mixed into an astringent.

  3. Can ice close pores? How to cure open pores?

    Open pores occur on oily skin, or oily areas of combination skin, due to the over-activity of the oil-producing glands of the skin. The constant oozing of oil and clogged pores lead to loss of elasticity of the pores, and enlarge them. So, how to get rid of open pores – do you close them? You can shrink, which is what we mean by “close” them with ice cubes.


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