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DIY Home Remedies to Get Rid of Split Ends

Let's gulp down this fact, split ends happen! But the good news is that there are various ways and natural home remedies for split ends. 

We all have faced split ends and how badly they make our hair look rough, dry, and lifeless. Between all the fun of trying different hairstyles and hair colouring, we have seen our hair tearing apart and that’s what we call split ends! 

Let’s dig in and find out what causes hair split ends and what are the home remedies for split ends

What are the major causes of split-ends?

Ever wonder what causes split ends? 

Our hair has to go through a lot of -

  • Dust
  • Frequent use of heating and hair styling tools, 
  • Sun rays, 
  • Dust & pollution
  • Bleaching
  • Highlighting and dyes
  • Deficiency of vitamins 
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Over brushing and accessorising 

Due to all these factors, our hair tends to get damaged and results in splitting apart making our hair look dry and weak. 

Split ends can make your hair texture go rough. So to ensure smooth-looking and healthy hair, it is important to get rid of split ends. 

Getting frequent hair trimming can make us sacrifice hair length. So if you are the one who is looking to treat split ends at home, you are on the right page. 

treat split ends at home

Can you get rid of split ends without cutting hair?  

The answer is YES! 

There are numerous natural remedies for split ends that if used/practised for a good period can result in getting rid of dry and weak hair split ends. 

Homemade DIY masks are proven best to treat split ends at home and are all-time usable methods. They are made with natural ingredients, can be customised, and are made with easily accessible ingredients. 

Here are a few top home remedies for split ends that will show you outstanding results!  

  • Homemade hair oil enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients

As per hair experts oiling your hair twice a week is a must. 

Make a DIY natural oil for your hair that will work as the best remedy for split ends. 

Take some base oil which should be thick enough. One can use the Coco Soul Coconut Oil with Vitamin E.Your hair will surely love the 100 % natural, pure and unrefined oil.

Heat a pan with oil in it and add a few magical ingredients. 

Ingredients like chopped onions, hibiscus leaves, curry leaves, fenugreek seeds can be added to this oil. 

All these ingredients are potent and tend to make the hair root strong and work as the best split ends hair treatment at home. Make sure to rub the oil on the roots and on the ends of the hair length. 

You can make this oil to use for a month and easily store this in an airtight container. 

  • DIY nourishing mask to treat split ends at home

Naturally-made hair masks are the best way to cure split ends. It not only nourishes the hair tips but also provides long-lasting shine and makes the hair root strong and healthy. 

For this hair mask, you need one small bowl of curd and one fully ripe banana. 

Mash the banana with the help of a fork and add curd to it. You can increase the amount of curd as required by you. Add two spoons of honey, some aloe vera gel, and half lemon. 

That;’s it. You are good to go. 

Keep this hair mask for at least 30 minutes and then wash your hair. Make sure to apply it on your split ends too. This mask makes split ends hair treatment at home easy. Try to apply it once a week. 

natural remedies for split ends
  • DIY Protein hair mask

Our hair is made with protein. A protein hair mask will make sure to provide your hair with the right nourishment and will help to subside the split ends with its gradual use. 

For this hair split ends home remedy, all you need is an egg, half squeezed lemon, and a bowl full of hung curd. Mix both the ingredients well. You can also add Coco Soul extra virgin coconut oil into this mask as it will help to provide moisture to the scalp and will leave your hair looking glossy and healthy. Apply the mask to your hair length, including the scalp. You can add two eggs if your hair is lengthy. 

Keep this mask on your head for at least 30 minutes and wash it with normal water.

homemade hair mask for split ends
  • DIY Aloe vera hair serum 

Hair serum is the best way to bring back the lost shine of your hair and to make your hair look glossy and smooth. 

You can easily store this hair serum in a pump bottle for at least 15 days and use it on a daily basis. 

This DIY hair serum is the best natural remedy for split ends, all you need is some pulp of one or two aloe vera stamps, half lemon, five vitamin-E capsules, and one clean pump/spray bottle. 

Take a mixer and abstract all the plump of aloe vera in it, add lemon juice, and give it a good grind. 

Once the solution is thin and running, pour it out in a spray bottle and add the solution of 5 vitamin-E capsules. Give it a good mix. And your Aloe vera hair serum is ready. 

Store it in the refrigerator.  

These are a few best natural remedies to cure split ends. Its regular use will surely make you witness amazing results. To learn about more natural products that ensure well-being, visit the Coco Soul website. 


  1. Can you actually repair split ends?

    Yes, split ends are nothing but damaged hair. This problem can be cured with a good hair care routine. All you need is to be persistent and stop using chemicals on your hair. You can try the above-shared methods to get rid of split ends easily by using some home remedies for split ends. 

  2. How do you stop split ends forever?  

    To get rid of split ends forever, you need to start taking good care of your hair. Have a balanced diet, use minimum hair drying or heating tools and try to give nourishment to your hair with easy DIY hair masks. 


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