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3 Lesser-Known Benefits And Ways Of Using Cleansing Balms

Not a fan of jelly formulations, or thick creams? The hydrating composition of a moisturising melt balm can come to your rescue, to cleanse your skin and hair.  A cleansing balm, which works wonders as a hair mask and can be your daily makeup remover balm, is ‘just-right’ for cleansing all skin types. It is a solidified, yet lightweight texture that softens your skin and nourishes it. 

Coconut & Coconut Cream in a bottle

What Is A Cleansing Balm?

A cleansing balm is what saves you from bacteria clogging your pores, free radicals causing skin damage, and signs of ageing showing on your skin. It is your all-in-one skin, hair, and makeup cleansing solution. Here’s how:

  • Skin cleansing balm: Butters, waxes, oils, and emollients like coconut oil make up the formulation of a cleansing balm. This helps nourish your skin, replenish it, and hydrate it as well. While removing the makeup, dirt, impurities, and sunscreen from your skin, it also removes the excess oil to give you balanced and healthy skin.
  • Hair cleansing balm: A gentle cleanser for your hair, using a cleansing balm in your hair care routine can clean, condition, treat, detangle, soften, and add lustre to your hair. Its rich formulation and creamy texture allows it to deeply condition your hair, if you keep it on your hair for three to five minutes and  later rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Makeup cleansing balm: Using a cleansing balm as a makeup remover allows your skin to be cleansed extremely well, without making your skin dry. The makeup is swiped off as the nourishment of the balm is absorbed by your skin, leaving you with clean, soft, and healthy skin.
    Closeup Of Cleansing Balm

Benefits Of Using A Cleansing Balm

Benefits of a cleansing balm for dry skin

  • The balm is a rich and creamy textured cleanser, which softens your skin and nourishes it without drying it out.
  • Made with emollients like coconut oil, and butters, a cleansing balm is made to moisturise your skin, while cleansing away the dirt, impurities, and makeup from your skin.

Benefits of a cleansing balm for oily skin (or combination skin)

  • Just like a light-weight face cream, a cleansing balm is gentle on your skin, except it effectively cleans away the excess oil and bacteria from your face.
  • Balance the oil and water content in your skin with a hydration-boosting cleansing balm, as the formulation melts into your skin, nourishing it, and hydrating it.

Benefits of a cleansing balm for acne prone skin

  • For people with sensitive skin, this one is for you. A cleansing balm is generally made up of natural ingredients like waxes, oils, and butters, which make it ideal for your skin. 
  • Since cleansing balms are free from artificial fragrances, chemicals, and alcohol, they reduce the chances of acne breakouts. They gently and swiftly buff away excess oil and particles.
Girl With Smooth Skin

How Should You Include Cleansing Balm In Your Skin Care Routine

To make it easier for you to experience the benefits of a cleansing balm, we have found different ways you can incorporate it into your skin care routine. Based on your skin type, you can choose to apply the balm and double cleanse your skin. A great option for a cleansing balm is the Coco Soul Melt-in Balm, which is ideal for all skin types.

Melt Balm


Made with pure tender coconut and coconut  based oil, the balm is 100% organic, vegan, and inspired by nature. It is guided by the wisdom of ancient ayurveda, and is just what your skin needs for a rejuvenating experience. Here’s how you can use it, depending on your skin type:

Using a cleansing balm for dry skin

  • Scoop out a dollop of the cleansing balm into your palms, and massage it into your skin for 30 to 60 seconds. You’ll see the balm melt into your skin almost instantly!
  • Follow this up with a DIY lavender-honey face wash. Honey is your go-to natural ingredient to remove excess oil and clean your pores, while lavender calms and soothes your skin. Here are some more tips on how to use a melt balm for dry skin!

Using a cleansing balm for oily skin (or combination skin)

  • Take some cleansing balm into your palms, and gently massage it into your skin. You’ll notice it hydrating your skin instantly, and a coolness taking over.
  • Follow this up with a natural face wash like Coco Soul’s Revitalising Face CleanserInfused with neem, gotukola, and coconut based oil, it ensures your skin is double cleansed! The gel-based cleanser helps give you balanced and radiant skin.

Using a cleansing balm for acne prone skin

  • Apply the cleansing balm onto your skin, especially on the patches that are prone to acne. You will feel the rejuvenation of your skin as the balm melts into your skin.
  • Follow this up with a DIY honey-aloe vera face wash. Aloe is rich in antioxidants, and soothes your skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Difference Between Cleaning With Cleansing Balm And Face Wash 

Can your face wash work as effectively as a cleansing or makeup remover balm? The moisturising emollients in a cleansing balm cannot be found in the same capacity in a face wash. However, the two products can be used together to give your face a double cleanse.

The cleansing balm removes the dirt, impurities, makeup, excess oil, and sunscreen from your face.  The nourishment from the oils, butters, and waxes is the moisturisation your skin needs to stay soft, smooth, and supple. A natural face wash, on the other hand, helps in cleansing your pores, by hydrating your skin and gently washing away any residue that  your cleansing balm couldn’t remove.

Coco Soul’s pure coconut-infused Melt-in Balm and neem-infused Face Cleanser are your ideal combo to give this a try. When the result is glowing, blemish-free skin, you will begin to swear by natural ingredients and ayurvedic wisdom! Head on to Coco Soul’s website for more nature-inspired skin care, along with natural hair care fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cleansing Balm Benefits (FAQs) 

  1. Is it good to use cleansing balm?

    Whether you use it to clean away the dirt from your face after a long day, or as a daily makeup cleansing balm, this product is rich in natural oils that prevent clogged pores, and deep clean your face. Choosing to use a cleansing balm every night ensures a gentle hydrating moisturisation for your face on a daily basis.

  2. What do you use cleansing balm for?

    With a rich, luxurious, and balmy texture, a cleansing balm helps remove the dirt, makeup residue, and other impurities from the face by melting them away. It deeply cleanses your skin, without drying it out, and in fact, moisturising it even more.

  3. What do you use after a cleansing balm at night?

    At night, after you use a makeup cleansing balm, you can use a lightly foaming cleanser like Coco Soul’s Natural Face Wash to double cleanse your face. Finish off this routine with a toner, serum, and finally, a moisturiser.


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