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Monsoon Calls For Chemical-Free Skincare And Hair care Routines From Coco Soul!

Woman Taking A Shower

Is natural skin care and hair care the solution to rainy blues? Yes, staying away from chemicals can lift you up! Indulging in organic skincare products and hair care remedies can help you deal with your skin and hair’s woes this monsoon season. 

Monsoon Special: Natural Skincare And Hair Care From Coco Soul

  • Cleanser + Exfoliator: Two very effective organic skin care products for the rainy season are a cleanser and an exfoliating scrub. Coco Soul brings you a Flawless Face Combo  that includes a revitalising face wash and a gentle exfoliating face scrub. This combo is enriched with neem, gotukola, sandalwood, venivel, and virgin coconut oil, and is free from toxic chemicals.
    Monsoon Face Care Combo
  • Moisturiser + Shower gel: During the monsoon season, you may feel like taking a long, hot shower. No matter how enticing it sounds, we would recommend bathing with lukewarm water and opting for natural skin care products that can nourish and clean your skin, without drying out your pores. Coco Soul’s 100% organic and vegan Shower Gel and the lodhra, shea butter enriched Body Butter deeply cleanse and moisturise your skin.
     Monsoon Body Care Combo
  • Hand + Foot Cream: Your hands and feet need the most nourishment and care during the rainy season. Pamper them at the end of a long, damp day with the perfect hand and foot care combo from Coco Soul. The Hand Cream is enriched with Indian rose chestnut and vetiver, while the Foot Cream powered with the coolness of neem and peppermint. Most importantly, the organic skin care products are made with the ayurvedic elixir of virgin coconut oil!
    Monsoon Hand And Foot Cream

  • Hair Oil: Coco Soul’s natural skin care and hair care products are incomplete without the goodness of their key ingredient -  coconuts! The 100% pure, unrefined Virgin King Coconut Oil is your hair superfood. Considering it leaves you with long, strong tresses, it is the perfect monsoon solution.
    Hair Oil For Monsoon

  • Shampoo + Conditioner: In addition to chemical-free skin care, monsoon also calls for taking care of your hair using natural ingredients. The hair care combo from Coco Soul brings together exotic, potent ayurvedic herbs like bhringraj, methi, hibiscus, and brahmi - along with virgin coconut oil infused in each. Imagine a hair wash with these nature-inspired herbs - bliss!

    Monsoon Hair Care Combo
Already feeling the coconutty goodness in these products? Head on over to Coco Soul’s wide range of natural skin care products and paraben-free hair care solutions to revive your skin and hair during the rainy season!


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