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Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Wedding Day Beauty Kit Which Keeps You Well-Prepared Ahead Of The D-Day

Your wedding day jitters are just one tiny element of the anxiety you feel as a bride-to-be. You’re going to be the center of everyone’s attention – guests, family, friends, photographers, and you want to look your best. It is time to put this anxiety to rest with glowing skin for the win, and tresses to complement your beautiful dresses! In this guide, we’ve rounded up a with a kit of nature-inspired essentials to help your bridal skin care and bridal hair care routines.

How To Prep Your Skin For The Wedding Day Glow

Before we look at the kits, routines, or tips, let’s talk about the glass-like glow every bride strives to achieve. Is it possible to achieve this kind of skin overnight? Not really – it takes months of diligent self-care, and self-love. Here are some easy-to-follow bride-to-be skin care tips to get that everlasting glow and a dreamy complexion.

Your skin on the outside reflects what is on the inside, so feed it well. Here is a quick plan to get you started:

  1. We all love our carbs like bread, cheese and rice, and sugary foods. If you’re  a bride-to-be, avoid them as they can increase your sugar levels. It can also  make your body release insulin, which produces more oil and triggers acne.

  2. Say no to those stress-time munchies and junk food like chocolate, wafers, chips, ice cream, and aerated drinks. Your body will thank you for minimal bloating, and zero breakouts!

  3. When you choose the ingredients in your skin care carefully, make sure to add those leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and protein in your diet.

  4. Coconut water, lemon juice, and green tea are rich in antioxidants.
    Hydrate daily with these potent drinks to give your skin an effortless glow.

  5. A major superfood for your skin is a daily cooking essential – oil. Try out the Coco Soul Edible Virgin King Coconut Oil. It is extracted from freshly harvested coconut farms in India and is 100% pure, natural, and unrefined. Use it as a salad dressing, or while cooking your nutrient-rich meals.

Ultimate Combo Kits For Bridal Beauty Care

Your bridal glow is incomplete without a skin that reflects your inner beauty, and hair that carries you with confidence. When you go looking for products to prep your skin and hair a few months before the wedding, you are bound to feel overwhelmed. Choosing nature-inspired beauty keeps your skin safe from chemicals and other toxic ingredients. We have some of the best kits for your natural bridal beauty care. These ayurvedic healing ingredients compensate for the styling products in your bridal skin and bridal hair care routines on D-day!

  1. Same gorgeous hair – New wedding locks!

    Luscious locks with the ultimate hair care combo: Embarking on a hair care journey is easier said than done and most of us learn it the hard way, after going through bottles of shampoos only to be introduced to more chemicals. The easiest hair care routine that you can immediately hop on to is the one that includes a natural hair cleanser and an  organic, and moisturising conditioner.
    Bride With Beautiful Hair

    Cleansing your scalp will help remove any product build-up, dead skin, dandruff, flaky scalp and more. The Coco Soul Hair Cleanser is a silicone-free shampoo, made with the goodness of Ayurvedic essentials like bhringraj, methi, and virgin coconut oil. A good hair wash with this 100% pure, vegan, cruelty-free shampoo will give you a clean scalp, without stripping your hair off its natural moisture.

    After shampooing, you will want to lock in all the goodness with a conditioner. The Coco Soul Hair Conditioner helps intensely moisturise your hair, reduce frizz, add shine, and detangle your strands better. It is a Made Safe certified concoction, free from animal cruelty, and powered with herbs like hibiscus and brahmi. The virgin coconut oil in this conditioner makes it the ideal hair moisturiser for a bride-to-be.
    Timeline: One month before D-day
  2. Same beautiful skin – New wedding glow!

    Daily moisturisation with the ultimate body care combo: Moisturising, if done correctly and every day for two months, is bound to result in even-toned, clear, and glowing skin on your special day! For this step, you can try these natural, chemical-free products from Coco Soul that are your lightweight genies in two bottles!

    A shower gel can not only cleanse your body but can also help you set the mood right for the day ahead. The Coco Soul Revitalising Shower Gel with turmeric, gotukola, and virgin coconut oil is a bottle of mild fragrant magic! A mood-lifting shower can leave a fresh feel on your skin, and the herbal fragrance that lingers on through the day rejuvenates your senses and keeps you going from AM to PM. It is free from chemicals, parabens, and silicone, and certified by Made Safe – so your skin is in safe hands.

    To lock in all the amazing benefits of the shower gel, you need a nourishing body lotion that will enhance your ]body care routine. The Coco Soul Natural Body Lotion is curated with Ayurvedic ingredients like sandalwood and welmi, and the goodness of virgin king coconut oil – the perfect mix for smooth, soft, and supple skin.
    Timeline: Two months before D-day
  3. Same beautiful face – New wedding visage!

    Glass-like glow with the ultimate face care combo: Choosing chemical-free, vegan, and natural skin care products is how you achieve supple, soft, and glowing skin.

    Revitalise your skin with every wash when you use Coco Soul’s Natural Face Cleanser. It is an Ayurvedic gift, packed with virgin king coconut oil, gotukola, and neem. Infused with nature's most effective herbs, this face wash is a perfect cleanser to get rid of impurities and acne-causing germs. Daily use of this face wash will leave you with fresh, radiant, and glowing skin.

    Follow this step with a gentle exfoliator. You can try the Coco Soul Exfoliating Face Scrub that is rich in virgin king coconut oil, venivel, and sandalwood. It feels like a soothing kiss on your skin. The mix of natural Ayurvedic herbs enriched with healing properties, unclog your pores, and remove the build-up of dirt and impurities. Using the scrub regularly will give you blemish-free, clear, and even-toned skin.

    Timeline: One month before D-day

  4. Same beautiful hand-and-feet – New wedding mani-pedi spree!

    Mani-pedi fix with hand and foot care combo: Happy, pretty feet and gorgeous hands, right before the wedding bells ring, is essential for the bride-to-be. You want your henna to catch everyone’s attention and no better way than this, to enhance the designs. A few days before the wedding, indulge in nourishing, natural creams to pamper yourself and take away the stress.

    The skin on our hands ages as fast as the skin on our face, which is why it's even more important to grab that bottle of hand cream right now. After a day of working, typing, eating, washing, cooking, and more, your hands get dry and lose moisture. Therefore, using a good hydrating hand cream will help keep your hands soft and supple. The Coco Soul Hand and Nail Cream is rich in Indian rose chestnut, vetiver, and virgin coconut oil, giving you evenly toned, radiant, and supple hand skin!

    Just like dry hands, our feet can also get sore, cracked, and dry. So, while taking care of your hands, do give some attention to those pretty heels. For someone who is always on their feet, you should care for it equally. Apart from monthly pedicures, you need to use skincare essentials that take care of your feet in the long run.

    If you have sore feet or have calluses, add foot creams in your daily skincare essentials that will keep your feet healthy, radiant, and free from cracked heels. Invest in the Coco Soul Foot Cream’s magic, which is a mix of peppermint, neem, and virgin coconut oil. The minty fragrance and anti-inflammatory cream is all your feet will need!

    Timeline: One week before D-day

Wedding Day Beauty Routine For Glowing Skin

You now have the products and kits to make your skin glow and your hair flow as beautifully as you are. Here’s a bridal skin care routine to help you elevate your look and use the skincare kits and products with maximum efficacy! If you’re still confused about your wedding day look, you can also take some inspiration straight from bollywood and recreate Alia Bhatt’s wedding day look on your big day!

Bride With Beautiful Skin


Frequently Asked Questions on Bridal Skin Care (FAQs)

  1. Which facial kit is best for the wedding?

    Your skincare kit must include a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, hand cream, foot cream, and exfoliator. This is helpful before your wedding or even on D-day for that beautiful bridal glow.
  2. How can I make my skin glow on wedding day?

    Although wedding day skin care essentials, like the ones listed above, are a great natural fix to achieving flawless skin – your diet and lifestyle contribute to this glow too. Follow a routine that helps your health, skin, and hair feel nourished, hydrated, and taken care of.
  3. How should a bride take care of her skin?

    Choose wedding day skin care products that are all-natural, organic, herbal, and made with the goodness of nature. Choosing Ayurvedic herbs can make your face glow from the inside and outside.


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