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The Link Between Thyroid And Hair Loss In Women

Are you experiencing increased hair fall? While a minimal amount of hair loss is natural, excessive hair loss can be a warning sign for an underlying health condition. For instance, if your hair loss is accompanied by symptoms like exhaustion, weight loss, dry and dull hair, chances are that your thyroid and hair loss are linked to one another. A large number of young women experience hair loss due to thyroid. While experiencing thyroid hair loss, females can also have low self-esteem. We’re here to help you with the right remedies.

How Is Thyroid Linked To Hair Loss?

For women experiencing an imbalance of thyroid, hair loss is common. But how is thyroid in females linked to hair loss, you ask? To understand the effect of the thyroid glands on your hair health, let’s first try to understand what thyroid imbalance means. 

Thyroid imbalance occurs when your thyroid gland either doesn’t produce enough or produces too much of certain hormones. Hypothyroidism can result from an underactive thyroid gland. For women experiencing hypothyroidism, hair loss is a common symptom. Other symptoms include weight gain and fatigue. Hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, is a result of an overactive thyroid.

We all lose hair on a daily basis. Normally this hair is replaced with new ones over time. However, if you experience an imbalance of thyroid, hair loss can be much more severe and long-lasting. For people experiencing either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, hair loss can be severe if it goes untreated. Thyroid imbalance affects the development of hair at the roots. As a result, hair falls out and may not be replaced by new growth.

Symptoms of Thyroid-Related Hair Loss

Are you wondering how to tell if your hair loss is specifically due to a thyroid imbalance? Watch out for these signs:

  • Hair loss in discrete areas of the scalp, causing smooth, circular patches of baldness
  • In the case of hypothyroidism, hair loss occurs on the outer edges of your eyebrows
  • A constant feeling of exhaustion despite eight hours of sleep 
  • Thyroid in females can also affect your metabolism

 Medications For Thyroid-Related Hair Loss

Mild forms of thyroid in females are usually manageable and don’t always lead to thinning hair. However, if you experience severe hair loss due to thyroid, you should consult your doctor and start treatment early. 

DIY Hacks To Treat Thyroid-Related Hair Loss

While experiencing thyroid hair loss, females can feel a lot of stress. However, just like everything, there’s a natural solution to this as well. We’ve put together some home remedies that you can try to slow down hair loss and regenerate hair growth-

  1. Incorporate Ashwagandha into your diet- Ashwagandha is a wonderful herb with ayurvedic properties. Along with supporting thyroid hormone production, it also works on balancing the endocrine system. You can try to drink ashwagandha herbal tea to combat thyroid related hair loss.

  2. Use pure coconut oil-  From preserving moisture to protecting you from hair loss, pure coconut oil has many benefits. When suffering from thyroid hair loss, females often notice thinning of hair strands and loss of volume. The Coco Soul Virgin Coconut Oil is a nice option to try. It contains virgin coconut oil, which promotes cellular repair and hair growth. Apart from being a superfood while cooking, this oil is manufactured in the most sustainable manner. It is also chemical-free and nourishing.

  3. Treat nutritional deficiencies- If you have a nutritional deficiency along with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, hair loss can become significantly worse. According to an article in Healthline, deficiency of vitamins B-7 (biotin) and B complex, zinc, or iron can make hair loss more severe. A multivitamin tablet may help boost your nutrition. However, taking too many supplements may have other side effects.

Other Tips To Prevent Thyroid-related Hair Loss

If you are dealing with thyroid, hair loss can be common. However, with a few easy tips and hacks, a minimal amount of hair loss can be easily managed. These include:

  • Treating your hair gently to avoid breakage. This means you should avoid hairstyles such as tight buns and hair braids. 
  • Making necessary tweaks in your lifestyle and diet will also go a long way to treat hair loss due to thyroid imbalance. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to know if you are losing hair due to thyroid?

    Thyroid and hair loss are more connected than you might think. If you experience other symptoms related to the thyroid gland such as fatigue, weight loss, and slowed metabolism, along with hair loss, you may be experiencing thyroid-related hair loss. Whether you are suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, hair loss can easily be managed by following a few simple steps that we have covered for you.

  2. Does high thyroid cause hair loss?

    If you suffer from hyperthyroidism, hair loss can be very intense. However, you can easily solve these problems by making use of a number of treatments including the home remedies mentioned above.

  3. What are the symptoms of thyroid problems in females?

    If you experience an imbalance of thyroid, hair loss might become severe. You can also look for other signs and symptoms such as slowed metabolism, sudden weight loss, and hair loss from eyebrows.

    Now that you know all about thyroid-related hair loss, you can change your hair care routine to repair hair damage and prevent hair fall. However, before you try to treat your hair loss at home, make sure to consult a medical professional. Hair loss may also be the symptom of another underlying health condition. But don’t worry, with proper treatment, you might be able to see actual results soon. 


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