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4 Reasons Why Prickly Pear Seed Oil Must Be A Part of Your Skin Care Routine

Hello, Morocco! Goodbye, skin care woes! Morocco brings you an exotic skincare ingredient that is now catching up in the skincare realm - prickly pear seed oil. Each seed only contains five percent oil, and it is this combination of factors that makes it one of the most expensive and dearest beauty oils in the world. Read on to know the several prickly pear seed oil benefits for your skin!

What is prickly pear seed oil?

Native to Morocco, prickly pear seed oil or barbary fig seed oil is a natural oil extracted from opuntia ficus indica cactus, a fruit. What makes prickly pear seed oil so special is the season during which this fruit is available, which lasts only a few months – and the process of extracting it, which is manual.

In what ways can you use this oil in your natural skincare routine?

Lay aside those harsh, skin-stripping synthetics and revitalise your skin with the natural power of prickly pear! It’s time to infuse some Moroccan goodness into your natural skincare routine. Prickly pear seed oil is safe for skin and can be used on your skin without mixing it with an essential oil. So, if you’re feeling inspired, you can always impulse buy a bottle and press it straight onto your skin. You do you! Or, to make the most of it, you can find products specially formulated with prickly pear to boost and complement its many skin-positive effects. You can also pair prickly pear oil with Coco Soul’s natural skincare products!

What are the benefits of using prickly pear seed oil for skin care?

There are many reasons why prickly pear seed oil is a good addition to your skincare regimen.

Prickly pear oil skin benefits:

  • Anti-ageing formula: 

    It possesses potent antioxidants called betalains, which are red and yellow pigments found in plants. These pigments, along with oleic acid found in the oil help to protect skin against ageing.
  • Natural nourisher: 

    The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil replenish your scalp. Vitamin E in this oil calms your hair, fights the frizz, and makes it silky, smooth and shiny. Every night, apply it for 15 minutes and watch it work wonders!
  • Collagen boost: 

    The amino acid-rich oil boosts and stimulates collagen production, and vitamin E in the oil brightens your hyperpigmented spots. Say goodbye to under eye circles!
  • Acne control: 

    The high linoleic acid content in this oil prevents the sebum on your surface from hardening, allowing for pores to be closed.

Prickly pear oil for skin is generally safe for healthy people of all skin types and ages to use. If you have a known allergy to prickly pears or other fruits, you should avoid using this product. What would help is using a natural oil as a carrier oil, and coconut oil is a good option, – which is antibacterial and ultra-hydrating. We recommend the 100% pure, cruelty-free and 100% vegan Virgin Coconut based Oil from Coco Soul! It is all-natural, Made Safe certified, and free from toxic chemicals like DEA, triclosan, parabens, and more. Here is what makes it the best carrier oil:

Frequently Asked Questions on Prickly Pear Seed Oil (FAQs)

  1. How do you use prickly pear seed oil on your face?

    The best way to use prickly pear seed oil for skin is to look for a facial oil that includes this over-achieving ingredient. The oil should be used as a daily moisturiser on freshly cleansed skin. We recommend using 2-3 drops on damp skin or mixing it with your favourite facial toner to create an emulsion. By combining oil with water, you increase absorption while simultaneously giving your skin a balanced ratio of moisture and hydration. This is what we mean by the several prickly pear oil skin benefits for the win!
  1. Does prickly pear seed oil clog pores?

    The fruit from which the oil is derived, in general, is a rich source of nutrients, so it’s no wonder the seeds produce oil that’s the equivalent to liquid gold, at least in the skincare sense. It also contains omega-6 linoleic acid, which helps to support skin’s moisture barrier, keeping your skin feeling soft and smooth throughout the day. Prickly pear seed oil has a comedogenic rating of 1-2, meaning it is not likely to clog pores.
  1. Does prickly pear oil have vitamin C?

    Prickly pear seed oil benefits are owed to its antioxidants, especially vitamins A, C, E and K as well as Omega-6, essential fatty acids. In fact, it is also a rich and potent source of vitamin E – three times more vitamin E content than any other oil. Spanning the prickly pear oil skin benefits, these vitamins play a vital role in the nourishment it gives to your skin.


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