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My Monsoon Hair Care Plan: Why Coco Soul Is My One-Stop-Shop This Season

Coconut Hair Mask & Hair Brush

When it first rained, I looked out the window with a wide smile on my face. But, my hair? It pays the price when it gets dull, dry, and breaks easily owing to the humidity in the air. While scavenging the internet for the most effective monsoon hair care tips, I found natural hair care to stand out among the solutions I found! A monsoon hair care routine with natural ingredients or ayurveda-inspired hair care products has worked wonders for my hair!

Woman Applying Coconut Oil On Hair

My Go-To Brand For Monsoon Hair Care

Indulging in hair care in this rainy season? My monsoon hair care routine of coconutty products could give you strong, long tresses too!

  • Coco Soul Shampoo

    Crafted with the wisdom of ancient ayurveda, and the goodness of nature, Coco Soul’s Organic Shampoo is just what my hair needed. It has reduced my dandruff, turned dry hair into softer, smoother strands, and  my hair smell divine after a good wash. The Coco Soul Shampoo is powered with ayurvedic herbs like kikirindiya and godapara, which boost blood circulation in the scalp and soothe it with anti-dandruff properties. Virgin coconut oil in the cleanser binds, protects, and repairs the hair. 
    Natural Shampoo
  • Coco Soul Conditioner

    I read ‘hibiscus’ on this product and gave in almost instantly! The Coco Soul Natural Hair Conditioner is 100% organic product, and made with herbs to make your hair grow healthier and be more manageable. Hibiscus makes the hair smooth, and shiny, and lunuwila in the conditioner keeps split ends and flakes away. Another ingredient is virgin coconut oil, which has lauric acid to protect both, the roots and strands of your hair. The potent mix of ayurvedic herbs in this Coco Soul Conditioner gives your hair a deep conditioning, reversing up to 50% of structural damage.
    Natural Conditioner
  • Coco Soul Hair Oil

    A vitamin-rich hair oil that is 100% vegan, organic, and made with the goodness of raw coconuts is something no one can say no to! Neither could I. A good oil massage on the hair and scalp is what we’ve been looking for, and Coco Soul’s Coconut Hair Oil gives a good herbal, ayurvedic one. It penetrates ten layers deep into the scalp and nourishes it. Vitamin E in this oil is the quick fix to premature greying, dryness, and dandruff!

All of Coco Soul’s products across its wide range of hair care and skin care are certified by Made Safe, and free from animal cruelty. What’s not to love?! See how you can use these organic products along with home remedies to prevent common monsoon hair care issues like hair fall and frizz!


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