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Most Common Causes of Hair Loss in Summer

Don't we protect our skin with sunscreen and our eyes with sunglasses in the summer? However, we frequently overlook that even our hair needs weather protection. This is especially true during the summer when we experience increased hair loss. So, what are the main reasons for hair loss during summer? And how to prevent hair loss that comes with the season? Here's all you need to know about the problem.

hair loss in summer

What are the main reasons for hair loss in the summer?

Harsh sun rays are the most common cause of hair loss in the summer. The Sun's UV rays can wreak havoc on your hair, draining out every ounce of moisture and leaving it lifeless, dry, and discoloured. Another main reason for hair loss in summer is our exposure to chemicals in swimming pools, such as chlorine, much too often throughout the summer, which can cause significant damage to our hair. This is because chlorine has chemical qualities that dry out your hair shaft and strip away the sebum, causing it to become dull, brittle, coarse, and prone to breaking. And if you are experiencing hair loss in summer without getting into the pool or spending hours outside, then there is a reason behind that. Higher temperatures are ideal for Malassezia Globossa, the dandruff-causing microbe, to thrive, so hot weather is known to aggravate dandruff and cause a flare-up. Dandruff can cause itchy and irritated scalp, resulting in temporary hair loss if left untreated.

summer hydration

But how can you be sure that the hair loss is due to the season? What if it's not seasonal? Well, there is nothing to panic about. Here is how you can make out whether it's seasonal hair loss.

seasonal hair loss in summer

How to tell if your hair loss is seasonal?

According to research by the National Library of Medicines,  hair protein loss is caused by UVB radiation, whereas colour changes are caused by UVA radiation. Swimming in open water, dehydration, and the use of too few oil products can cause hair loss during the summer months. Overuse of chemicals is another factor that contributes to this condition.

So, if you have been out in the sun for a significant amount of time, drank less water or used chemical-based cosmetics, then the season should be behind your hair loss. If genetics are to blame, you may experience male pattern baldness, which involves hair loss from the top or the front area of your head. Alopecia is a condition in which the hair becomes thinner and unhealthy and falls out excessively.

Whatever reason it may be, you can still treat and regain your hair strength by utilising the power of Ayurvedic products. Here’s how to prevent hair loss during summer -

How to prevent hair loss?

  • Avoid over-processing hair products like dyes, bleaches, and other chemical treatments, as well as tight hairstyles. Chemical treatments like perms and bleaching, as well as direct heat from a styling tool, can exacerbate summer hair loss in females.
  • The healthier we are, the better our hair will seem. To be healthy and avoid dehydration, you must drink lots of water. Dehydration can cause hair loss, thinning of the scalp, itchy and unhealthy-looking hair. So drink enough water every day to keep hydrated.
  • Consider using a sulphate-free shampoo free from harsh chemicals to prevent hair from losing moisture. Be gentle while massaging the scalp to limit the danger of split ends.

Although the first two points seem relatively easy to incorporate, you might be anxious about how to prevent hair loss by getting 100% organic products for your hair. Well, mother nature has the solutions for all your problems. Coco Soul has brought the magic of potent ayurvedic ingredients in the Coco Soul Natural Conditioner. Enriched with the power of Virgin Coconut Oil and blended with the blessings of Hibiscus and Lunuwila (Brahmi), this hair conditioner is your hair’s best friend during harsh weather conditions.

  • Coconut oil is often regarded as the finest hair oil for reducing protein loss and maintaining a healthy appearance. Coconut oil is known to prevent protein loss better than other oils. Coconut oil is often featured on top in every study since it is beneficial for regular and chemically treated hair. Coconut oil's enhanced ability to preserve hair is due to its chemical composition, which consists of lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid.
  • Lunuwila (Brahmi) - This magical secret of Ayurved reduces dryness, irritation, and flakiness. As a result, your hair will always appear healthy and nourished. This tiny herb aids in the reduction of hair loss while also promoting hair growth. Brahmi is the one-stop remedy for summer hair loss in males. Brahmi promotes hair growth in regions where hair has thinned, which helps to correct temporary baldness. This ayurvedic herb aids in the formation of a protective layer surrounding hair strands. It aids in the maintenance of shiny and glossy hair.
  • Hibiscus - Did you know that the beautifully silky texture of the hibiscus flower promotes hair growth? Yes! One of the most popular herbs, this bright and attractive blossom is great for your hair. It promotes hair regrowth, even in bald spots. Hibiscus flowers contain natural amino acids that nourish the hair and promote hair growth. Most shampoos have chemicals that rob the hair of its natural oils. Have you noticed that your hair is becoming dry and brittle? Don't worry. Hibiscus can nourish and seal your hair's natural moisture!


Unfold the power of Ayurveda by embracing these potent herbal ingredients into your daily hair care regime. Obtain cleansers and conditioners that are 100 % organic and free from chemicals, sulphates and parabens. Coco Soul presents a Natural Hair Conditioner designed with the Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and powered by Virgin King Coconut Oil, added with the charm of Hibiscus and Lunuwila! 

This herbal conditioner's blend of Ayurvedic herbs strengthens hair shafts while organic virgin king coconut oil moisturises the scalp for smooth, bouncy, and manageable hair. This natural hair conditioner is no less than a magic potion in a bottle. After each hair washes, use this conditioner to your scalp and hair to let your hair grow stronger and more manageable. Buy Coco Soul’s natural hair products now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is hair loss more common in summer?

    Yes, hair loss is common during summers. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun make the hair dry and prone to breakage. Other reasons include exposure to chlorine water in the swimming pool and excessive humidity and sweat.

  2. How to prevent hair loss during summers? 

    Keeping the hair and scalp clean, drinking lots of water, and avoiding heat treatments and chemical hair cosmetics can prevent further hair damage. You must use natural, chemical-free shampoo and conditioner for healthy hair growth.

  3. Why does my hair thin in the summer?

    Seasonal hair loss can happen. Studies have revealed that during summer, there are more telogen hairs (or resting hairs) during summer, which leads to shedding. Moreover, overexposure to sunlight, chlorine water and dehydration are other causes for hair loss in summers.


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