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A Clean Hair Care Routine For Oily Scalp

Waking up to greasy strands every alternate day can be annoying, especially when you’re planning to head to some important event. But we know that shampooing every day is not a solution. So, what else can you do?  We have found out some easy ways on  how to get rid of oily scalp that you can easily try right now.  

With the right oily scalp tips, home remedies, and using the right hair products, you can easily find answers to how to get rid of oily hair. But to eliminate the problem from the root cause, it’s important to first understand the culprits responsible for oily scalp.

Causes of oily scalp and hair

Before we head to ways of how to get rid of oily hair, it is important to know what causes it.

  1. Overwashing your hair
    While combating oily scalp, you may think that washing your hair  regularly should solve the problem. However, shampooing daily can strip away the natural oils and your scalp ends up producing more sebum to replace the lack of natural oils. You should avoid washing your hair regularly and stick to washing hair 2-3 times a week. 
  2. Overusing hair products
    From serums to hair setting spray, the products we use between our hair washes to style our hair can also make it oily and greasy due to the buildup. On most days, we may not use a hair setting spray but if you are an avid user of hair serums, you need to use it only on the lengths of your hair and avoid the scalp completely. 

  3. Over brushing your hair
    If you have an oily scalp and you run your brush through the scalp to the lengths of your hair, you may end up transferring the grease of the scalp on your hair too. So, stopping this can be your first step towards knowing  how to avoid oily hair. Remember to only detangle the lengths of your hair and not brush out vigorously. 

  4. Using the wrong hair conditioner
    If you are wondering how to prevent oily hair, you should head to your hair care cabinet and dump the chemical-laden heavy hair conditioner right away. Using wrong hair products such as conditioner also amounts to greasy scalp and hair. If you are using a conditioner that weighs your hair down, it needs to be switched with a lighter formulation. Always avoid conditioning your entire hair and only focus from mid- length down to. Finally, make sure to rinse out the conditioner very well. 

  5. Working out with the hair open
    Do not work out or exercise with your hair open and opt for a loose bun or ponytail instead. Air dry your hair post workout and spritz some dry- shampoo for it to soak up the sweat. 

Tips to get rid of oily scalp and hair

Now that we know what is causing your hair to grease, let us quickly go through some easy tips for oily hair and how to prevent an oily scalp, which goes beyond using a dry shampoo. 

  • Avoid using blow dryers

While straightener and blow dryer can tame your frizzy hair, it is best to leave your hair to dry naturally. The heat from the blow dryer can plump the cuticle of your hair making it easier to absorb scalp oil resulting in oilier hair. 

  •  Use a clean hairbrush

One of the  no-brainer hair care tips for oily scalp is to make sure you only use a clean hair brush. Your hairbrush is sure to have residues of products, dead skin off your scalp, and other gunk. When you brush your hair with such an unclean hair brush, the debris will spread across your scalp and hair, making your freshly- showered hair look more dirty immediately. 

  • Avoid touching your hair too often

If you are habitual to touching or playing with your hair too often, you may end up transferring all the grease  from your fingers onto your hair. Scratching or running your hand through the hair can often stimulate the oil glands and activate it to produce more oil. 

  • Use appropriate hair products

With proper research, trying out the tips for oily hair, and a few trial and errors, you will be able to find a hair shampoo and conditioner that works perfectly for your hair type and scalp condition. Shampoos with higher levels of sulphates may be able to get rid of the excess oil but can easily irritate the scalp skin, cause hair damage, and be harsh to your overall hair health. 

  • Avoid silicone in hair products

Silicones are a part of many hair grooming products which can make your hair look extremely silly. However, silicone buildup can make your hair look greasy and oily. Furthermore, silicone blocks the moisture from penetrating into your hair shafts which leads to hair looking more damaged. You must also check out our blog on healthy hair care routine tips to learn the best hacks for a perfect hair care routine.

If you are looking for a hair care routine for oily scalp with all natural products, you should opt for natural shampoo and hair conditioner from Coco Soul's hair care range. Infused with virgin king coconut oil and other Ayurvedic  herbs, this combination of hair cleanser and conditioner is perfect for oily scalp hair care. 

Home remedies for greasy scalp and hair

Managing and figuring out an oily scalp hair care can be difficult. If you want to avoid major hair mishap and stick to home remedies, we are listing our favourite go-to oily scalp hair care remedies straight from the kitchen. 

  • Lemon juice:

Using lemon juice is an effective remedy to get rid of the greasy hair as it is acidic in nature and works well to combat greasy scalp. 

  • Squeeze the juice of two lemons and mix it with coconut oil
  • Apply this mixture across your scalp 
  • Massage the oil into your scalp and wash it off with lukewarm water after ten minutes. 

You can also dilute the lemon juice with water if you are wanting to avoid oil in your hair care routine for oily scalp

  • Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a good source of astringent properties. This will help get rid of excess oil from your scalp. 

  • Mix a one cup of apple cider vinegar with one litre of water. 
  • Post your shampoo and conditioner, use this diluted water to rinse off your hair

  • Aloe vera gel:

Besides being an excellent remedy for dandruff and damaged hair, aloe vera is also extremely effective in getting the scalp grease off and leaving your hair shiny. So the next time you are wondering how to get rid of oily scalp, go grab a bottle of aloe vera gel. 

  • Mix two tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a few drops of coconut oil
  • Apply it all over your scalp and massage it gently
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water after 15 to 20 minutes. 
Now that you've learnt about the ideal hair care routine to prevent oily scalp, head over to our blog on hair care routine for teenagers to learn how to maintain hair health in teenage.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Oily Scalp and Hair

    1. How many times should I shampoo my oily hair?

      You should limit your wash to 2 to 3 times a week. If you are experiencing excess oil build-up, you can try using dry shampoo in minimal quantities. 

    2. Does an oily scalp need oiling?

      If you enjoy an oil massage, it is recommended to not leave it overnight as it will lead to severely itchy scalp. Use oils that are not heavy on the scalp. 

    3. Can I use coconut oil if I have an oily scalp?

      If you are willing to use oil on your scalp, you should try coconut oil as it works well by lifting the oil from the scalp and nourishes the dry end. 


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