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Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems in this fast-paced life. It can unnerve you and spoil your dream of beautiful luxurious hair. But hair loss could result from your wrongdoings too. It could be the product you choose or the way you handle your hair. Which is why it is essential to know what is hair loss and what you should do if you are suffering from it.

One can easily get confused between hair loss and hair fall. And for effective treatment of hair loss, knowing the difference between the two is important. A person usually loses 80-100 strands of hair every day, and that is normal. But when this number increases or you find more hair on the pillow, comb and in your bathroom, you might be suffering from hair fall. On the other hand, in hair loss, there is a permanent loss of hair from the scalp causing thinning of hair or balding.

What causes hair loss?

There are many causes of hair loss. Therefore, before questioninghow to stop hair fall', it would be better if you can identify your specific reason for hair loss. Scientifically called as alopecia, hair loss can be caused due to your pregnancy, medical conditions, and specific medications and supplements. It can also be caused due to faulty hairstyles or hair treatments and due to improper lifestyle, excessive stress and physiological reasons. Moreover, if your family has a tendency of baldness or thinning hair, you could suffer from hair loss too. However, timely identification of the issue and taking steps to prevent it can stop hair loss. To learn more about the causes, head over to our blog on the causes of hair fall.

How to stop hair loss?

1. Choose the right product

Using the wrong hair products is one of the major causes of hair loss. While your shampoo and conditioner should suit your hair type and scalp, it should be mild and nourishing. However, often this is not enough, as chemical infused hair products can also be detrimental for your hair's health. As chemicals are harsh, they can harm your scalp and make your hair dry and weak leading to hair loss.

The best hair loss solution? Switch to natural products. Natural hair shampoos are made from plant-based ingredients that nurture your scalp and do not cause any harmful effects. You can make natural shampoos in your home with plant-based ingredients like hibiscus, aloe vera and amla. However, for that, you need to be well versed with the accurate process and it can be messy too. Instead, you can look for brands that believe in the potency of natural herbs and prepare products that are pure, natural and highly effective. Just like Coco Soul. Coco Soul is a natural skincare and haircare brand that believes in nature's goodness.

Its products are created with a belief that mother nature has the solution to all your hair woes and so uses the secrets of ancient Ayurveda to make the following cleanser and conditioner.

Coco Soul Hair & Scalp Cleanser Made with the purest of ingredients, this natural shampoo is created with Ayurvedic herbs and virgin coconut oil in its core. It gently washes off the dirt and pollution, balances scalp oil, unclogs hair follicles and strengthens your hair roots. Its natural ingredients make your scalp clean, it also makes your hair soft, bouncy and manageable. It contains Ayurvedic ingredients like:

  • Virgin coconut oil - Loaded with good fats and antioxidants, it nurtures the scalp and roots and moisturizes your hair strand
  • Godapara - An organic herb, it soothes the itchy and flaky scalp and strengthens the hair
  • Kikirindiya - It boosts blood circulation in the scalp, treats dandruff and hair fall and promotes hair growth
  • Virgin coconut oil - Called elixir in Ayurveda, it penetrates hair strands to nurture it and repairs hair damage
  • Hibiscus - An effective ingredient against hair loss, it strengthens hair roots and encourages natural hair growth
  • Lunuwila - A rare herb, it repairs hair damage, prevents premature greying and reduces split ends

2. Nourish your hair

Dry scalp and dehydrated hair is also a common cause of hair loss. Which is why regular oil massage has been considered necessary for beautiful hair. It is best to warm the oil before you apply it in your hair. Take a cup of natural oils like almond, olive or coconut oil and heat it till it becomes warm. Now gently massage it in your scalp with your fingertips. Use this method for hair growth at least once a week. Hair oil massage will nourish and boost the blood circulation in your scalp that would stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

3. Find the underlying cause

Before you wonder how to prevent hair loss, try to understand its real reason. While improper shampooing, exposing your hair to sun and dust, etc., is a common cause for hair loss, there are many underlying reasons for hair loss too. For example, if you do not treat dandruff, all other tricks to prevent hair loss could turn futile. Similarly, it is important to take treatment for reasons like hormonal imbalance, and infections in the scalp to stop hair loss. If you are suffering from hair loss for a significantly long time, it would be best to consult a dermatologist to know the actual reasons and take medications for it.

How to prevent hair loss?

1. Shower the right way

It all starts in the shower! While using natural hair care products is crucial, you need to use them in the right manner too. You should always dilute your shampoo with water while washing your hair and massage the cleanser gently with your fingers. To prevent hair loss, avoid digging your nails in the scalp, scrubbing your hair aggressively or using a harsh towel for drying the wet hair as it can weaken the roots. Also, always wash your hair with warm water.

2. Be gentle on your hair

If you are looking for a hair loss solution, reconsider the ways you style your hair. Avoid getting tight updos or buns that put a strain on the hair roots. Protect your hair against harsh winter winds and direct sunlight. Reduce the usage of heat styling products, like straightener or curler on your hair as it makes them dry and dehydrated causing hair fall. Also, avoid getting any chemical treatment on your hair that can further cause breakage.

3. Pay attention to your diet

Often your lifestyle choices are a hidden reason for hair loss. Improper diet, incomplete sleep and stress are few important ones. While incomplete sleep can cause fatigue and weakness, it can also change your hormonal patterns causing balding and thinning of hair. Moreover, stress coupled with improper diet is a significant reason people suffer from hair loss. Try intaking a balanced diet and including leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Earring Curry leaves in your food has been known to boost hair growth. Also, try reducing the stress levels to avoid hair loss. You can practise meditation, yoga and mindfulness to relax your nerves and reduce tensions.

Hair loss is a very common problem that can make you worried if you do not treat it on time. While it is necessary to recheck your hair products, it is also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding harsh chemicals based products like hair spray or hair colour can also help you prevent hair loss and make it healthy over a prolonged period. You can also treat your hair with a homemade nourishing mask to further strengthen the roots and boost hair growth.

For natural hair care, head over to Coco Soul website and shop for chemical-free hair products here.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Prevent Hair Loss

1. How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

You can stop hair loss by using natural products and identifying the underlying cause. For regrowth of hair, oil massage, a balanced diet and stress-free lifestyle would help.

2. What is the best hair loss treatment?

The best natural hair loss treatment is a hot oil massage that would strengthen and nourish your hair follicles.

3. How can I stop my hair loss?

Use natural products, avoid hair treatments and harsh chemicals and take a balanced diet to stop hair loss.

4. How can I stop my hair fall immediately?

You can stop hair fall immediately by switching your chemical products into the natural one and treating your hair to a nourishing hair mask and hot oil massage.

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