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This is The Right Time to Start an Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

Who doesn’t want to flaunt healthy, glowing and youthful skin and look younger than their actual age? But to achieve all this, we all know what needs to be done - follow a skincare routine religiously and include anti-ageing products in your regime. What? Did we just say anti-ageing? Yes, you heard it right. Now you might wonder, “But I’m just 22, do I need to use anti-ageing products now?” We’re here to answer this question and more. And we’ll start with the major causes of ageing to help you learn how to slow down ageing. 

What are the major causes of ageing?

Just looking for ways how to reverse ageing is not enough when you actually remain unaware of its major causes. Many factors determine how fast you age, wherein your lifestyle plays an important role. Your water intake,  eating habits, stress levels and much more are included in this factor. 

Remember dry and unprotected skin always starts ageing more and faster than protected and hydrated skin. For your better understanding, here are some major causes that lead to ageing: 

  • A poor and unhealthy diet
  • Direct exposure to sunlight 
  • Regular smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Not keeping yourself hydrated
  • Using too many chemical products as well as makeup
  • Not getting enough nutrition from natural sources 
  • Too much stress and bad sleep quality 

What is the best age to start an anti-ageing skincare routine?

Wondering when you should start with an anti-ageing skincare routine for youthful skin? Ageing is something that happens to our bodies over time. As said earlier every person has different skin quality. 

So usually you should begin your anti-ageing skincare routine in your 20s,  i.e. between 24 to 28 years of age.  Your 20s is the right time because, at this age, your skin creates more collagen than it degrades. 

Are you wondering how to reverse ageing? Then you must also be wondering whether it makes any difference if you're already late? Well, to answer this question,  it's never too late to start an anti-ageing skincare routine. Be it any age, forming a healthy skincare routine and habits will help you anytime. 

The best anti-ageing skincare routine 

It is true that we cannot change our genes and also we cannot stop the passage of time. However, the best way to keep the skin young and healthy is to first get the basics right. So if you're looking for ways how to slow down ageing, then here are some best tips to follow :

  • Sunscreen-
  • The best anti-ageing skincare routine starts with a good skincare regime. And the most important product that prevents ageing of the skin is sunscreen. Whether you’re staying indoors or stepping out, always apply sunscreen and repeat it every 2-3 hours if required.  

    But before that make sure to clean your face with a gentle face wash. And for areas such as the hands, you can use a lotion that reflects the sun's rays from the skin and prevents it from penetrating. 

  • Chemical peels
  • Another effective treatment and answer to your query on how to slow down ageing are chemical peels. It resurfaces the skin gently along with giving a boost of collagen to your skin. So if you want healthy, glowing and youthful skin, we recommend early use (in your 20s) of chemical peels once every month. 

  • Exfoliate regularly
  • For healthy skin, exfoliation is really important. It not only helps to get rid of dead skin cells but also gives glowing and young skin. So scrub your skin at least once a week using an appropriate scrubber. This is another easy and best anti-ageing skincare regime to follow. Try using the ultimate Coco Soul Scrub for the best results. This scrub is made of only organic ingredients like the Ayurvedic herbs like sandalwood and Venivel and is powered with the benefits of virgin coconut oil. It’s free from harmful chemical-originated side effects and is purely Ayurvedic.  

    • Carrot and Lemon juice - 

    Ingredients :

    • Carrot
    • Lemon
    • Water
    • Ice cubes

    Process :

    • Take some fresh carrots and cut them into medium size pieces. Then put them in a blender/grinder. 
    • Now boil water (one cup) and keep it aside. 
    • After you've blended the puree, add the water and drain the juice into a glass.
    • It's ready to serve. For better taste, you can add a pinch of lime and ice cubes to it. 



    Everyone wants youthful and glowing skin forever. Isn't it? And the biggest nightmare is the signs of ageing. But don't worry as some healthy practices and anti-ageing products can help you fight against ageing.

    Furthermore, remembering the following skin basics is a must. This involves gently washing your face with an appropriate Ayurvedic face wash, using a mild cleanser, keeping skin moisturised, etc. It is best to switch to Ayurvedic products such as CocoSoul’s universal face wash, which is powered with the benefits of Neem and Gotu kola and comprises virgin king coconut oil. It is 100% organic and free from harmful side effects of chemicals like Paraben, Silicone, and other minerals. 

    However, if you experience any skin reaction or don’t get the desired results, consult with an expert. This is because doctors can assist you in determining what is and what isn’t a typical aspect of ageing. 

    Frequently Asked Questions on Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

    1. How do I start an anti-ageing skincare routine?

      The best way to start an anti-ageing skincare routine is to rely on the basics such as consuming a healthy diet, applying sunscreen daily, protecting your skin from external damage, quitting smoking, getting better quality sleep and drinking plenty of water. 
    1. How can I make my skin look younger?

      The best way of making skin look younger is by keeping yourself hydrated, using safe anti-ageing products, incorporating healthy fats into your diet, eating anti-ageing foods and taking overall care of your skin health on a regular basis. 
    1. Can I start an anti-ageing skincare routine in my 20s?

      Yes, you can start an anti-ageing skincare routine in your 20s because at this age your skin starts to lose the ability to repair. Besides as your skin ages, anti-ageing products benefit more. 


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