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Does Intake of Vitamin Supplements Prevent Hair Loss? Here’s All You Need to Know!

‘Vitamins for hair loss’ is a phrase that is being used quite a lot in recent times. Not surprising since an unbalanced diet is finally catching up with most of us – with hair fall being the first thing to happen. Vitamin deficiency is the usual suspect when it comes to hair loss. Many dietitians recommend vitamins to prevent hair loss – whether it is eating a specific vitamin-rich food or intaking a tablet. Vitamins are what will save your mane, at the end of the day.

Woman Taking Vitamin E Supplements

Beat Hair Loss with Vitamins!

A person’s hair is usually considered as a sign of beauty, vitality, and good health. However, the contemporary lifestyle, stress and poor dietary patterns, make your hair  the first casualty whenever the slightest thing goes wrong. Apart from these factors, hair loss is also a result of vitamin deficiencies. Thus, the most effective way to boost hair health is by ensuring that your hair receives the vitamins that it needs.

Vitamins are micronutrients, which stimulate the organs in your body to do their job. When it comes to hair, vitamins promote blood circulation in the scalp and encourage your hair follicles to grow – in short, you need vitamins to stop hair loss. So, if you are wondering, ‘which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?’ or ‘which is the best vitamin for hair loss?’ then put those worries to rest and read on!

Vitamin E Capsules And Hair


How Does Vitamin Deficiency Affect Hair Loss?

  1. No new hair growth

    Vitamins provide nutrition to your hair follicles. This means that vitamins essentially lead to the creation of new hair. A vitamin deficiency leads to poorly nourished follicles, causing bald patches, thinning of hair and breakage.
  1. Premature Greying

    Vitamins promote blood circulation in the scalp and strengthen the keratin protein found in hair. A deficiency prevents the hair follicles from receiving nutrition from oxygen-rich red blood, leading to premature greying.
  1. Thinning of hair

    Vitamins provide food and proteins to hair that is essential for its growth, vitality and general wellbeing. A vitamin deficiency can lead to weak, thin hair – most prone to breakage. Think your hair thinning has nothing to do with vitamin deficiency? Here’s a list of some other major causes of thin hair.

5 Best Vitamins for Hair Loss

  1. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D plays a vital role in the production of new hair. It provides essential nutrition to the hair follicles, which promotes it to grow. While the easiest way to get vitamin D would be to step out and soak in some sun, it can also be found in the following foods:
    • Animal Product - cod liver oil, seafood
    • Plant Products - mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, fortified foods
  1. Vitamin A

    Vitamin A is essential for rapid hair growth. It provides nutrition to hair cells and keeps the scalp moisturised. It is found in the following foods:
    • Animal Products - yoghurt, cod liver oil, eggs
    • Plant Products - sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkins, carrots, etc.
  1. Vitamin E

    This vitamin contains antioxidants, which prevent damage causing oxidative stress, and lead to the growth of hair. Vitamin E is found in the following foods - sunflower seeds, green leafy vegetables especially spinach, almonds and avocados.
  1. Vitamins B

    B vitamins contain a protein called biotin, which is effective in preventing hair loss. Vitamin B12 carries oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles that lead to growth. It is found in the following foods:
    • Animal Products - seafood, meat, dairy products
    • Plant products - leafy vegetables, almonds, whole grains
  1. Vitamin C

    Vitamin C protects your hair from damage and premature ageing. It contains iron, antioxidants and collagen, which enhance the integrity of the hair. It is found in the following foods - citrus fruits, strawberries, peppers, guavas. You can refer to this blog for a full guide on the importance of vitamins in haircare.

    Woman With Oranges In Hair

Pro Tips

Vitamins for hair loss promote blood circulation, nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the scalp internally. But, you also need to maintain good hair health externally. This means you must choose your hair care products with care. We recommend the following!

  1. Coco Soul Extra Virgin Coconut Hair Oil and Vitamin E

    Coco Soul’s extra virgin coconut hair oil is enriched with the goodness of almond oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. It is free from chemical nasties like parabens, sulphates and more. It deeply nourishes the scalp, prevents hair fall and improves the hair quality.

  2. Coco Soul Hair Combo (that consists of a Hair and Scalp Cleanser and Conditioner)

    It is powered by the goodness of Virgin King Coconut Oil and exotic ayurvedic herbs. This natural hair care combination repairs damaged hair, binds the proteins to strands, and prevents hair loss or breakage. It is organic and free from chemicals.

Now that you’ve got an idea of how important vitamins are to prevent hair loss, we hope you make them a part of your everyday care routine and see the difference yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Vitamins for Hair Loss

  1. Do Vitamins cause hair loss?

    Generally speaking, vitamins do not lead to hair loss. However, excessive intake of any vitamin supplement can cause hair loss and also lead to other health problems. We suggest seeking professional help in case such problems occur.

  2. Can Over Intake of Vitamin B Cause Hair Loss?

    B Vitamins are important to promote the health of hair and prevent premature greying. Excessive intake can lead to vitamin toxicity, of which hair loss is a common symptom. We recommend you consult a doctor should such a thing happen.

  3. Which Vitamin deficiency causes Hair Loss?

    Hair loss is usually due to the lack of multiple vitamins, which are required for hair health. Like, vitamin D deficiency leads to weak follicles and bald patches; vitamin B12 deficiency causes premature greying, etc. To truly prevent hair loss, a balanced intake of various vitamins is required.


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