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7 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Coconut based Oil For Skin In Winter

When the temperature dips during winters, your skin feels dry and exhausted due to a lack of moisture. This is the perfect time to indulge in the goodness of coconut oil to bid adieu to your winter woes. Coconut oil for skin is filled with moisturising properties that are perfect to re-hydrate your dry skin. When consumed, it can also help boost digestion and metabolism. For ages, coconut oil has been used in hair care and skincare remedies to treat dry patches, itching, eczema flares, and other pesky winter skin problems. But there are still some people who are unaware of the countless benefits of coconut oil or have kept it out of their winter skincare routine. 

If you’re one of them, allow us to explain the various ways you can get the best of this elixir, which proudly sits in most kitchen cabinets, and enjoy healthy skin this winter. 

Skin type that suit coconut oil

Here's a breakdown of coconut oil’s benefits and reaction on  each skin type. However, remember that over-application of coconut oil on the face can clog pores because it's considered a comedogenic product.

  • Sensitive — Sensitive skin - Thanks to its soothing properties, coconut oil is one of the best picks for getting rid of redness and irritation on sensitive skin. 
  • Dry skin - Coconut oil can help moisturise dry skin due to its intense hydration properties.Here are come home remedies for dry skin in winter that make use of coconut oil.
  • Oily or combination skin — Pure coconut oil may cause your skin to produce more oil or trigger breakouts if your skin tends to produce too much oil. But  if coconut oil is used in a skincare product, it shouldn't affect your skin. However, do a patch test before applying it on your face.  

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin in Winter

The cure-all oil benefits your hair in many ways but you cannot ignore the multiple uses of coconut oil for skin to get the unmatched glow today. 

  1. Hydrates the skin
    Infused with medium-chain fatty acids, one of the benefits of coconut based oil for skin is that it’s great at reducing dryness and letting your skin retain moisture. This keeps your skin hydrated at all times, especially during the winters. 

  2. Creates a protective layer
    Coconut oil creates a protective layer on the skin by shielding it from environmental stressors such as dirt, pollution, sun damage, etc. that we  face throughout the day. So, in case you were wondering  “is coconut oil good for skin in winter”, the answer is yes! 

  3. Smoothens the skin
    Since coconut oil is filled with soothing effects, it is also soft on the skin. In fact, its daily use can improve the texture of your skin effectively.
  4. Diminishes signs of ageing
    Using coconut oil for face in winter is a good idea because the oil penetrates deep into the layers of your skin and  keeps it  healthy from within. This in turn keeps your skin younger-looking and diminishes the signs of ageing relatively. 

  5. It provides antioxidants
    Since it’s loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrient (plant compounds) components,  coconut based oil helps put up a better fight against environmental stressors. 

  6. Acts as a soothing base for exfoliants
    If you enjoy creating your own skincare products, coconut oil for face can be a great base to use with an exfoliant. Mix it with sea salt or sugar to create your DIY scrub. 

  7. Acts as a natural perfume
    Who doesn’t love that yummy, tropical coconut smell? Besides the usual uses of coconut based oil for skin, it also has a pleasant fragrance that can be used as a natural perfume if you are in thoughts of ditching the perfumes. 

Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin in Winter

If your first instinct to use coconut oil is to dab it on your scalp and hair, we can show you how to use coconut oil in winter on your skin as well. 

  1. Coconut oil as a lip balm
    Cold weather can become ruthless to your soft lips and make them appear chapped or cracked. Apply a coat of coconut oil beneath your lipstick to prevent any damage. You can also use coconut oil as a lip balm to moisturise and hydrate your lips when the temperature dips, making it a versatile product, thanks to the multiple uses of coconut based oil for skin.

  2. Coconut oil as a make-up remover
    While removing your makeup, cleanse your face and neck with coconut oil. The oil will break down the dirt and makeup residue effortlessly, and moisturise your skin in the process.
  3. Coconut oil as an exfoliator
    Make sure you exfoliate your skin in winter to eliminate dryness and dead skin cells. The benefits of applying coconut oil in winter for skin will double up when you mix it with a little sugar or turmeric to make  a simple face scrub to clean and exfoliate your skin. 

  4. Coconut oil as a rash cream
    If you have dry patches and are irritated by the cold weather, apply generous amounts of coconut oil for quick relief. For best results, add some glycerine as well.
    If you are looking for the best organic virgin coconut based oil for skin,  we recommend using Coco Soul skincare range. The heavenly smelling shower gel, body butter, and body lotion in the skincare range is curated using the virgin coconut oil infused with potent Ayurvedic herbs. This range is free from harsh chemicals and is not tested on animals, which  makes Coco Soul not only good for you but for the environment as well. 

Frequently asked questions on the benefits of coconut oil for skin

  1. Is coconut oil good for skin during winter?

    Yes. It is extremely beneficial for the skin. From moisturising to healing, coconut oil can do it all. Although it freezes in the winter season, heating  a spoonful will help melt it and feel wonderful on the skin.

  2. Can you use coconut oil on your skin?

    In addition to its potential skin benefits, using coconut oil in winter for skin can also highly moisturise dry skin. Research suggests that coconut oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

  3. Is coconut oil hot or cold for the skin?

    Coconut oil has cooling properties, so during the summer months, in warm climates, or if you're always feeling hot, you should use coconut oil for self-massage. If you're cold, you should use sesame oil.


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