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Natural Ingredients That Help You Strengthen Your Hair

If your search history looks something like this - "how to get strong hair", or "how to strengthen hair at home", trust us you're not alone. We all crave for those long and beautiful locks, and will do anything and everything to get good, healthy hair. If you are someone who is still speculating over how to make your hair stronger, and aren’t getting the best results yet, we’re here to help! So, let's address a question that's been bothering you since forever - how to make your hair strong? 

How To Make Your Hair Stronger, Naturally?

Did you recently purchase a new hair mask that has been sitting in your wishlist since a while, and you just can’t wait to use it? That’s truly an exciting feeling in itself. But do you know what’s even better? When you find out how to strengthen your hair naturally. Especially when you learn how to strengthen your hair at home itself. We’ve put together a collection of some of our all-time favourite homemade masks that will help you understand how to get strong hair, in the most natural way.Besides following these tips, you can also check out our range of organic hair care products to make your hair strong.

  • Applying Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera is enriched with essential vitamins which are key to answering the question -  how to make your hair strong? Topical application of aloe vera gel into your hair roots will definitely make you understand how to make your hair strong. Let the gel stay in your hair for half an hour, after which you can rinse it off with a shampoo. This will leave you with voluminous and healthy hair.

  • Onion Juice: If you search on the internet on how to strengthen hair follicles, onion juice will always pop up on top as a sure shot fixer. Apart from preventing hair fall, it makes your hair stronger. You can make this juice by removing the outer layers of a whole onion and grinding it in a blender or mixer. Strain it, extract the juice from the pulp and apply this to your hair. Let it rest for about 30-45 minutes before rinsing it off with a shampoo.

  • Fenugreek Seeds: Thinking how to strengthen weak hair roots within the comfort of your home? One effective way to do so is using fenugreek seeds. Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight. Mash them well in the morning and make a smooth paste out of it. Apply it through the length of your hair and rinse it with your regular shampoo. This will make your hair look thicker and fuller than usual.You can find even more natural home remedies for thick hair on this blog here.

  • Hair Care Maintenance Tips and Tricks

    How to strengthen weak hair roots, in the most organic fashion, you ask? Like people say, the answer lies in the phrase "prevention is better than cure". So, before letting any hair damage affect those precious curls, here are a few preventative measures to resolve those everyday hair care woes-

    • Avoid Tying Your Hair Often- Even though tying your hair at times can be a healthy practice, as it protects your hair from pollution and keeps it in one place, tying it very tightly can put pressure on the scalp and weaken the follicles from the roots. You can tie a loose ponytail instead, using a light scrunchie. This will put less pressure on your head.
    • Combing Your Hair: How to strengthen hair naturally You can start by brushing your hair the right way. Avoid using a hairbrush or a rat-tail comb, as it can increase hair frizz. Using a wide- toothed comb before sleeping is the best. This increases blood circulation in the scalp and gives you good sleep.
    • Trimming Your Hair Regularly- Your hair develops split ends every few months. Trimming your hair once in 3-6 months removes these split ends and enhances hair growth. This is also a natural and effective way on how to make your hair stronger, gradually.
    • Hair care routine - One of the best and the easiest ways through which you can work on your hair’s natural strength is while showering itself. Wash your hair with a gentle and herbal shampoo and conditioner, like the Coco Soul Hair Care Combo. This nourishing combo is replenished with the ayurvedic goodness of herbs like godapara, virgin king coconut oil and keekirindiya, which strengthen your scalp and nurture your roots.Here are some tips to build a natural hair care regimen that suits your hair type.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How to strengthen hair naturally?

      One way to make your hair stronger is to nurture it and treat it well at home itself. Use natural homemade masks containing aloe vera, onion hair oil or hot coconut oil, once or twice every week. This will make your hair stronger from the roots. Make sure you use a natural shampoo like the Coco Soul shampoo, to complement your natural hair treatment.

    2. How to strengthen weak hair roots naturally?

      You can make your roots strong by using natural hair masks that focus on organically strengthening your hair roots. You can do this by applying masks that contain aloe vera gel, curd or a mix of different oils like coconut oil, avocado oil and almond oil.

    3. How can I fix my weak hair?

      Tired of searching for different ways on how to get strong hair naturally? Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Additionally, follow good hair care practices in general, by sticking to natural treatments, and avoiding too many chemicals and heat styling.

      Still scouring the net, searching for ways on how to make your hair stronger, or how to strengthen hair follicles, specifically? The most reliable way to do it is to always use the most natural and gentle treatment that exists. Since our hair does so much for us on a daily basis, it’s our turn to return the kindness!


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