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Why to choose silicone free shampoo & conditioner for healthy hair

We have emptied countless shampoo and conditioner bottles to flaunt fresh ‘salon like’ hair every day. But despite obsessing over these products, our hair goes back to being lifeless and limp. Ever wondered why?

When our hair becomes dull, we replace these bottles with new ingredients and newer claims. But is it really solving the problem? Most of these bottles come with an ingredient list that is hard to pronounce and harder to decipher. But as the beauty industry is drawing closer to organic ingredients and understanding the benefits of silicone free shampoo, these chemical-filled products are gaining a bad rep. But amidst the countless harmful chemicals in shampoo, silicone in shampoo and conditioner seems to be avoided the most. So why is the presence of silicone in shampoo and other hair products considered harmful and should we really avoid it?

What are silicones in shampoo and conditioner?

A silicone compound is an ingredient that imparts a silky feel to your products, and adds gloss to your hair. The silicone compounds fill in the pores and allow the moisture to be absorbed into the hair, making it look fuller and healthier.

These products not only waterproof your mane, but they are also hydrophilic, which means they give the hair some slip so you can detangle and comb through it with ease.

What are the negative effects of silicones?

It might seem difficult to imagine how silicone can possibly have any downsides, but silicone hair products do have some significant downside.

  1. Silicone creates a seal within the hair follicle to keep it hydrated, but these protective layers can prevent other nutrients from penetrating deep within the hair follicle.
  2. You may notice that your hair becomes weaker and prone to breakage as time passes due to silicone buildup on your hair. Silicone in shampoo can also cause your hair to feel dry and dull.
  3. Silicone, which isn’t water soluble or in other words hard to wash off with water, may stick to your strands as residue.
  4. Silicones may provide you with a temporary appearance of healthy and shiny tresses. But in reality, it is slowly deteriorating the hair health and making your hair more dull and greasy.
Now that you know all about the drawbacks of having silicones in hair care, turn to our blog to learn about what role this chemical plays in skin care products.

    Why should I choose a sulphate and silicone-free shampoo?

    The buildup of dimethicone is hard to remove, and leaves behind a film that deprives the hair follicles of moisture and essential oils, resulting in rashes, burning, itching, and shedding. This is why silicone free hair products benefits our hair by moisturising our hair naturally.

    silicone free shampoo

    Shampoos containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) are often used to remove silicone buildup. SLS strips away natural oils and protective barriers that protect your hair and scalp, causing compromised skin.

    A vicious circle is created as a result of this: as hair is subjected to further damage from harsh detergents, more silicones are added to disguise the issue and make hair look healthier.

    When you use silicone-free shampoo that does not contain SLS, you're able to get long-term healthy, shiny hair without using any harsh, synthetic chemicals. In short, silicone-free hair products benefit your hair health in the longer run.

    What should I use instead of silicone shampoo and conditioners?

    Choosing products that are conditioning will keep your hair moisturised and frizz-free, even if you're transitioning to silicone-free hair care.

    Oils derived from plants and other natural ingredients can nourish hair in alternative ways and can leave it with a shiny look.

    coconut oil

    Try Coco Soul sulphate and silicone free shampoo:

    Coco Soul has created the ultimate hair care kit that includes sulphate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner combo, which will put an end to all your hair problems and bring it back to its gorgeous self. Infused with the goodness of virgin coconut oil and ayurvedic herbs, this chemical-free hair care combo consisting of a cleanser and conditioner is sure to leave you with coveted tresses.

    Key ingredients of this hair care combo:

    • Godapara: A herbal plant used widely to treat dandruff and itchy scalp, godapara is highly potent in strengthening and boosting hair growth.
    • Keekirindiya: It is a wonder herb that boosts blood circulation in the scalp. Keekirindiya works miraculously to solve hair problems such as hair fall, premature greying, dryness and dandruff.
    • Virgin King Coconut Oil: Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom calls it the ‘elixir’ that hydrates our scalp. It is loaded with natural antioxidants and good fats that nurture the roots and moisturise your scalp.
    hair care products

    Frequently added questions on silicones in shampoo and conditioners

    1.Are silicone-free hair products better for hair?

    When silicone is applied to your hair, it displaces water and pushes it away from your strands. Because of this, your hair loses its 3% moisture content, and the protein bonds that make up 97% of the hair become unstable and weaker.

    2.Is silicone good in shampoo and conditioner?

    The side effects of silicone include weightiness, dryness, and hard-to-remove buildup on your hair. Silicone is completely safe to use on your hair, and will not harm your physical health in any way but it is always better to switch to silicone-free hair products.

    3.Why should you opt for silicone free hair products?

    As they seal in moisture, silicone can also build up on your hair, resulting in a dry feeling and dull appearance. While silicone keeps your hair hydrated from within, it can also prevent other nourishing ingredients from penetrating deep into your hair follicles.


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