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How phthalates are harmful & why to choose phthalate free shampoo

What are phthalates you ask? Hard to pronounce and equally difficult to avoid, phthalates are everywhere, especially in your shampoo. But what are phthalates? And why is everyone talking about it, but for all the wrong reasons? And how to choose shampoo without phthalates.

Phthalates are harmful chemicals that can make plastics much more flexible and less prone to penetration. They are added into your shampoos to reduce brittleness of the formula or substitute as artificial fragrances. Most artificial fragrances present in hair products are phthalates. They are also used to give gel-like consistency to products such as hair mousse, hairspray, conditioners, and hair gels. They help the product increase its spreadability. Which is why you need to invest in shampoo without phthalates.

Why shampoo with phthalates are harmful:

If you are wondering why are phthalates bad for hair, below are the reasons you should avoid them.

  • Leads to birth defects
  • Causes endocrine disruption
  • Causes asthma
  • Can cause obesity
  • Worsens allergy symptoms
  • Results in behavioural changes
what are phthalates

Cosmetic products with phthalates are required to be used only in regulated amounts. But using several products everyday with phthalates in them can lead to potential risk. Since shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, face wash, perfumes, and even body lotions contain phthalates, its exposure becomes unavoidable.
Read more about phthalates side effects here.

Benefits of using phthalates-free shampoos:

  • Caring towards the scalp:
  • If you have sensitive scalp skin know how to choose shampoo according to your scalp conditions. Using shampoos with phthalates can cause more irritation to the scalp. Using a phthalate-free shampoo will ensure your hair and scalp is hydrated without causing any irritation to the skin due to the natural ingredients present in the shampoo.

  • Hydrated scalp and hair:
  • To prevent any hair problems like hair fall, split ends, breakage, and brittleness, your hair and scalp need to be well-hydrated. A phthalate-free shampoo will not strip-off the natural oils from your scalp and retain the natural moisture.

    phthalate free shampoo
  • Suitable for all hair type:
  • No matter what your hair type, the best phthalate- free shampoo and conditioner will suit them all as the ingredients are all natural and free from ingredients that alter your natural hair texture.

  • Save for the environment:
  • Most phthalate-free shampoo and conditioner are curated with natural and plant- based ingredients, which means it's perfect for the environment as there are no harmful by-products released into the environment.

    1. Avoid all fragrances:
      Even if you have the habit of searching for ingredients in your products, spotting phthalates is unfortunately difficult as they are rarely listed visibly. In cosmetic products, if you find perfumes or fragrance mentioned, it indicates the presence of phthalates.

    2. Choose only organic shampoo without phthalates
      Choose cosmetic products that are free from all kinds of chemicals. Read the ingredients list and make a conscious decision to pick up products that have natural, plant-based ingredients.

    3. Look for the codes:
      Whenever you see products with recycling codes as 3 or 7, know that they may contain either BPA or phthalates. Instead, look for phthalate-free products with 1, 2 or 5 as recycling codes.

    You can also refer to this blog to learn more about other harmful chemicals for skin and how you can cut them out of your routine.

    Try Coco Soul:

    If you are ready to avoid phthalates at all costs, it is time to start with an organic way of life by using Coco Soul. A natural skin and hair care brand, Coco Soul believes in combating hair and skin problems with natural ingredients right from the goodness of nature. They recognise phthalates are bad for hair and skin and avoid it altogether.

    Coco Soul’s phthalate - free hair and scalp cleanser is curated with natural Ayurvedic herbs, infused with the goodness of virgin coconut oil. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair follicles by strengthening the scalp from the roots. This shampoo contains-

    • Virgin coconut oil - Loaded with good fatty acids and antioxidants, it hydrates your scalp and makes the hair soft.
    • Godapara - A potent herb, it aids in soothing itchy and flaky scalp.
    • Kikirindiya - It boosts blood circulation, treats dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth.
    shampoo without phthalates

    Frequently asked questions on best phthalate- free shampoos:

    1.Why are phthalates in shampoo bad?

    Phthalates in skin and hair care products are linked to harmful effects such as disruptions of hormones.

    2.What shampoos are phthalate-free?

    Organic shampoos made with natural ingredients are phthalate free. Choose products that do not contain artificial fragrance as they contain phthalates.

    3.Do shampoos have phthalates?

    Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in multiple personal care products, such as nail polish, hair sprays, aftershave lotions, soaps, shampoos, perfumes etc.


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