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Get Rid of Frizzy Hair During Summer with These Amazing Hacks

Summer is finally here. It is the season of vacations and outdoor activities. But most of us have to spend the summer season with unmanageable, frizzy and fuzzy hair. During the hot summer months, the air affected by heat, humidity and pollution can make our hair frizzy, dry and tangled. The sunrays can also make the hair appear dull and lifeless. And if you have dry hair, you are bound to get frizzy hair in summer.

Are you wondering how to get rid of frizzy hair naturally? We, at Coco Soul, are always ready with solutions for you. If you are wondering how to get rid of frizzy hair during summer, this blog is definitely for you. In this article, we talk about the causes of frizzy hair in summer, how to treat frizzy hair at home and some lifestyle changes to get rid of them. So, read on to know more.

While there can be various reasons why you experience frizzy hair, here are some prominent causes of frizzy hair in summer.

dry hair in summer

Dry hair

No surprises here! One of the main reasons for frizzy hair is dryness and damage. Dry hair attracts moisture from the air, leading to a change in its shape. And that is what we call frizzy hair. 

For this reason, people with curly hair or chemically treated hair are more prone to frizziness.


The humidity in the environment during summer makes dry hair more frizzy. Dry cuticles attract moisture which makes them rougher and swollen.

Hot water

Hot water has the same effect as humidity on your hair. Hot water creates stress on the hair and scalp, which stimulates oil production and makes the hair frizzy. 

Harsh hair care products

Natural oils are essential for retaining moisture in the hair. But hair care products containing sulphates, silicones, and alcohol strip your hair of natural oils, and make them frizzy. Hair colours or bleaches that contain ammonia also make hair rough and frizzy.

hot shower for hair in summer

Over-washing hair

Washing your hair more than necessary will make them dry and rough. It will also make them frizzy.

Heat styling tools

It is no surprise that people who use heat-styling tools experience more frizzy hair. These tools strip the natural oils from hair, leaving them dry and unmanageable.

Now that you are aware of the causes of frizzy hair in summer, we are sure you want to know how to get rid of frizzy hair naturally.

Home remedies to treat frizzy hair in the summer 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a high amount of lauric acid, which gets absorbed quickly when applied to the hair. It adds moisture to the hair and reduces protein loss. You can use coconut-oil treatment before or after washing to tame frizzy hair during summer.

Apply a small amount of coconut oil to your hair strands before washing them. Leave it on for 30–45 minutes. Cover your hair with a shower cap or a hot towel. Rinse it off with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Alternatively, you can apply a few drops of coconut oil on slightly damp hair after washing. It will work as a leave-in conditioner. But remember not to overdo it. Otherwise, your hair will weigh down.

We recommend Coco Soul Multipurpose Oil. It contains 100% natural and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, mixed with a blend of other nourishing oils like wheat germ, rosehip, flaxseed, and shea butter. The oil gives deep conditioning and helps tame frizzy hair.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which are nourishing for hair. It also protects hair from heat. Therefore, it is beneficial for taming frizzy hair in summer. You can use a few drops of argan oil as a heat-protecting serum before styling your hair. You can also use it as an overnight treatment. Argan oil is the best answer to how to get rid of frizzy hair naturally.

coconut and avocado for frizzy hair


Avocados are rich in vitamins A and E. They are extremely conditioning for hair. You can make a hair mask using mashed avocado and coconut oil to treat frizzy hair.

Take a medium-sized avocado and mash it. Add 2–3 tablespoons of coconut oil and make a thick paste. It should have a mask-like consistency. Apply it to your hair for 20–30 minutes. Cover your hair with a cap or towel. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo and water. You can use this mask once or twice a week.

We hope this answers your question about how to get rid of frizzy hair naturally. These are some effective home remedies to treat frizzy hair during summer. However, for getting long-term healthy and frizz-free hair, you will need a change in lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes to reduce frizzy hair during summer 

Use silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases have a smooth texture and cause less friction to hair than cotton pillowcases. Plus, they have a natural cooling effect that retains moisture in your hair. So, try to replace those traditional cotton pillowcases with silk ones.

Use microfibre towels

Microfibre towels absorb excess water quickly and do not cause hair friction. Wet hair is more prone to breakage, and using a microfibre towel will help save some strands. Taking care of wet hair is the best solution to how to treat frizzy hair.

Use the right brush

Those old plastic combs are one of the major reasons for frizzy hair. Replace your plastic comb with a wide-tooth comb. It will distribute the natural oil to your hair strands, keeping them moisturised.


Maintaining healthy hair is crucial. The main reason for frizzy hair in summer is excessive heat and dryness. Avoid doing things that cause dry hair and try home remedies to shoo away the summer frizz. We hope this blog answers all your questions related to how to treat frizzy hair.

We, at Coco Soul, are striving to create the best natural products to keep you healthy. Do check our range of 100% cruelty-free and vegan products.

hair products for frizzy hair in summer

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does coconut oil help treat hair frizz? 

    Yes, coconut oil has nourishing properties that help control frizz. It is rich in lauric acid and vitamin E. Coconut oil repairs damage and restores the natural health of the hair.

  2. How to tame frizzy hair in humidity?

    You can tame frizzy hair with deep-conditioning hair treatments and oils. Products that contain vitamins A and E help tame frizzy hair in humidity. Coconut oil is the best option to tame frizzy hair.

  3. Why is my hair so frizzy in the summer?

    The excess heat and humidity in summer make the hair dry and rough. They rip the natural oils from the scalp and hair, making them frizzy. You must use nourishing hair oils to tame frizzy hair in summer.


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