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The Importance Of Fragrance-Free Skincare & Why You Should Consider Making A Switch

Clean products have a thriving market, and the ingredients we want to avoid in our skincare products are being advertised just as much as what is in them. For instance, fragrance. A fragrance-free skincare routine makes perfect sense for those who are sensitive to scents. But did you know it can easily take the form of headaches and migraines.

Let us go in- depth to understand the perfume used in our skincare oils and essentials and why one should consider making a switch to the alternative fragrance-free products. 

Natural Essential Oils

Types Of Fragrances Used In Skincare

Essentially, most skincare products have two kinds of perfumes, synthetic and natural. 

  • Synthetic Fragrances:

    Developed in a lab, synthetic fragrances are not naturally extracted but made using synthetic chemicals. One of the reasons for using synthetic fragrances instead of natural fragrances is that  they will last a lot longer. Even though synthetic fragrances do smell fresh, it is important to check the expiration date of each skincare product. But to be on the safer side, you can skip it altogether. For instance, if you’re shopping for skin cream, look for synthetic fragrance-free moisturisers and lotions. Check out our blog on the side-effects of perfume in skincare to learn how fragrances and perfumes can damage your skin.

  • Natural Fragrances:

    As the name suggests, natural fragrances are extracted naturally from plants and fruits. Unlike synthetic fragrances, these natural fragrances are all- natural, made without any chemicals, and much safer to use in harsh fragrance-free products. The prime benefit of natural fragrances in fragrance-free moisturisers and skincare oils is that they are reliable as most fragrances in the skin care products lack transparency of ingredients. 

Why Is My Skincare Fragrant? 

While most of us may believe in the supremacy of fragrant products, there is no actual clinical reason for your skincare to have fragrance and you can actually indulge in skincare without fragrance. Most of the time, fragrance is added to a product to help mask the smell of the other chemicals in the products or to make it a point of marketing USP. 

But when we pick out our favourite body lotion, there is something enticing about the products that  smells great which is why most brands do add either synthetic or natural fragrances in their products. After all, who doesn’t want to smell like cocoa or lavender? Even though there is a good amount of acceptance these days towards fragrance-free moisturisers, lotions, and other skincare products, there are still some consumers who  love a product only for its scent. For most people, scents can be nostalgic, calming, and also give a sense of feel- good mood. 

Bottle Of Essential Oil

Should I Switch To Fragrance- Free Skincare?

If you are allergic to fragrance or if your skin is extremely sensitive, you should opt for fragrance-free face wash, body wash, creams and fragrance-free body butter. But other than that, the answer cannot always be a simple yes or no. 

Fragrance-free skin care is often a favourite amongst those that dislike strong scents in their skincare and opt for fragrance-free body wash, creams and skincare fragrance oils. This could be due to sensitivity in general. But even then, unscented and fragrance- free are quite different terms that could sound similar. Fragrance-free products do not contain fragrance materials or masking scents. Whereas the non-scented products are made up of chemicals that mask or neutralise other ingredients' odours.

However, just because certain products like fragrance-free body wash is labelled fragrance- free doesn’t mean that the other ingredients present in them could not be concerning. For example, a fragrance-free face wash and fragrance-free face scrub does pass the test of being free from fragrance but it may contain sulphate, which again defeats the whole point of clean beauty. Ultimately, you should choose a product that works best for your skin and is possibly free from all kinds of harsh chemicals. 

How Are Essential Oils Different from Fragrance Oils?

The steam distillation process is used to extract essential oils from plants, flowers, and herbs. Following the selection of botanical ingredients, they are heated to release the natural gases of the plants. Once the fragrant natural gases are condensed, they are transferred to liquid form for use in skincare fragrance. Pure essential oils, free from synthetic fillers, are the result of this gentle extraction process.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are very different. A combination of natural ingredients and man-made compounds is used to create them in a lab. Chemicals, resins, and extracts are often  used to replicate natural smells, including oranges and fruit punch. Even though they may smell nice, fragrances may contain hundreds of chemicals and synthetic ingredients.Check out our blog on harmful chemicals in skincare to get the list of all the chemiclas that need to be avoided in skin care products.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Fragrance- Free Skincare oil

  1. Can we use body lotion instead of perfume?

    It is possible to get a pleasing fragrance and take care of your skin at the same time by using lotion instead of a perfume but make sure your body lotion is free from any artificial fragrances. 

  2. Is fragrance-free skincare oil really better?

    The point is that any product containing synthetic fragrances, even if it’s filled with skin-loving ingredients, will do more harm than good. Products with short ingredient lists (including fewer fragrances) are better.

  3. Does perfume- free skincare oil use no essential oils?

    A steam-distilled essential oil (EO) is a pure plant extract used for scenting, flavouring, or healing. Modern life abounds with fragrance oils, which are chemical compounds made from synthetic chemicals.


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