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What Causes Split Ends And How To Get Rid Of Them

We have a question for you. How often do you get a haircut done? A regular trim not only boosts volume but also makes hair growth better. It rids the tips of your hair from split ends- a commonly found hair problem that we deal with on a regular basis. Now that we know the solution, let’s focus on the problem at hand - split ends. So what are the causes of split ends or reasons for split ends to form in your hair every now and then? Let’s find out. 

What Are Split Ends?

The tips of your hair are often the most exposed and prone to easy damage. It leads to fraying and frequent wear and tear. This causes them to split into two to three different parts. To prevent split ends like these from appearing very frequently, trichologists  and hair stylists usually recommend trimming your hair every few months to make way for newer, healthier hair. Read on to find out more about what causes split ends in hair, along with some healthy haircare practices that you can follow

What Are The Causes Of Split Ends?

It’s been six months since you had your last haircut. Your hair has been exposed to the environment for a long time, and you can’t wait to get your next haircut, at the earliest- Does this situation seem relatable to you? It sure does to most of us. Let’s analyse it a bit more by understanding what is the reason for split ends through the various causes of split ends.

  1. Hair Styling And Treatments- Often, the reason behind split ends occurring can be due to excessive styling using hair equipment. Hair straighteners and curlers can strip the moisture content from your hair, resulting in the tips getting frayed, and causing them to split into two to three parts. While analysing the causes of split ends, you might also find out that chemical treatments do more harm than good. These too can dry out your strands, causing split ends.

  2. Hair Friction- Exposing your hair to excess friction can be one of the common reasons for hair split ends. This can happen while sleeping at night, when your hair comes in contact with your pillow case and brushes against the cover. Friction can be experienced even during vigorous rubbing of the hair after a hair wash. These activities can make your hair dry, rough and split at the tips.

  3. Excess Hair Care- A common reason for split ends is an intense hair care regime. Washing your hair more often than the required amount, or brushing it too frequently, can cause hair breakage and damage, leading to split ends.Here is a gentler, natural hair care regimen that you can start using instead.

Hair Care Tips To Prevent Split Ends

Whatever may be the reason for hair split ends to form every now and then, you should know that these aren’t permanent, and there is almost always a solution to remove them, even if it’s a temporary one. Let’s go over some general hair care tips that you can follow on a daily basis, which will not only prevent split ends from occurring, but will also hopefully enhance your hair’s quality for the better.
  1. Gentle and Nourishing Hair Care Products- Dry and brittle hair is another common reason for split ends to form in your hair. To give your hair that boost of hydration, you need nourishing and natural hair care products, which protect your hair from all kinds of damage. One such product that perfectly fits the bill is the Coco Soul Hair Care Combo. This nourishing hair care combo contains ingredients like virgin king coconut oil which reverses 50% of internal damage and lauric acid, which binds the protein in your hair and scalp, protecting the roots and strands from breakage.You can find our full range of chemical-free hair care products here.
  2. Regular Trimming- Hair stylists often recommend getting a regular hair trim done, every three to four months, as this is when split ends start forming.  Split ends in the hair can cause the tips to separate into two to three parts, hampering hair growth. Getting regular trims not only removes split ends, but also adds a healthy bounce and volume to your hair.

  3. Change Your Hair Care Habits- Yes, constantly straightening your hair or running a hairbrush through your tresses will definitely tame it down, but it is also a primary  reason for hair split ends. So, how do you protect your hair from this? Before straightening your hair, use a hair serum or heat protectant to keep the strands in place. Moreover, use a wide-toothed comb, instead of a hair brush while combing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do shampoos cause split ends?

    Even though there’s no particular research that attributes a certain shampoo to be one of the reasons for hair split ends, overwashing can strip your hair off it’s natural moisture, making it dry, leading to easy formation of split ends. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you’re using just the right amount of a gentle and organic shampoo.

  2. What are the different types of split ends?

    True to their name, we know that split ends cause your hair to split into different parts. However, there are variations within this splitting too! The different types of split ends include classic split ends, incomplete split ends, tree and feathered split ends, single stranded knots, y-split and taper split ends.

  3. Does brushing hair cause split ends?

    Similar to washing your hair, brushing your hair is an equally essential hair care practice, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But, over brushing can cause split ends. Gently comb through your hair while brushing it. Don’t tug or pull at it very strongly, as this can lead to further damage, causing split ends.

    Did this make you lift up your hair strands to check if you have split ends? If you did, it’s time to hit the salon and get that regular hair trim done! Your hair is about to get real healthy and bouncy, super soon!


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