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Chocolate and Skin Care: Unwrapping The Connection

It is pretty easy to assume that all the ladies who know even a bit about skincare or have even visited the parlour once have heard of the term chocolate facial. But has that put you into worry and have you thought about what can one possibly mean by dark chocolate benefits for the skin. There has been a long-term debate about whether the benefits of chocolate for skin are evident or not? 

However, it would not be wrong to say today that chocolate does have a great impact on your skin. But this does not imply that you can choose to use any kind of chocolate on your skin. Just like your body does not react well to the implications of milk or white chocolates, similarly, the benefits of chocolate for the skin are seen the most when you use the dark version. 

Today we will try to give you a clearer idea of how you can use chocolate for skin and exactly what are the implications of the same. We hope by the end of the discussion you can find an answer to the long-standing question that says - is chocolate good for skin? Not only that, using chocolate for skin can be tricky and hence we will talk about a couple of products which could make your work easier.

Woman Getting A Chocolate Facial

Do Chocolate and Skin Have Any Relationship At All?

Before we move further and focus on the dark chocolate benefits on the skin, in particular, it is important to understand whether the skin reacts to Chocolate. 

If you go through the contents of dark chocolate, you will realise that this particular variant contains elements like cocoa butter, antioxidants as well as high levels of cocoa. 

However, in this respect, it is important that commercial dark chocolate is not the option here and you have to use the better ones which are pure. 

How Does Chocolate Affect the Skin ? 

As Chocolate has a variety of ingredients present in it, they all affect the skin differently. Starting from cocoa butter, it greatly impacts your skin and makes sure that it turns soft and supple. 

The presence of antioxidants on the other hand are known to supply important nutrients to your skin and this restores the healthy quality of your skin. You can read all about antioxidants and their benefits for skin here.

Not only that, if you are keen to know about the benefits of chocolate for the skin, then it is important to mention that chocolate is very high in minerals.  This is important as it makes your skin look healthy and hence you can often reap healthy-looking skin as direct chocolate facial benefits.

Benefits of Chocolate for Skin

Now heading towards the most important part of the discussion, the benefits of chocolate for the skin. However, it is important to remember that you need to be regular and only then can you reap the benefits of it in the longer run. 

  1. Protection Against Sun Damage

    One of the most important impacts of using Chocolate for your skin is that it provides you with a shield against sun damage which often makes you look dull. Chocolates contain an element known as Flavonoid which is known to be a barrier against the sun. 
  2. Good Exfoliator

    To make your skin look fresh and nourished it is very important to make sure that you exfoliate your skin well enough. Cocoa from dark chocolate is an excellent exfoliator and it makes sure that your skin gets nourished from the deep and all the dirt and germs are seeping out. This is why chocolate facials tend to work so well and it makes your skin look clean and fresh. Learn how to naturally exfoliate skin here.

  3. Firm Skin

    Many people do not know that chocolate is known to contain two active agents which are instrumental when it comes to keeping the skin firm.

    These are none other than Caffeine and Theobromine. However, do keep in mind that only dark chocolate benefits for skin are multifaceted and using milk or white chocolate will not render any benefits.

How To Use Chocolate for Skin Care

Many people often ask whether the only way is to go for chocolate facial benefits or are there any other ways to use chocolate. Well actually, there are and you can also choose to depend on ready-made products which have chocolate infused in them.

Multani Mitti
  • Chocolate and Multani Mitti

    The first option that you can use is a mixture of chocolate and a Multani mitti. Try to get your hands on pure quality dark chocolate and mix it up with Multani mitti. Try to keep it for at least 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. 
  • Chocolate and Coconut Oil

    Not only for the face but using chocolate and Coconut Oil is extremely beneficial for your skin as well. If you do not have the aid, then you can also choose to purchase the Natural Body lotion  from Coco Soul that has the goodness of Coconut, Sandalwood and Ayurveda. 
    Natural Body Lotion
    From fighting skin dullness to repairing sun damage, It makes your skin look nourished and radiant. Being a great product, it is completely paraben-free and safe from any kind of toxins because of its ayurvedic base.
    Chocolate Body Scrub
  • Pure Cocoa Scrub

    We have already mentioned that the benefits of chocolate for skin can be seen more if you use cocoas as an Exfoliator. If you do not have access to pure cocoa, then do not use a low-quality one either. Rather you can choose to go for a great alternative which is a Flawless face combo  from Coco soul. 
    Face Wash & Scrub Combo
    It comes with a face wash and a face scrub loaded with the goodness of Virgin King Coconut Oil and other exotic Ayurveda herbs. Having a toxin-free property ensures that the dirt is completely cleaned out from the pores and you are left with a blemish-free and radiant skin type.

Pro Tips

We would suggest that if you do not have access to good quality cocoa, then do not settle for less or else it can compromise your skin health. 

Rather it is suggested to shift to brands like Coco Soul that offer beneficial results without causing any side effects. They have a wide variety of natural products which are completely paraben-free and hence tend to work great on your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions On Chocolate On Skincare

  1. Is Chocolate Good For Your Face?

    Yes, we can finally answer with conviction the question that dark chocolate is good for skin with an affirmation. Even dermatologists have approved using the same.

  2. Which Chocolate Is Good For Glowing Skin?

    Do not make the mistake of choosing any kind of chocolate on your skin. Only dark chocolate for skin is the right choice and that too is of the purest quality. Chocolate for skin is beneficial only when it is free from toxins just like the products from Coco Soul which are completely ayurvedic and free from any kind of cruelty.

  3. Is Chocolate Good For Acne?

    When it comes to dark chocolate's benefits for the skin, we can say that it has an impact on acne as well. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has a lot of minerals and vitamins which work great on your skin against acne.


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