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A Polish Perfect Nail Care Regime Using Hand Creams

There's no better feeling than getting your nails done, and everyone will agree with this! But are you giving your fresh, strong nails the love and care it deserves? Having a nail care routine is as important as having a skincare regime. Follow along to  know how you can better your nail care regime by understanding the vital roles of a cuticle cream and nail cream.

Why is Nail And Cuticle Care Important? 

When we think of a self-care day, it includes washing your hair thoroughly followed by a skincare routine. But have you ever pampered your nails or hands and given them some TLC? We often forget that our hands need some attention too. Maybe even more than your face or body might!  Our hands come in contact with several objects on a daily basis. This means that they have chances of being exposed to a lot of germs and bacteria. 

Using a nail and hand cream will help your hands look neat and nicely done. We all love when someone compliments our freshly painted nails, but we know the struggle behind it is real! 

Investing a little of your time in cuticle care or a nail care routine will save you from all the trouble of visiting a salon. 

Can Hand Creams Be Used On Nails?

As the name suggests, hand creams are specifically for your hands only. If you are looking to pamper your nails, invest in a nail cream. However, there are certain products, which can be used on both your hands and your nails. Coco Soul’s Hand And Nail Cream is one fine example. Thanks to this product, choosing the best hand cream is no longer a task. Wondering what's so good about this cream? Well, everything! The cream is gently crafted with ayurvedic ingredients and herbs such as virgin coconut oil, Indian rose chestnut and vetiver. The gentle and fast-absorbing formula will give you soft hands in no time. If you are someone who is always on a run, this cream will be your new best friend. Need a quick nail fix before that important client meeting or date? We’ve got you covered!

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Hand Cream For Nail Care?

Our hands are exposed the most compared to the other body parts and thus need more care and love. Here are some of the numerous advantages of using a hand and nail cream daily.

  • Helps you repair the skin 

Just like other parts of our body, our hands too need a good amount of hydration and there is no better way than using a hand and nail cream. It helps boost the skin repair process by providing vital vitamins. 

  • Moisturises your healthy nails

A nail cream helps you lock the moisture in and maintains the sparkle of your nails. It also helps you fight dryness and keeps it smooth and moisturised when applied religiously.  

  • Aids in avoiding early signs of ageing 

Over time, your hands will experience early signs of ageing if they are exposed to heat, harsh climate, or pollution. Using a hand cream will benefit you and help you retain the freshness and youth of your nails.

  • Enhances the growth of your nails 

Nails with poor vitamins or deficiency in calcium take a longer time to grow. Using a cream will not only enhance the growth but will also ensure healthy nails at the same time. 

  • Offer it the TLC

There are just three things we want you to give your nails- Tender, Love, and Care! Our hands and nails deserve the pampering after everything they go through. Finding the best hand cream will help you keep dirt at bay while keeping the nails protected and safe. 

  • Keeps your hands clean and tidy 

Washing our hands is not enough when it comes to the hand care regime. Applying a cream and giving yourself a daily massage not only keeps them clean but also boosts blood circulation. The cream helps your hand and nails look freshly done and clean. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. Can I use hand cream as cuticle oil? 

    It is not always advisable to replace the action of an oil-based product with a cream-based product. A hand cream's property differs from that of a nail cream, so using it as an alternative is not a wise move. Choose a product according to your usage and do not mix it up with other steps.

  2. Is hand cream good for cuticles?

    It is advised to have separate products for your hands and cuticles. A hand cream won't give you the benefits of a cuticle cream and vice versa. Cuticle creams are enriched with nutrients that provide targeted nourishment for your strong nails, whereas hand creams focus on providing softness and hydration to your hands. So do not settle for an alternative and get healthy nails with the right cream. 

  3. Can hand creams be used for nail care?

    Daily application of a moisturising cream or a hand cream will keep the nails moist. Choose the best hand cream for good results and give your nails the premium care they deserve.

    Next time you plan your skincare regime, do not forget to add the nail care routine to it. Cleaning and washing our hands frequently can dry them out quickly. So ensure you invest in a hand cream that can give you healthy nails and softer skin on your hands. After everything that your nails and hands do for you, this is the least that they deserve. So go invest in the best skincare for yourself and make your hands softer than before!


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