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Is Microbiome The New Formula Towards Healthier Skin? Here’s All You Need To Know

Ever seen those scenes in movies where people investigate tiny particles using a microscope? Those liquid bubbles, shapes, movements – now imagine them inside your skin! An entire universe of bacterial organisms lives inside your body, within your skin, ensuring the stability of your skin health. This bacterium is the skin microbiome – Learn about the next big skincare trend - the world of microbiomes!

What is microbiome?

The next big thing in skincare is microbiome skincare showing you how to get healthy skin! Microbiome consists of the trillion bacteria present on your skin, and inside your skin. Among the 1,000 different bacterium and 80 fungi, some come from your gut microbiome, including staph, strep, and candida species. The healthy microbiome takes care of your skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. These little particles maintain a good pH balance and build your immunity, stabilizing your skin against irritants, allergies, sensitivity, and other reactive elements.

How does skin microbiome affect your health?

Microbiomes are very essential bacteria for your skin. A good balance of the necessary microbiome makes sure your immunity is strong. Drastic changes in your microbiome levels can make you susceptible to many skin woes such as eczema, premature ageing, and sun damage. How to get healthy skin if the microbiome levels drop? Scroll to get an in-depth view with information on what happens when the levels drop.

What happens if your microbiome is off balance and what throws it off balance?

It is impossible to escape our environment and sometimes, the surroundings and our lifestyles can affect the stability of our skin. This is well explained by the instinct to get attracted to an ‘antibacterial product’ while looking for the best one. What could throw your natural micro-world off balance? Two factors that may cause your skin’s microbiome to go off balance are – what you apply to your skin, and what you put in your body. Here are some reasons and the effects they can have:

  • Wrong products: Alkaline-based products like soaps may cause the pH balance of your skin to fluctuate. The ideal level is 5 and soap has a pH of up to 10.
  • Overdoing your skincare: Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many skincare products spoil the skin! Over-do your skincare routine could risk damaging your skin barrier and weakening your microbiome level.
  • Lack of greenery: Microbes found in nature can be transferred to your skin if you regularly visit parks or be around plants. Unfortunately, owing to cityscapes and modern lifestyles, we are unable to access green parks and the lack of this exposure harms our microbiome levels.

Now you see that keeping a delicate balance of the microbiome levels is how to get healthy skin. You can incorporate microbiome skincare naturally into your routine with some DIY face packs with all-natural ingredients. A few that can do the trick are apple cider vinegar, fermented rice water, yoghurt or curd, bananas, berries, and asparagus. Additionally, coconut oil can keep the dangerous microbes at bay and allow the friendly ones to bring health to you! Lauric acid in coconut oil makes for the perfect fighter for the perfect balance of the microbiome level.

Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Microbiome (FAQs)

  1. Why do you need to start paying attention to your skin microbiome especially now?

    Owing to the fast lives we live, the fast-paced environments we exist in, and the diets we follow diligently these days, we are more susceptible to skin allergies, conditions, and issues due to the lack of skin barrier protection from the microbiome ecosystem – all of these are reasons to be more careful about our skin microbiome.

  2. How does the microbiome affect skin health?

    An imbalance in your microbiome levels can make you susceptible to many skin woes such as eczema, premature ageing, and sun damage. Many skin rashes and diseases are a result of your gut microbiome going off balance.

  3. What is microbiome skincare?

    Gentle and sensitive products that welcome friendly skin flora and rid your body of dangerous bacteria is what microbiome skincare is all about. They restore the healthy balance of microbiome levels in your skin.


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