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What Is A Cleansing Balm And How To Use It?

Have you ever used a buttery textured cream,which feels like a warm embrace for your skin? This is what a cleansing balm feels like. Being an oil-based cleanser, it melts into your skin easily and the emollient compounds in the balm help remove makeup, dirt, sunscreen, sweat, excess oil, and other particles that may accumulate in the skin on your face. Although a cleansing balm is ideal for dry and sensitive skin types, a natural cleansing balm can help nourish and replenish any skin type.

Woman Using Cleansing Balm

What Is A Cleansing Balm?

Typically known for its buttery texture and quick absorption formula, a cleansing balm is a rich cream that helps remove your makeup, dirt, impurities, and other particles from your skin. Since these are oil-based emollients, they are made using natural ingredients to avoid irritating your skin. They break down the particles in order to remove them, with the goal to BB , hydrate, nourish, and effectively cleanse your skin. 

The best cleansing balm is one that’s hydrating and moisturising, making it the perfect addition to your night-time skincare routine. After all, at the end of the day, you want to use a cream that can slide off the day’s makeup and dirt easily, and leave your skin smelling amazing, feeling soft, and absolutely clean!

Woman Using Balm On Lips

Who Should Use A Cleansing Balm?

A cleansing balm can nourish and clean your skin, no matter what your skin type is. If you are someone who has dry or sensitive skin, this balm can especially help – and feel like a hug when you apply it at night! This is because they softly soothe the skin, and gently nourish it. Infused with oils, it is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin concerns. Contrary to popular belief, people with oily skin type can also benefit from a cleansing balm. The emollient balm can remove the excess oil from the already oily skin, especially if it is a hydration-boosting cleansing balm.

When the cleansing balm is formulated with hydrating agents like coconut based oil, the skin will benefit from  optimal nourishment with a balance between water and moisture. This is also what makes it the go-to option for makeup removal. With every good cleanse, you’ll see smoother, softer skin looking back at you in the mirror.

How To Use Cleansing Balm 

What is a cleansing balm used for? Considered to be a ‘solid’ form of a cleansing oil, they are super-moisturising cleansers, generally made with butters or coconut oil. This is how they can hydrate as well as moisturise your skin, without making it too oily or drying it out. A cleansing balm is most commonly used as a makeup remover, but depending on the rich formulation of each balm, it can serve a variety of purposes. 

A golden example of this multitasking effectiveness is seen in Coco Soul’s pure coconut and coconut based oil-infused Melt-in Balm. It is immensely hydrating, and works like magic. Made with 100% unrefined coconut oil, it is a non-greasy and quick absorbing balm. A versatile product for your skin and hair, here’s how you can use it:

Cleansing Balm


  • As a full body moisturiser: Apply the Coco Soul Melt-in Balm on damp skin to lock in the moisture, melt away impurities and deeply moisturise your body from head to toe.
  • To deeply cleanse your hair: To nourish and hydrate dry and brittle hair, coat your unwashed hair with Coco Soul Melt-in Balm from root to tip and leave it on for 60 minutes. Now, wash it off with a mild shampoo.
  • As a makeup remover: To remove your makeup with the toxin-free Coco Soul Melt-in Balm, swab some of the balm onto a cotton ball and gently wipe or cleanse the makeup away.
  • As a baby massage oil: Take some of the 100% pure coconut infused Coco Soul Melt-in Balm and gently apply it on your baby's skin for a safe and soothing massage.

Nourishment packed in a jar, right? It melts into your skin as soon as you apply it! 

Closeup Of Cleansing Balm Swatch

How Often Should I Use It?

As mentioned above in the routine, here’s when to use a cleansing balm for best results – in the morning, during your steps of moisturising your body, and at night, to remove your makeup or cleanse your skin. You can also use it before your shampooing  on wash day. Make this a part of your routine by applying it to your skin and hair as and when required, owing to its versatility.

Now that you know the many methods of application, ingredients, and benefits of a natural cleansing balm, you can set sail towards a more organic and sustainable way of life. Head on to Coco Soul to include the best cleansing balm out there into your daily skin care and hair care routines, and witness results that stun you and your friends. You can also learn how to use a cleansing balm in the monsoon.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cleansing Balms (FAQs) 

  1. How do you use cleansing balm?

    The best way to use a cleansing balm is to swipe off your makeup or dirt residue from the face, at the end of the day. Using a natural cleansing balm like the Coco Soul Melt-in Balm allows the natural oils from your skin to be retained and not get stripped away. During your night routine, apply it for 20 minutes like a mask over your face and wash it off with warm water.

  2. Why should you use a cleansing balm?

    The rich formulation of a cleansing balm imparts the much-needed emollient nourishment to your skin. It cleanses your skin without drying it out, which makes it the perfect option for a deep clean of your face before you go to sleep.

  3. Is cleansing balm the same as face wash?

    A face cleanser or face wash is one that lightly foams, cleanses and hydrates your skin. The balmy texture of a cleansing balm, on the other hand, is extra moisturising for your face. When looking for the best cleansing balm, you look for one that is 100% natural, organic, paraben-free, and your nightly dose of nourishment – try Coco Soul’s pure coconut infused Melt-in Balm. It may just become your favourite!


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