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Tips to Deal with Sweaty Hair in Summer

The heat and humidity of the summer cause us all to experience many common hair problems. One of the most disgusting and irritating of those is the sweaty scalp issue. We face other troubles like dandruff, oily hair, sweaty bangs and itchy scalp when sweating, which make our hair look messy and unmanageable. We all know the feeling that arises after spending a few minutes outside in the hot sun or a humid environment. Our scalp starts dripping sweat through our temples, all the way down to the ends.

Even after regular showers and shampooing, our scalp tends to get oily and greasy due to summer sweat. So, is sweat good for hair? No way! The scalp sweating makes the hair quality very poor. It gets the hair dirty and sticky, with an itchy scalp and fungi build-up in the hair. The other factor that adds to the issue is over-shampooing with chemical-induced shampoos. These shampoos strip the natural oils from the scalp, leaving the scalp producing more oil and sebum in order to compensate.

So, to prevent sweaty hair in summer, we bring you some amazing tips and tricks that would work wonders. You'll also learn how to tackle and even how to stop sweating in your hair.

sweaty hair in summer

Tips to prevent sweaty hair in summer

As summer brings in a lot of humidity in the environment, it makes our scalp itchy and our hair very sweaty, oily and messy. However, you can help prevent sweaty hair in summer with these incredibly simple tips. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best tips and tricks on how to remove sweat from hair and how to stop sweating in your hair, which leads to an itchy scalp when sweating in summer!

Wash your Hair Thrice a Week

It is very common for women to wash their hair daily in order to get rid of that sweaty scalp feeling. However, you should know that washing your hair daily strips off all the natural oil from the scalp that it requires for hydration and strength. When all the natural oil is stripped off from the hair, the scalp becomes really dry, and then it produces even more oil and sebum to fill the gap. It leads to more sweating and oiliness in the scalp.

So, the key to a fresh and clean scalp is to only wash your hair thrice a week. Massage the scalp with chemical-free shampoos that are herbal and have no sulphates or parabens
. You can use the Coco Soul Shampoo, which has 100% natural and vegan herbal ingredients like Godapara and Kikirindiya to fight sweaty hair and itchy scalp. 

dry shampoo for sweaty hair

Use Dry shampoo

Sometimes, we all are in a hurry to leave for the office, event, or even make breakfast. Washing the hair is not feasible in times like these, especially when we have to rush to a party or attend a special occasion. Dry shampoo is the saviour in moments like these. It is convenient to get clean, fresh, and great hair.

Dry shampoo has a formula that soaks up all the sweat and grease from the scalp and makes it fresh and oil-free. Dry shampoo is a quick fix for your sweaty hair. You can apply the dry shampoo directly by spraying it on the roots of the hair and length.

Give Your Scalp Apple cider rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar is a magic potion for both hair and skin. It works wonders for hair issues. It’s a natural astringent that cleanses the scalp deeply and removes all the dirt from the roots and hair follicles. Its antifungal and antioxidant properties help fight the bacteria build-up in the sweaty scalp and provide strength to the roots to prevent breakage. Rinsing the hair with one cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with two cups of water cleanses all the sweat and excess oil from the hair and restores the hair nutrients to promote healthy hair.

rose water rinse for sweaty hair

Give Your Hair Rose Water Rinse

Sweating is not good for your hair also as it is the main culprit for hair smelling bad in the summer. When we sweat a lot, the scalp becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which leads to a pungent smell. So, after washing your hair with a mild shampoo, rinse it in the end with rose water to prevent bad odour and make the hair smell like roses. Rosewater is also a natural astringent, so it cleans the scalp and helps maintain the pH balance.


  1. What ingredient can I use to absorb the scalp oil?

    You can use herbal shampoos or apple cider vinegar to rinse extremely oily scalp. Just take two cups of apple cider vinegar, and mix it with a cup of water to massage the hair roots. Rinse the hair with the potion. You can also use a hair mask made with fuller’s earth weekly to soak up the excess sweat from the scalp.

  2. Are UV rays in summer harmful to the hair?

    Yes. Sun rays are very strong in summer, and they emit harsh UV rays, affecting our skin and hair. Sun rays damage the hair quality, dry it out, make it frizzy and brittle. It is best to cover your hair with a scarf or a hat when outside.

  3. Is sweat good for hair?

    A minimal amount of sweat is good for hair type which is dehydrated as it provides moisture to dry scalp, but excessive sweat is not good for your hair as it leads to many issues like oily hair, greasy scalp, dandruff, bad smell, etc. So, more than enough sweat is not good for your hair for a normal scalp.


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