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Hair Problems & Benefits

This might sound shocking but despite taking precautions like avoiding heat-styling, using natural hair care products, avoiding hair bleach, and oiling every strand religiously, you can still see signs of hair damage. While most of these are avoidable, some days may still create a stressor and cause further hair damage. Well, if you are noticing a lack of shine, volume, moisture, or decline in the overall health of your hair, it is time to hop onto a haircare routine ASAP! Let us help you figure out the most common hair problems that you and I face and find expert solutions for them.

Hairfall: Hair fall tops every hair problem list out there.  There isn’t a specific reason why you face hair fall, which is why combating it is extremely taxing. If your scalp lacks moisture, your hair follicles become weak and your strands fall off easily. Here are a few things that you can do:

Avoid washing your hair with hot water and switch to cold or lukewarm water instead

Do not tie your hair in a high ponytail or tighter buns. Instead, leave them open or style them loosely 

Opt for herbal shampoos, oils, and hair masks to infuse goodness of natural herbs into your hair and scalp

Greasy Scalp: Excessive sweating or oil production causes your scalp to get greasy. However, washing your hair daily is a big no and should be avoided. An overly greasy scalp lead to itchiness, discomfort, and dandruff as well. 

Wash your hair less often. If you wash your hair frequently, your scalp will produce more oil to rehydrate 

Shampoo thoroughly to avoid any oil and residue buildup

Do not condition your scalp as it will make your scalp greasier. Only apply conditioner at the lengths of your hair.

Split ends: A fairly common hair concern, split ends are a result of lack of moisture and too much exposure to the sun. Split ends also give your hair an unhealthy feel and entangle very quickly. Here are some tips you can try:

Use serums to the lengths of your hair

Trim the ends of your hair every three months

Oil your hair often,  preferably overnight to seal the moisture into your locks.

Benefits of Hair Care

Believe it or not, your hair is a direct reflection of your overall health and it is one of the first aspects that draw people’s attention. Healthy hair not only looks gorgeous but also boosts your confidence. This is why following a hair care routine is a must. Following a healthy haircare routine results in a healthy scalp, prevents hair loss, prevents premature greying, and more.

FAQs on Hair Problems & Benefits:

What is the main reason for hair problems?

There are many reasons responsible for hair problems and it differs from person to person. Some of the common reasons for any hair concerns are hormonal changes, medical conditions, environmental stressors, improper diet, lack of hair care and more.

How do you check for hair problems?

Look for visible signs of hair problems such as bald patches, hair thinning, premature greying and more. Once you have understood the hair concern, consult an expert for treatments and remedies.

Can stress cause hair problems?

Yes, one of the biggest reasons for hair fall is stress. Telogen effluvium is a form of temporary hair loss that usually happens after stress. Your hair may fall off by simply combing or washing. With proper care, your hair starts to grow back too.


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