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9 Hairstyles For Girls With Bigger Or Shorter Forehead

The best hairstyle for a big forehead is including bangs as they fall on the forehead and takes away the focus from it. Distract with texture in addition to bangs and haircuts. When it comes to hairstyles for big forehead females, the more natural-looking and messy look is the best. Here are some of the best hairstyles that will help you look and feel your best.

Girl With Small Forehead

Best Hairstyles for Bigger Forehead

  1. The Curly Flare

    One of the best hairstyles for the big forehead is to highlight each strand. Ask your hairstylist to strategically layer your hair and use products to moisturize and define curls. Curls around the face always look great.

    Take advantage of Coco Soul Extra Virgin Coconut Hair Oil, an anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff treatment, which promotes hair development and nourishes the curls like nothing else.
    Girl With Bangs
  2. Foregrounding Layers

    Face-framing layers make a cut look better. This little change makes the face more open and youthful and enhances the cheekbones and jawline.
  3. The Forward-Facing Look

    This is more of a stylistic method than a haircut, but if you have a broad forehead, bangs are a great way to hide it. Remember the secret is to find the ideal balance in the shape of the hair. So if the idea of face-framing sounds too dramatic to you, start with some moderate face-framing and work your way up.

    To draw attention away from the forehead, you can either go for smooth or very voluminous styling. Besides, longer-length cuts always look flattering and can be easier for one to carry who has a lot of volumes.

    For healthy, manageable and voluminous hair, try Coco Soul's Hair & Scalp Shampoo, which is gentle enough to cleanse your hair without drying it out. 
  4. It's the Cropped Style

    When working with a large forehead, the last thing you want to do is have a haircut that lengthens your face shape and features. The best hairstyle for a big forehead is to have a shorter haircut. If you want to shorten the appearance of your head, you should add width to your hair. You can give the appearance of a smaller forehead by wearing your hair chopped above your shoulders. 
    Woman Cropped Hair
  5. It's the Casual and Comfortable Appearance

    Worrying about which hairstyle to choose for your broad forehead? And when you've long hair, it's actually a bonus as both a side part and soft texture are fantastic ways to wear long hair while highlighting your features. Feathered or tapered ends are preferable to blunt ones when it comes to haircuts. Avoid hairstyles that accentuate the hairline by pulling the hair back. No doubt there are many hairstyles for big forehead females but remember the key is to find a softer and relaxed look.  

    Use a natural conditioner on your hair. Proper conditioning helps in styling immensely. Use Coco Soul's Hair & Scalp Conditioner in your hair care routine.

Best Hairstyles for A Shorter Forehead

Be it going out for a grand night out or watching a movie with your friends at home, finding the right hairstyle for a short forehead might be difficult. If this is your current situation, keep reading about hairstyles for the small forehead.

  1. Cute Hairstyles for Small Faces

    When worn on one side, long straight bangs are both playful and adorable. Knowing that this style goes well with every outfit gives peace of mind. 

  2. Medium-Length Brown Hair with Bangs for Petite Face Shapes

    It's easy to care for and looks great with naturally long dark hair. The best hairstyle for short forehead females is to cut your bangs short and thin them out. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is both fun and straightforward. 

  3. Blonde Wavy Hairstyles for Small Foreheads

    Light blonde hairstyles like waterfall braid, loose waves or balayage, are ideal for teenage girls. These voluminous optical illusions will make your forehead appear larger when worn with these loose bangs. Make your hair stand out by spraying it with hairspray before heading out the door.

  4. Brown Hair With Natural Bangs For a Small Forehead

    No need to dye your hair; just flaunt your natural brown locks! It's time to step out in full confidence with these fluffy bangs at the top. It's best suited for women who don't mind the upkeep.

Pro Tips

Every human being has their own personality and having a big forehead is really not a beauty flaw. Instead having a big forehead is really a bonus as it allows you to have different hairstyles. So here are some pro hairstyle tips for the ones having a big forehead. As the wedding season approaches, here are some wedding guest hairstyles you can try!

  • One of the best and quickest hairstyles for the big forehead is a messy bun. It looks simple, yet elegant and goes well with all occasions. 
  • A great hairstyle for a small forehead is long straight bangs. You can wear it on the sides and make it look playful and cute at the same time. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Girl Hairstyles with Bigger Shorter Forehead

  1. What hairstyle suits a small forehead?

    There are ocean-wide options for best hairstyles for the small forehead such as wispy bangs, highlights around the forehead area, blunt fringe, pixie cut and so on.  
  2. Do bangs look good on short foreheads?

    Yes! Bangs are among the best hairstyles for the short forehead ones. When you wear your hair in a style that exposes more of it, it appears longer.
  3. What hairstyle suits a big forehead?

    The best hairstyles for big foreheads are those that conceal as much of the top of the head as possible while focusing the viewer's gaze downwards toward the eyes. Some of them include a low messy side bun, messy curl fringe, side-parted ponytail, textured wispy shag, curtain bangs, etc. 
  4. How can I make my big forehead look smaller?

    Using bronzer instantly gives a shortened look to your forehead. The bronzer must be matte and three shades darker than your skin tone to be effective.


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