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Some Healthy And Easy Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Split Ends

It’s very common to get split ends every few months. Your hair is routinely exposed to a lot of heat and damage, causing the tips to separate into two to three parts, causing split ends.If you are still unsure about the many causes of split ends, you can find a list on our blog here. However, what we want to think about is, are split ends inevitable and occur every few months? We’re here to answer all your questions! So, how to prevent split ends naturally? Let’s explore some of the best solutions together.

How To Prevent Split Ends For Natural Hair?

Split ends form at the tips of your hair after a gradual duration of a few months. They take time and arise as a result of the environment that your hair is exposed to. Now the question that you should probably be asking is - How to protect hair from split ends without exposing it to too much harm or damage? Here’s what you can do-

  1. Regular Oiling- Be it for dry or oily hair, there’s no doubt about this age old and extremely reliable haircare remedy. And how to avoid split ends in hair through this method? All you have to do is warm some coconut oil and gently massage it into your hair, focusing on your tips, for around five minutes. Coconut oil helps soften the tips of your hair, repair damage and preserve your hair's natural protein. You can try the Coco Soul Virgin King Coconut Oil with Vitamin E for this remedy. 
  2. Avoid Hot Showers- If you’re thinking how to prevent split ends naturally, in the  simplest and easiest manner, you can start by making changes in your daily routine itself. Rinsing your hair with hot water can cause the protective layer of the cuticles to open up and make it prone to damage. This results in easy splitting at the tips. Take a lukewarm or cold water shower instead.You can also practice this natural hair care regimen to decrease the stress on your hair.

  3. Use A Microfibre Towel- A microfibre towel is gentle on your hair, and soaks the excess water smoothly. But how to avoid split ends in hair through gentle towel drying? After you’ve washed your hair, use something as soft as a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. This will minimise any chances of friction, and ensure that your hair’s natural moisture remains preserved. 

Split-End Damage Control

If you are blessed with nice hair and questions like 'how to prevent split ends naturally' don't bother you, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re taking good care of your hair. However, if it’s too late and you’ve already started getting split ends, it's important to do some quick damage control. Here are some solutions-

  1. Resist The Urge To Pick- If you spot a split end at the tip of your hair and you’re tempted to pick it and get rid of it once and for all, don’t. Picking your hair can be more damaging than helpful. So, how to prevent split ends naturally? Replace your picking habits with regular hair trims at the salon. This not only boosts growth at the tips, but also protects your hair from damage.

  2. Moisturise With An Avocado Hair Mask- If you’re thinking how to protect hair from split ends in the most organic fashion, we’ve got the perfect mask for you. To make this nourishing hair mask, you will need half a mashed avocado and three teaspoons of almond oil. Mix them together to form a paste and run it through your hair. This extra dose of moisture will intensely hydrate your hair and protect it from damage. 

  3. Use A Herbal Shampoo- If you’ve been thinking how to avoid split ends in hair for the longest time, maybe you need to switch up your hair care routine and let go of those chemical-laden products. The Coco Soul organic shampoo and conditioner combo is packed with the ayurvedic goodness of virgin king coconut oil, which contains antioxidants and good fats that intensely nourish the hair and moisturise the scalp well.You can find our chemical-free hair care products here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you stop split ends naturally?

    Following a dedicated and healthy hair care routine, which keeps your hair well moisturised and nourished can help you remove split ends naturally. Trim your hair regularly, incorporate moisturising ingredients in your daily hair care regime and keep your hair well moisturised and protected from the sun.

  2. How can I prevent split ends without cutting my hair?

    If you already have short hair and want to avoid routine visits to the salon, don’t worry! There are tons of other solutions that can help you avoid split ends. One solution is to oil your hair regularly with the Coco Soul Virgin King Coconut Oil with Vitamin E, and keep your tips well moisturised and hydrated. You can also incorporate some essential lifestyle practices like switching to a silk pillowcase, for lesser friction and tying your hair in a loose ponytail instead of a tight one.

  3. Can you fix split ends?

    Yes, you definitely can. Even though the process to treat split ends is a slow and gradual one, which won’t happen in one night, it’s completely possible to do away with them. You can fix split ends by using moisturising hair masks and trimming your hair every three to four months. Avoid heat and chemical treatments, and give your hair a dose of natural treatment.

    Finding split ends at the tips of your hair every few months is completely normal, and there’s nothing to worry about. However, make sure you’re giving your hair the right kind of treatment to get rid of them at the earliest. Removing split ends will give rise to newer, stronger hair, and with the right kind of treatment, you’ll have healthy and bouncy hair in no time!


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