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5 Easy-Yet-Effective Ways To Rewild Your Skin Naturally

Rewilding is our skin’s way of telling us to let it run its course, allow it to repair itself, give it what it needs. This restorative process is where we show kindness to our skin – in the form of nature-derived skincare, a better lifestyle, a healthier diet, and a skincare trend that is waiting for us to try it!

Sitting in the comfort of your home, these natural and easy yet effective ways can help you restore your skin by rewilding it. A gentle touch is what your skin needs when it is damaged, and this is best done with products, ingredients, and remedies that are inspired by nature.

 Woman With Healthy Skin

What Are The Causes Of Damaged Skin? 

When it comes to skin treatments or skin care, we all have a solution gone awry, a treatment gone bad, or a DIY experiment we’re too embarrassed to share. These regrets need not hold us back from going a step further and making up for the situation. To know how you can fix it, you need to know what caused it. Here are some of the common causes of damaged skin:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is harmful for your skin, as it could cause rashes, itchiness, and wrinkles. This is because the collagen and elasticity in your skin cells is weakened by the rays of the sun.
  • Unhealthy diet or not enough hydration throughout the day could also make your skin deficient of the required vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Water is the basic element any part of your body requires in order ot function properly - your skin needs it too.
  • Chemical substances are the worst for your skin, because they can damage your skin over a period of time. People nowadays are curious about chemical-free skincare because they are worried about what goes into their skin. Redness, dermatitis, skin disorders, burning, and itchiness are some of the effects of chemicals.
  • Stress or sleepless nights can also cause your skin to get damaged. This is owing to the release of cortisol, a hormone that pushes your skin to produce more oil. When this happens, your skin’s pores get blocked, resulting in acne.

How To Take Care Of Your Face Naturally?

When we’re left with damaged skin, there are many ways we can take care of it and rebuild it naturally. Some of the ways include a soothing skincare regime, changing our lifestyle for the better, and helping our skin glow from the inside out by consuming what’s good for it. This is how to rebuild skin naturally, without indulging in complicated, expensive, and harsh treatments.

Bowls With Different Ayurvedic Ingredients


How To Protect Skin Naturally? 5 Simple Ways Of Rebuilding Skin

Your skin needs to feel the difference, with your efforts of rebuilding it, as it restores to its original form. Skincare is one side of the coin, the other is your lifestyle choices. Here’s a combined view of the major ways you can rebuild your skin, care for it, and strengthen the barrier that has been disrupted,  weakened, or damaged.

  • Staying hydrated is one of the key measures in taking care of your skin. Dryness, dull skin, or dehydrated skin are generally a result of the lack of water in your skin. Ensuring there is maximum retention by not only locking in the skin’s moisture, but also by drinking of plenty of water, is your responsibility towards your skin.
  • Regularly exercising is the next most important step in making your skin glow naturally. Movement is essential for any of our body’s organs to function well, and our skin is the largest organ in our body. Making sure there is a continuous flow and circulation of blood in the skin is vital for its health. Sweat is also a key factor in releasing the impurities from our skin.
  • Indulge in a diet that is not only good for your body, but good for your skin too. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and nutrients alike are ideal. Consuming foods good for your skin is the quickest, most effective way to support your efforts of skincare. Repair your skin and watch it revive and restore to its natural glow.
  • Your natural skincare kit needs to have the five basic elements – a cleanser, an exfoliator, a moisturiser, a sunscreen lotion, and a serum. These chemical-free products, when applied to your skin, repair it and battle the issues your skin is facing, while the microbiome benefit from the vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and antioxidants in these natural products.

How To Rebuild Skin Microbiome Using Natural Ingredients

If you’re wondering how to take care of your face naturally with kitchen staples as ingredinets, here’s a list of the top three ingredients. By rebuilding microbiome with these ingredients, which can either be used in DIY masks or remedies, you strengthen your skin’s barrier to fight off inflammation, irritation, and damage.

Regenerate your skin with these top three natural ingredients:

  1. Aloe vera – The sticky, effective gel from the aloe vera plant is a miraculous healing agent of Ayurvedic medicine. The soothing and cooling properties of this herb make it the perfect sun damage repair solution. Once you know how to take care of your face naturally, you are giving it all the nourishment, gentle remedies, and soft skincare it needs.
    Aloe Vera Gel & Leaves
  2. Coconut oil  - This fan-favourite and Ayurveda’s beauty elixir is a hydrating, moisturising, and healing antioxidant. Coco Soul’s wide range of natural skincare is inspired by the goodness of coconut oil. Extracted from the raw coconut farms of southern India, the brand’s Virgin King Coconut based Oil is 100% pure, organic, unrefined, and the natural rewilding ingredient you need.

    Coco Soul’s Body Care Combo is a great pick if you’re appealed by the idea of an at-home rejuvenating spa. Giving you a double treat, the combo comes with a mood-lifting Shower Gel and skin-loving Body Lotion. Along with the goodness of virgin coconut based oil, the products are enriched with herbs like sandalwood, welmi, turmeric, and gotukola. Rebuild your skin from AM to PM with this perfect combo! 

  3. Lavender – A herb known for its soothing, calming, and healing properties, lavender flowers are the purple prevention your skin is looking for. Anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal in nature, it reduces irritation, inflammation, and treats conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

  4. Shea butter -  Almost like the ‘chosen one’ in the world of skincare and beauty, shea butter is known for its therapeutic properties. It has a natural SPF of 6 and is rich in vitamin E, which gives it the power to protect your skin from the sun and signs of ageing. To make it easier to use this ingredient, we recommend a Natural Body Butter rich in shea butter, from Coco Soul, to give your skin the best of nourishment as it rebuilds itself. 

    You can also visit our other blog to better understand what exactly skin rewilding is, and find some more lifestyle tips on how to rewild skin and get a naturally glowing face!

Frequently Asked Questions on Natural Skin Rewilding (FAQs)

  1. How can I rejuvenate my face? How to protect skin naturally?

    Rebuilding your skin’s microbiome is a great way to rejuvenate it, while protecting it by strengthening the skin’s barrier. How you can protect, rejuvenate, and rebuild your skin is by using ingredients that nourish and help your barrier get stronger.

  2. What is skin rewilding? Is it what rebuilding skin is?

    Skincare trends come and go, but once you know how to protect skin naturally, none of them really make a big difference to your routine. Rewilding your skin is giving it the support it needs to repair itself naturally, heal the damage, and strengthen the barrier. Rebuilding microbiome is the way your skin repairs itself.

  3. How to rebuild microbiome?

    Answering your questions of ‘how to take care of your face naturally’ is where microbiome rebuilding comes in. Following a conscious routine to maintain your overall health and switching up your skincare regime to include natural ingredients is the way to go!


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