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How to prevent split ends during summer?

Split ends are common problems for many women especially if you have long hair. As the dry season comes in, your hair becomes more prone to damage. Split ends can result in frizzy-looking hair, rough hair, and overall more breakage of hair. It’s a serious problem and you need to know the real split end reasons so that you can control them!

For all those who are dreading summer hair problems, there are plenty of solutions that can help you. In this blog, we will look at what are split ends and how they can become worse. Therefore, we will be able to come up with strong solutions to help you deal with them smartly without hustling too hard.

split end during summer

What are the common reasons for split ends?

While daily wear and tear will always result in weakening your hair shaft, your natural hair is generally able to recover. However, if this wear and tear increases, your hair can lose the protective layer. This is what leads to split ends eventually. So, what are split ends? A split end is a splintered hair that is damaged due to multiple reasons. 

Check below to find out major split end reasons-

  1. Heat treatments- Drying out your hair can take away the nutrients and leave your hair dry and weak.
  2. Too much combing- Grooming your hair once or twice a day is good but combing or brushing too much will cause damage.
  3. Chemical processing- Hair treatments like colouring again disrupts the normal life cycle of hair and results in split ends.

Do split ends become worse in the summer? Why?

Heat is one of the major split end reasons. And naturally, summer hair problems are quite difficult to cope with. 

In summer, your hair can easily become dry and get prone to split ends. They lose a lot of moisture and even in humid conditions, become prone to wear and tear. The Sun's strong rays are also causing further damage on top of it.

What to do to prevent split ends?

Now that you know what split ends are, you might be interested in how to treat split naturally. What to do for split ends and is there any permanent solution to it?

The good news is yes! There are plenty of ways that you can prevent split ends and let your hair grow and flow naturally. By a combination of good hair habits and regular hair care rituals, you can end the trauma of summer hair problems every year. Go through all the steps below to get the best hair ever.

combing hair with split ends
  • Be gentle on your hair after washing 
  • While we love our hair so much, we forget that we also need to be gentle and kind to our hair and scalp! So, you must treat them real good after every wash and every hair treatment. Instead of rubbing them vigorously to dry them out, you can use a clean towel to blot dry. Yes, it’s time-consuming but it will prevent a lot of damage. 

    For washing, you must always avoid a hot shower. Go for lukewarm water instead. After washing, you must detangle your hair so that your comb can easily move across the strands while grooming. Be careful not to brush too much!

    If you are looking for the best shampoo for split ends, try the Coco Soul organic shampoo with coconut oil and ayurvedic ingredients.

  • Moisturise your hair
  • Hydration is the key to healthy hair. While you should definitely drink a lot of water to stay hydrated from the inside, take the time to provide some superfood to your hair. This could be a hair spa, hair conditioning treatment, or a weekly hair mask. This will not only reduce split ends but also help in shiny and softer hair.

    You can also use ingredients like aloe vera, honey, olive oil, bananas, and coconut oil for the regular treatment of your hair. Products like mayonnaise, egg mask, and beer can also be used to treat your hair DIY style.

    Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. The Coco Soul natural conditioner is the best conditioner for split ends to help you detangle and moisturise your hair.

    how to treat split ends naturally
  • Keep a long gap between treatments
  • We understand you love colouring your hair or getting it permed every month. But you have to keep a limit if you want to avoid split ends and further damage. We are not telling you to stop treatments completely but keep a gap of at least 8 to 10 weeks. This way your hair will have ample time to recover from damage.

    Get your hair trimmed at regular intervals so that your split ends can be removed as soon as they start developing.


    So now that you know all about what split ends are and how to treat split ends naturally, you can be super-confident of your hair in any season. Get the best shampoo for split ends that does not strip your hair of moisture and the best conditioner for split ends will further nourish it.

    Try the Coco Soul Hair Care Combo infused with natural ingredients like hibiscus, neem oil, and aloe vera. Coco Soul is a unique beauty brand that helps to solve your beauty problems by understanding the root causes. 

    You can try the haircare range by Coco Soul as your regular shampoos to have the best hair all year long. No split ends or dry hair ever!


    1. How can I stop my hair from splitting naturally?

      Avoid rubbing your hair too much or combing too many times. Protect your hair from heat and friction. Keep gaps between your hair treatments. Try not to blow-dry and always use a clean towel to blot dry as much as possible.

    2. What are split ends and what happens if split ends are not cut?

      Split ends are splintered hair tips. If you do not cut your split ends, they will work up their way. They can lead to frizzy hair and a lot of hair breakage. They will definitely make your hair look and feel rough. Eventually, it would become very difficult for you to style your hair at all.

    3. Which oil is best for split ends?

      Oil treatment is excellent to treat split ends as they help in hydrating and providing nutrients. Castor oil and coconut oil are the top recommendations but you can also try neem oil, almond oil, and bhringraj.


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