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2 Coconut based Hair Oil Masks that will help you treat hair loss and avoid baldness

    Hair loss is a common problem that most people around the world struggle with. And while you’re probably consulting doctors or undergoing therapies for the same, do give a shot to that humble bottle of coconut oil that’s probably lying around in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet.

    Even if coconut oil won’t completely help restore your tresses, it can help boost your hair health. And one of the best ways to reap the maximum benefits of this oil is to mix it with nourishing ingredients and make DIY hair masks at home. 

    In fact,  a coconut oil hair mask is one of the most effective remedies for hair. Coconut oil is an unsung hero in the fight against hair problems, which has been used for ages to treat a variety of hair issues. 

    Don’t worry, you can make excellent coconut oil hair masks at home with easy-to-arrange ingredients that can stop you from getting bald. But if you’re not convinced with hair masks, let us share some benefits that might change your mind.

    Woman Applying Hair Oil Mask

    Coconut oil hair mask benefits for hair loss

    Just as a facial mask can improve the overall health of your skin, a coconut oil hair mask can help improve the quality of your hair, thanks to its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and emollient characteristics. This is not it, here are some additional benefits of the coconut hair oil mask

    • Lowers protein loss

    Many of you might not be aware of the fact that human hair comprises three layers of protein - the PLP layers - Protein-Lipid-Protein.

    Colouring, blow-drying, styling, heating, and other treatments can cause you to lose some essential proteins that help make up the cortex.

    Therefore, using a coconut oil hair mask will help lower such protein loss as it has lauric acid in it. You can also use it as a pre and post-hair wash grooming product

    • Penetrates the hair shaft

    Another benefit of coconut hair oil masks is that they can penetrate the hair shaft because the molecular weight of coconut oil is low

    • Replenishes moisture

    A coconut oil hair mask penetrates the hair shaft better than other oils. It acts like sebum to preserve the scalp and the hair from drying out.

    Furthermore, this coconut oil hair mask for hair loss acts like a natural conditioner that makes your hair soft and shiny.

    Coconut oil hair mask DIY recipes

    Now that you know the benefits, you must be curious about how to make coconut oil hair masks at home?

    Considering your struggle with falling strands, you must have also looked for an effective coconut oil hair mask for hair loss and are now planning to make one! Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the recipes for the same.

    DIY Hair Masks


    • Recipe 1 - Coconut oil with banana mask

    Being a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, and natural oil, and when combined with coconut oil, it can leave you with hair that is nourished from the inside.


    1. 2 ripe bananas
    2. 1 tbsp olive oil
    3. 1 tbsp honey
    4. 1 tbsp coconut oil

    Method: In a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix them well to form a smooth paste. Apply this coconut hair mask on your hair and scalp, let it rest for at least ten minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.

    Apply this hair mask for hair loss twice a week to get the desired results.

    Coconut Oil With Curry Leaves


    • Recipe 2 - Coconut oil with curry leaves

    Another coconut-oil hair mask DIY you can prepare at your home with the regular items.


    1. 1tbsp coconut oil
    2. A few curry leaves

    Method: To make this coconut-oil hair mask DIY, heat the coconut oil and add curry leaves to it. Make sure to heat the curry leaves in medium flame for at least five minutes and then allow the coconut hair mask to cool off.

    But how to use this coconut oil hair mask? Well, simply apply it to the scalp. Then,  allow the mixture to sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off with any sulphate-free shampoo. For best results, use Coco Soul Ayurveda shampoo, which is 100% sulphate-free. It also includes herbs like Godapara and Keekirindiya, which not only help deal with dandruff issue but also promote hair growth in the process as well.To learn how to use coconut oil to get rid of dandruff, head over to our blog on how to use coconut oil for dandruff.

    Why is a coconut oil hair mask good for hair growth?

    Now that you know how to make a coconut oil hair mask, this effective solution will prevent your hair loss problems.

    A coconut hair oil mask is also great for hair growth. It moisturises the hair, treats split ends, calms irritation, fights fungal infections, and reduces breakage.

    It also protects the hair from protein loss, heat damage, and environmental damage caused by  wind, dust, sun, smoke, etc. Anyone who has dry hair can use a DIY coconut-oil hair mask to boost hair growth and make it healthier with time.

    Pro tips

    Apart from a hair mask, the following are a few ways to use  coconut oil to improve your hair health:

    • Use it as a conditioner or to detangle your hair

    After shampooing, apply the coconut oil to your hair from the scalp to the ends. It will soften all the rough edges of the hair and make it glossy and shiny

    • Use it as a pre-wash protector

    Use coconut oil as a pre-wash protector to smoothen it. This will make your hair moisturised and shiny

    • Use for scalp treatment

    The ones dealing with dandruff, dryness, or any other scalp issues can indulge in coconut oil massages.

    Remember to leave it overnight and then wash it off with sulphate-free shampoo the next day.There are various other natural herbs and ingredients that are beneficial for hair. Read our blog on the best natural ingredients for hair to learn about the secret behind natural ingredients in products.

    About coco soul shampoo and conditioner -

    Now that you know the coconut oil benefits and recipes for DIY hair masks, you can get started on your journey towards achieving the hair of your dreams. What’s more ? You can also take things a notch higher by introducing the goodness of coconut into your hair care regime by choosing shampoo and conditioner from Coco Soul.

    Coco Soul Shampoo

    The natural shampoo from Coco Soul hair care products is crafted with ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Being rich in ingredients like Godapara, Kirkirindiya and virgin king coconut oil, this shampoo boosts the blood circulation in the scalp which further promotes hair growth. Loaded with natural antioxidants, it washes off all the dirt from the hair without drying the roots, ensuring that your hair remains bouncy and smooth. It is perfect for those who crave soft and manageable hair.

    Coco Soul Conditioner

    The hair conditioner from Coco soul is enriched with the magic of Ayurveda, goodness of coconut oil, hibiscus and lunuwila. It is made for those who long for soft, bouncy and manageable hair. Being free from mineral oils, harsh chemicals and other harmful ingredients, this conditioner is exactly what you need. Furthermore, this organic conditioner lowers hair breakage, boosts volume and retains the moisture.


    Instead of pondering upon the problems, it’s wise to take the charge and act accordingly. Your hair is your asset, which you need to preserve. Hence, taking good care of your hair as well as your health is like you are taking care of your assets. So, eat healthily, think better, be wise, and keep your assets safe! All the best.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can coconut oil hair masks prevent baldness?

      The short answer to this question is yes. A coconut oil hair mask prevents baldness as it slows down hair loss issues by preventing protein loss problems.

    2. How do you make a hair mask with coconut oil?

      You can easily make a hair mask with coconut oil. Here’s the recipe for an easy-to-make hair mask -  in a bowl, add a whisked egg and coconut oil. Mix both the ingredients well and transfer it to a spray bottle. Now, spritz the mixture on wet hair. Allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes,  and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

    3. How often should I use coconut oil hair masks?

      It is recommended to use coconut oil on hair twice or thrice a week for better results.

    4. Can coconut oil regrow the hairline?

      Yes, coconut oil has the potential to regrow the hairline and prevent further hair loss problems. With time, you can expect your hair to become longer, shinier, thick, and healthier.

    5. Can coconut oil darken the hair?

      Yes, using coconut oil can darken your hair, but only if you use it daily. However, it does not mean you can transform from blonde to brunette.


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