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What are sulphates and what role do they play in shampoos?

Excited to pop open that brand new bottle of shampoo that you recently purchased from the store, and simply dive into its divine fragrance? Moreover, massaging your tresses with the rich shampoo lather sounds like an exhilarating experience! Whether it’s for your skin or your hair, we all enjoy having a cleanser that instantly lathers up and makes us feel like we’ve cleansed ourselves well. However, what some of us don’t realise is that these cleansers often contain sulphate molecules, which might be harmful to our skin and body in general. Now the question is - are these really necessary in our cleansers? We’ve got answers to all your questions and are also here to enlighten you on the role of sulphate in shampoos, and whether these elements are as essential as we consider them to be.

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What are sulphates?

Sulphates are elements present in your cleansers that are responsible for giving it the foaming, soap-like effect. You will generally find sulphates in shampoos, body cleansers and almost every kind of soap that you’re using. Your daily cleansers contain chemical agents known as surfactants, which contain sulphates. These lower the surface tension of the overall liquid, and make it easier to mix with. There are mainly two types of sulphates that one can commonly find in cleansing agents: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate. The former serves as a ‘degreaser’, which is responsible for the foaming in toothpastes and the shampoo lather, giving us a feeling of being completely cleansed and germ-free.

Why do shampoos have sulphate?

Since sulphates are light in nature, these easily dissolve into the liquid of the soap, and spread into the roots of your hair. Having sulphates in shampoos makes it simpler to cleanse the hair. It feels effortless, and makes you feel like your hair is completely dirt-free. Surfactants containing sulphates have become so common these days that we’ve started considering sulphates as an essential ingredient in our cleansers and find the role of sulphates in shampoos vital.

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Are shampoos containing sulphate safe for you?

Pretty much since the beginning, we’re all used to washing our hair with a shampoo containing sulphate. However, nowadays people have started questioning why shampoos have sulphate, whether they’re safe for our hair, and whether they’re even required. More importantly, how does one know if they’re doing more harm than good by opting for a shampoo with sulphate? In certain cases, the effect of sulphate can be very intense, such that it can result in the stripping down of excess moisture from your hair, leaving your tresses damaged.You can read about all the various harmful effects of sulphates on our blog here.

Even though shampoos with sulphate are becoming less common these days, products containing sulphates still exist. There are two possible scenarios wherein you can avoid shampoos with sulphates in them:

  1. If you have dry and frizzy hair: Sulphates can often have a very intense reaction to your hair, especially when they are dry and frizzy. Since they are super efficient hair cleansers, they might take away a lot of essential moisture, along with the dirt from your hair, leaving it brittle. If you’re someone who is prone to frizzy hair, then sulphates are a big no-no! In that case you should definitely go and hunt for the best sulphate-free shampoo at a store near you, and order that, right away!

  2. Coloured or chemically treated hair: Some sources also suggest that shampoos with sulphates can reverse the chemical treatment that you’ve done on your tresses. They can damage the hair and lead to dryness. So, opt for the best sulphate-free shampoo near you, to give those luscious locks the right kind of care!
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The Best Way to Go Sulphate-Free

Does a sulphate-free shampoo lather? It usually might not. Without sulphate, your cleansers are extra gentle, and safe for your hair, making sure that it’s essential moisture content is not stripped off the roots. If you’re one of those, who is looking for the best sulphate-free shampoo for your hair, we’ve got something just for you. The Coco Soul shampoo is a soft blend of naturally extracted Ayurvedic herbs, designed to meet all your hair care needs. This super product is enriched with the goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil, Kirkindiya and Godapara. Light on your tresses, this product is not only sulphate-free, but it’s completely free from any harmful chemicals.Here is our full range of chemical-free hair care products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What happens when you switch to sulphate-free shampoos?

    sulphate-free shampoo does not lather does not lather does not lather as much as shampoos with sulphates in them, as they might take longer to form the soapy, sud-like composition you're looking for. They may also take longer to rinse off. However, these are just as effective in cleansing your hair well.

  2. Why are sulphates bad in shampoos?

    If you have sulphates in your shampoos, your hair is getting exposed to additional chemicals. These can have a potentially harsh effect on your hair, resulting in the stripping of moisture and essential oils. Hence, it’s better to avoid shampoos with sulphates in them.

  3. Do sulphate-free shampoos really make a difference?

    Yes, if you’re using a sulphate-free shampoo, your hair has lesser chances of getting damaged due to the intensity of sulphate like suds in your hair care product. Therefore, it’s always the best and most recommended option.It’s always good to expose your hair to the right environment. Choose the best-sulphate free shampoo for yourself and give your hair the treatment that it deserves! Go healthy, go natural with Coco Soul.


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