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Skin Rewilding Is The New Formula To Achieve Glowing & Healthy Skin

Rewilding of the skin can be translated into a soft hug, a gentle touch, and a soothing experience you give to your skin. The treatments involved in skin rewilding include rebuilding microbiomes in your skin. This makes your skin’s barriers stronger, helping you deal with sensitivity or skin issues with more resilient, happier skin.

Woman With Glowing Skin

What Is Skin Rewilding?

Ready to jump on the bandwagon of this all-new skincare trend and formula to achieve glowing skin? Rewilding is the process of soothing your skin, treating your skin inflammations with softness, and gently addressing your skin’s sensitivity. While the more powerful ingredients and products are effective in their own way, rewilding methods make up for the factors that affect our skin’s barriers. Skin rewilding is the revival plan for our skin when we don’t get enough sleep, are surrounded by environmental disruptors, and are left with the after-effects of exfoliation.

Woman With Healthy Skin

Lifestyle Tips To Achieve Glowing Skin

How to get healthy skin by making changes to your lifestyle, in addition to using skincare that cares? By taking care of your body like the products and remedies look after your skin. What you consume, how you move your body in the day, the disciplined routines you set for your health, and what you choose to stay away from – all these factors affect your skin, and help it glow from the inside out by feeding it what it needs.

  • Eat healthy and eat smart. A bowl full of veggies, fruits, and whole grains are the best choice. In addition, protein can be included in the form of eggs, meat, and beans. Stay away from high cholesterol foods as much as possible – this includes dairy products, sugary delectable foods, and more.
  • Sleep is for the healthy, happy, and wise. Dark circles and under eye puffiness are something you can avoid by simply getting eight to nine hours of sleep every night. This is probably why people call it ‘beauty sleep’ because your skin needs the time to repair itself at night.
  • Stress can give you wrinkles you never asked for! So, relax, breathe, and release the tension to avoid fine lines from forming on your face. A lot of allergies are also a result of emotional or mental stress, and this can be controlled with soothing baths or essential oil infusions.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is the most important aspect of your lifestyle, when it comes to solving a lot of health issues. Drinking plenty of water is recommended to ensure your skin’s water requirements are met.

Microbiomes form the base foundation of our skin. So naturally, they also form the base for our skin’s issues, skin’s treatment, and skin’s ultimate revival. They are the tiny microorganisms that are existent on our skin, not visible to the naked human eye. Microbiomes are made up of bacteria – both good and bad – virus, fungi, and more particles and organisms. This is the ecosystem of our skin and rewilding helps maintain the balance of the good and bad in this ecosystem, to ensure our skin’s overall health.

 Woman Holding A Leaf Against Her Face

The microbiomes in our skin protect us from the bacteria that cause acne and conditions like eczema. When we use products that are gentle on our skin, free from harsh chemicals and paraben, we help our microbiome maintain the balance of the skin’s ecosystem. Here is our full guide on microbiome skin care, what it means, and how to follow it!

Choosing a brand like Coco Soul is like choosing nature’s goodness for your skin. The brand believes in a philosophy of kindness – kind to Mother Earth, kind to animals, and kind to your skin. The vegan, 100% pure, cruelty-free brand is also free from toxic chemicals, silicones, and paraben, giving you nature-inspired goodness in a range of coconutty hair care, skin care, and face care products. Check out the wide selection on the website of Coco Soul to get started with your skin rewilding journey, using natural skin care products.

Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Rewilding (FAQs)

  1. How can I improve my skin health fast?

    How to get healthy skin? By rebuilding your skin’s microbiome. How to rebuild microbiomes? With skin rewilding. It’s like circling back to revive your skin and maintain the balance of microbiomes while you do so. Here are some tips on how to balance your skin’s microbiomes.

  2. What is the secret to healthy and glowing skin?

    How to get glowing skin naturally? By rebuilding microbiomes and choosing to replenish your skin’s ecosystem with the good and bad bacteria it needs. This strengthens the  immune system of your skin,  enabling you to fight any triggers of inflammation with a strong skin barrier.

  3. What gives skin a glow?

    How to get glowing skin naturally? The skincare tips for achieving glowing skin using natural ways are lifestyle changes like a healthier diet, natural skincare routines like paraben-free products, and making a conscious effort i.e. becoming aware of ways to rebuild your microbiomes.


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