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How Toxic Is Perfume As A Skincare Ingredient?

How Toxic Is Perfume As A Skincare Ingredient?

Be it a  fresh fruity face wash or a  creamy vanilla body lotion, we all know our skincare product by its fragrance. They make us feel rejuvenated, are a sensory pleasure and everyone loves it too. Everyone but your dermatologist. ‘Parfum’ in skin care, the mystery scent used in most of our products, gets a certain flak from the experts of the skin and beauty realm. Let us find out why exactly it is deemed toxic chemicals in skincare and how to invest in natural and safer skincare products that are free from harmful chemicals for skin

What is Parfum and What Is In It?

Parfum in general terms includes the different  types of fragrance in skincare and hair care products. Since it is not mandatory to list the ingredients that make perfumes, parfum or fragrances are a mix of unlabelled ingredients, often toxic to skin, which become hormone disruptors and other perfume side effects

Why Should You Avoid Parfum In Your Skincare?

Is perfume bad for your skin? Unlike natural scents, parfum is a synthetic scent manufactured with chemical processes. But the problem lies in its reaction. Most people experience a form of allergic reaction, irritation, redness, swelling, and even burning sensation.  

Since there isn’t any transparency on the ingredients and high possibility of harmful chemicals for skin, the consumer is unaware of its reactions.


Synthetic vs Natural Fragrances

Natural fragrance in skincare, as the name suggests, are essential oils, and extracts, made from aromatic raw materials usually obtained from natural sources such as plants and flowers. Synthetic fragrances are man- made chemicals in skincare that are obtained by mixing various chemicals often harmful chemicals for skin

Both the fragrance in skin care products usually cause skin irritation, regardless of the process, as they both contain allergens. Even if you mix a few essential oils, it will create allergic reactions as they do not always  react well with your skin.Check out our blog on the benefits of fragrance free skincare oil to learn about the importance of fragrance free skincare oil.

How To Know If Your Product Has Parfum?

Of course you are going to scan through the label and look for products that have ‘fragrance- free’ written in bold. But it  is not enough. Not all companies mean fragrance- free when they make a mention of it. 

Some brands use floral or plant- based extracts and label their product as fragrance- free. However, some brands also use scent- masking chemicals and claim it as fragrance- free perfume on skin. 

Opt for products that eliminate all kinds of perfume in skin care and also mentions the source of the fragrance in skincare (plant- based, flower extracts, essential oil).

What you can do to avoid toxic ingredients in your skincare:

  1. Always check the ingredients listed on your products. If you are unsure of what a certain ingredient does, do a quick internet search and get more informed about the harmful ingredients in skincare
  2. Choose brands that can be trusted on a transparency basis, they disclose their ingredients and make sure they are safe for you and the environment. 
  3. Opt for natural and organically-derived products when you can. 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Parfum in Skin Care Products

  1. Why is fragrance in skincare bad for you? 

    While natural fragrances aren’t bad for you at all, it is the synthetic fragrances you need to be worried about. Synthetic fragrances are made of chemicals that are not listed in the labels. These can be hormone disruptors and can cause allergic reactions too. 

  2. Can perfume damage your skin?

    Synthetic perfume side effects can create hormonal imbalance in your skin, which is why it is recommended to be avoided. You can however use natural fragrances and essential oils.

  3. Is it bad to wear perfume everyday?

    If your perfume contains toxic ingredients, using it everyday for long periods of time may have negative effects on your skin. So, do a patch test before using any kind of fragrance and look out for perfume side effects


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