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Is Vitamin E Good For Hair Growth?

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient required by our body and we must intake it naturally by including it in our diet. This vitamin is a great fat-soluble nutrient, meaning that it is stored as fats and takes a longer time to be absorbed fully thus benefiting our body for a long time. Its antioxidant property helps to prevent oxidative stress, an issue that increases the risk of widespread inflammation and various diseases. This condition also destroys blood cells. You may have heard of various natural ingredients that are recommended for hair care, but have you heard of vitamin E? So, how exactly does Vitamin E benefit your hair, and how can you apply it for hair growth? The article below will explain Vitamin E benefits for hair, how to use vitamin E for hair, and also list down vitamin E hair growth results

Man Applying Vitamin E Oil On Hair

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is known for its great antioxidant properties. Known as tocopherol and tocotrienol in the world of chemicals, it is an ideal solution to repair damaged hair. The real question is, is vitamin E is good for hair? Yes, absolutely. There are several benefits of using vitamin E as it improves overall hair health. Vitamin E being a great anti-oxidant helps to reduce radical damage; stress caused by oxidants and protects our body’s cells.  It also helps to reduce cells that damage the hair and protect them from other microbes. It  just does not work on our hair but on our skin as well. 

Vitamin E is fat-soluble making it a great ingredient for maintaining healthy and glowing skin. It also helps to protect the skin from aging, inflammation, and sun damage. Vitamin E also helps us to build a strong immune system that eventually helps to prevent hair loss. What more does vitamin E do for your hair ? Vitamin E makes your hair shiny, frizz-free and makes your locks strong.    

Benefits of using vitamin E for hair growth

Vitamin E improves your overall scalp and hair health. There are various benefits of Vitamin E for hair growth, and here they are:

  • Strengthen the roots of your hair – Vitamin E being rich in antioxidant properties helps to fight the scalp stress caused by oxidative. It also claimed to help curb hair fall by making our roots and hair follicles strong.  Regular use of vitamin E hair growth results is mind-blowing. Here are some more tips on how to strengthen hair using natural inrgedients.

     Man Removing Hair From Hairbrush
  • Boost the circulation of blood in your scalp - Vitamin E produces red blood cells and increased blood circulation.  The increase in blood circulation helps promotes hair growth and also increases hair follicles.  In all it promotes new hair growth and betters hair health.

  • Improve and balance the production of oil - Is vitamin  E good for hair? Yes, as it helps to balance the oil production. Vitamin E  creates a protective barrier on the scalp surface and that barrier locks in moisture. vitamin E deficiency can be easily identified  if your skin is dry and irritated. This why vitamin E for hair growth is your ideal hair fix. 

  • Say hello to lustrous hair – Vitamin E helps to build the outer coating for hair strands. Using Vitamin E oil will help to repair the damaged outer layer by replacing it with a protective layer that adds shine and luster to your hair. The damaged layer makes your hair weak and  which the leads to hair fall.  

  • Maintain the health of your scalp - Vitamin E essential for maintaining a healthy scalp.  Poor scalp health will lead to  dandruff, skin infections, hair loss, damaged hair, frizziness, split ends and so much more. Is vitamin E good for hair growth? Absolutely, the vitamin E benefits for hair provide a strong base for your scalp, help it grow by reducing irritants and fighting harmful oxidants.  

Ways to use vitamin E for your hair

Now, the question arises  how to use vitamin E for hair? Vitamin E can be greatly found in food items.  To especially target your hair, it can be used in the form of shampoos, masks, conditioners, or oils as well. Remember to use natural products that are made from all-natural ingredients and natural Vitamin E oil. One such product is using Coco soul natural hair shampoo which contains all-natural, raw and ayurvedc ingredients that improve overall hair health.

  • Diet – What to eat and in what proportion? We show you how you can use vitamin E for hair by incorporating it into your diet. Vitamin E is easily available in a lot of foods, vegetables and animal products and the deficiency of it rare as it is mostly  available in your regular day to day foods. In your diet, you must include a lot of calories, protein, or micronutrients. A lack of these can easily impact your hair health leading to loss of its structureand shine. 

  • Vitamin E oil – Is vitamin E good for hair?  Applying vitamin E oil to your hair works best. This oil contains carrier oil that dilutes the natural oil and also prevents skin irritation. Make sure you mix vitamin E oil with water before you apply it to your hair, because it has high density and could get oxidised easily.

  • Hair Masks - When we talk about using vitamin E for hair growth, hair masks are the best option. The vitamin nourishes your hair, promoting natural hair growth. Applying a Hair mask heals your hair by moisturizing all hair strands. It also provides nourishment to the scalp as well. A simple hair mask can be prepared using all readily available ingredients.  Take 1 avocado and 1 banana mix 1 tbsp of avocado oil, coconut oil, and 1 tbsp honey, and blend everything together. Applying this paste evenly on your scalp and hair strands and leave it for 30 – 45 minutes. Later, rinse and wash off with mild shampoo.  All these ingredients will be easily absorbed by your hair scalp and thus make your roots strong.


Vitamin E can be a great addition to your hair care. You don’t need to take fancy supplements or even products. Food is a great source of consuming vitamin E as well. Vitamin E benefits for men are numerous, as it can help not just with scalp hair but can also be used for beard hair as well. There are plenty of products that include antioxidants. Now that you know how to use vitamin E oil for hair, learn all about the benefits of vitamin E for skin here!

Frequently Asked Questions on Vitamin E for Hair Growth

  1. Can I use a vitamin E capsule on my hair daily?

    Vitamin E contains a chemical called alpha-tocopherol which helps improve blood circulation to the scalp and brings a balance between the Ph levels, sebum production, and nourishing the hair follicles which will ultimately result in a healthier scalp. Using it in a hair mask or as serums fortnightly or once in a month is quite effective too.
  2. Does vitamin E help baldness?

    Vitamin E contains antioxidant properties helped reduce oxidative stress on the scalp, which is one of the reasons you experience hair fall. The hair follicles get weak without an adequate amount of antioxidants.
  3. Can we mix vitamin E capsules in any hair oil?

    Always dilute vitamin E before applying it to your skin, scalp, or hair. Undiluted vitamin E oil can cause skin irritation or a rash. It is advisable to use vitamin E oil with a carrier oil, like almond oil or coconut oil. Mix one drop of the potent vitamin E oil with almost ten drops of the carrier oil, to dilute it.


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