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How To Establish The Right Hair Care Routine For Teenagers

Credits to the internet or the ever changing beauty industry, hair care for teens has started to become more than just caring but styling as well. Being a teen can be hard with constant changes to the body and insecurity based on how you look creeping in. If you are not sure how to manage your tresses in your teens, this hair care routine and some tips will surely help you out. 

What causes teenage hair damage?

There is a list of things that could damage teenagers' hair and many of these factors could be different to each one when looking at hair care for teens.  But before you start  building a teenage hair care routine, let's  understand the factors damaging  teenager hair. Here are some culprits responsible for damaging teenage hair:

  1. Anxiety and stress
  2. Environmental pollution
  3. Chemical hair treatments
  4. Nutrition
  5. Hormonal changes
  6. Genetics
  7. Medications

Hair care routine for different types of hair:

Trust us when we say, managing a teenage hair care routine becomes way easier when you know what your hair type is. Knowing your hair type is just as important as using the right hair care solution and following the right hair care for teens. We all can be burning a hole in our pockets to get the best of the hair care products with fanciest ingredients but if it isn’t formulated for your hair type, it cannot give you the desired results. 

Let us find out some of the common hair types  and ways you can specifically create a routine for it. 

Straight hair:

Easy to manage and widely coveted, straight hair is quite easy to manage. However, with straight hair the oils from your scalp, which are naturally produced, can spread out to lengths of your hair more easily. This can make your hair not only look greasy but also give a lifeless look as it will fall flat. 

Wash care for straight hair: 

  • Always use sulphate- free shampoos to prevent any excess greasiness. 
  • Limit washing your hair to once in 2- 3 days as it will condition your scalp to produce normal amounts of sebum.
  •  Use a conditioner infused with coconut oil to hydrate your strands and give it a more fuller appearance. 

How to style straight teenage hair:

  • If flat hair is your concern, grab a volumizing mousse to create that depth in layers of your hair, making it look thicker. 
    • If you are styling your hair into braids and you cannot fix your drooping ponytails, spritz a texturising spray to hold the hair in place. 

    Wavy hair

    Depending on how you care for it, wavy hair can be tricky to style. Wavy hair is a mix of straight and curly hair and also a mix of hair problems of both the hair types. If you have wavy teenager hair, you may experience greasy scalp and dry ends, which can be treated with a little extra TLC. 

    Wash care for wavy hair

    • Wash your wavy strands every 3-4 days to keep it clean and well- nourished.
    • Dry your hair with a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt to avoid frizz.
    • Condition your hair with moisturising ingredients after washing, to add body and textures to your waves.
    • Massage your hair with coconut oil a night before your hair wash routine  to reduce protein loss and  add volume to your hair. 
    • Top it up with serums that are moisturising to your ends. 

    How to style wavy teenage hair::

    • Braiding your hair before going to bed could define your waves better and make it look more polished without having to use any heat styling tool. 
    • Scrunch your hair after applying leave- in conditioner to add definition to the length of your hair. 

    Curly hair:

    Embracing your curly hair can take a while if you do not know how to care for it. A teenage hair care routine for curly hair can be a bit different as with dry ends and frizzy lengths, your curls can lose the definition it needs. With simple curly teenager hair care methods, you can amp up your curly hair with every wash.

    Wash care for curly hair:

    • With the sheer volume and definition, it can be hard for the natural oils to spread out to  the lengths of the hair,  and lead to a lack of moisture onto the lengths. So, use moisturising and hydrating shampoos frequently.
    •  Always use sulphate- free hair products to preserve the natural oils of your hair from stripping off. 
    • Wash your hair twice a week to prevent dryness and damage.
    • Do not forget to condition your hair each time you wash it. 

    Styling curly teenage hair: 

    • Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. The spikes of the diffuser ensure that your hair coils perfectly without getting frizzy.
    • Use a curl defining cream or serum after shampooing to add definition to your curls.
    • Use a wide- toothed comb to detangle your knots.

    Teenage hair care tips

    Following a teenage hair care routine can help you to an extent but being consistent with some teenage hair care tips can change the hair game completely. 

    1. Split ends or not, trim your hair every six weeks to keep them looking healthy.
    2. Apply coconut oil as a pre- wash treatment to leave a moisturising effect on your hair.
    3. Use only natural hair care products that are free of harsh chemicals such as sulphates, phthalates, silicones, etc. 
    4. Avoid heat-styling stools and experiment with styles that do not need heat styling assistance. If you have to, use a heat protecting serum. 
    5. Your hair will thank you for a good night's sleep. Stay well- rested always. 
    6. Detangle your hair gently, often, and with care. 
    7. Include healthy and nutritious ingredients into your meals. Consume a lot of vegetables, a lot of greens, and drink lots  of water to stay hydrated.You must also check out our blog on healthy hair care routine tips to learn the top tips for a perfect hair care routine.

    If you are looking for a gentle and chemical- free hair care combination, we recommend using Coco Soul’s hair cleanser and natural conditioner. Infused with the goodness of virgin king coconut oil and potent Ayurvedic herbs, this combination is perfect to keep your teenage hair healthy. Now that you've learnt about the ideal hair care routine for teenagers, head over to our blog on hair care routine for thinning hair to learn how to stop hair thinning.

    Frequently asked questions on teenage hair care routine

    1. What should be an ideal hair care routine for teenagers?

      Your ideal routine depends on the hair health history and type of your hair. It should cater to your hair needs to combat problems like dryness, dandruff, split ends, etc. by infusing natural products meant to tackle the problems.

    2. Can teenagers use hair serums?

      Yes. Teenage hair care routine should include a hair serum with natural ingredients to keep your strands healthier. However, do not go overboard and know less is more. 

    3. Can teenagers use conditioner for hair?

      Natural conditioners can keep your teenage hair protected and revive any chemically-treated or damaged hair.  


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